Staci Troilo is here with us today! She interviewed her hero, Vinnie, and man does he get around!

I’m choosing to focus on Mind Control, book two of my Medici Protectorate series. I thought we could do a Q&A with Vinnie, the male protagonist. Book one, Bleeding Heart, was set in Western Pennsylvania, but book two has five different settings. We’ll have a question pertaining to each locale.

Q: So, Vinnie, this novel starts out in Western Pennsylvania. What brought you there?

A: The Brotherhood has been tasked with protecting the Notaro family, sole descendants of the House of Medici. Most of the world doesn’t know they exist, but there’s a group of people after them who want to control them or eliminate them. The Notaros live and work in Western Pennsylvania, so that’s where we were sent.

Q: But you didn’t stay in Pennsylvania. You traveled to West Virginia next. Why?

A: Our mentors were released when John Notaro, their father, was killed. My brothers and I took over to protect the next generation—the four Notaro sisters. After we learned the identity of one of their enemies, our boss decided we needed to speak to our former mentors because they might have more information for us. The first one we visited was my old mentor, Marcus. He lives in West Virginia, and that’s where we went.

Q: You weren’t there long. Things kind of awkward between the two of you? Hmm? Nothing to say to that? Okay. Well, you left West Virginia and traveled to Atlantic City. For what reason did you go there?

A: Nico’s old mentor has a hotel and casino there. He also had some useful information for us, so the trip was well worth it.

Q: Useful how? Does he know who’s after the girls? Come on, give me something. No? Fine. From there you went to New York. Why was that?

A: That’s where my brothers and I lived after Mike rescued us from the orphanage. We spent our teen years there, and that’s where we met our mentors and completed our training. It only made sense to regroup there before making our next move.

Q: The next move being traveling to Italy. Why?

A: Based on the prophecy, the socio-economic and political climate, and the intel we gathered, the Notaros’ enemies are there. We could have run and hid the sisters somewhere else in the world—we certainly have the resources—but it’s more important to end the conflict so they can resume some semblance of a normal life. If the situation is going to come to a head in Italy, then we wanted to be there in plenty of time to have the high ground. In fact, I’m late for a security briefing. I have to go.

So, there you have it. Five cities, five questions, five not-so-revealing answers. Here’s hoping the Brotherhood can get the job done so the Notaro sisters can live safe and happy lives.

Mind Control

Three decades. Two continents. One secret that could cost him everything.

Too. Many. Secrets… and Vinnie Falco is buried in them. He works undercover day and night to keep watch over Jo Notaro, whose fiery temperament matches her boundless energy and unparalleled beauty. Jo is unable to withstand the endless scrutiny and constant surveillance, so when Vinnie’s ever-watchful gaze lingers too long, she can feel his touch—and she doesn’t know if she loathes it or loves it.

Vinnie’s job to watch Jo goes much deeper. He’s a vice president of an international corporation, a front for a secret organization—the Medici Protectorate—which continues a tradition going back nearly 500 years to guard the Medici line. Jo and her sisters are the descendants of the Medici and someone wants them dead.

But Vinnie has another secret he’s desperately trying to hide. A secret that could push Jo too far away for even him to save her.

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