Order vs. ChaosIt’s a new year, and last week I introduced a new series. I hope you’re enjoying Order vs. Chaos if you’ve already picked up your copy. If you haven’t, I wanted to entice you just a little more.

Sawyer moves to Hawaii to settle down. He’s always loved the area, but he’s traveled so much for his work that he never felt like he belonged anywhere. Hawaii is the one place he always felt could be his spot though. So he moves from Winterville to Ke’aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Things don’t exactly go as planned though.

Excerpt from Order vs. Chaos

The soft, white sand felt as good as it looked. The curvy beauties enjoying the late afternoon sun didn’t hurt either. The water wasn’t warm, but I expected that. January in Hawaii was much nicer than January just about anywhere else, especially Winterville, New York where I was from. I’d take eighty degree water over three feet of snow any day.

Which was the other part of why I moved to Hawaii.

I swam out into the water far enough that I could enjoy the view of the beach. It felt good, free. No one really knew where I was. My friends knew I was staying in Honolulu for a couple of days, but that was all I told them. I could do anything I wanted.

When the sun dunked into the ocean, I swam back in. The beach was almost empty, and I was too tired to go looking for any fun. Tomorrow was another day.

Another lonely day, apparently. How did I not know that everyone went to Hawaii with family or friends? I climbed Diamond Head and went back to the beach. I ate alone. I spent the day alone. And fuck me, I spent the night alone.


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