Order vs. ChaosThis series has been a long time coming. I know you loved the Big & Beautiful series, and I really hope you love Opposites Attract just as much. Early readers certainly are!

The first story in the series is all about Sawyer. Sawyer is Noah’s brother, from Round & Ravishing, but things are a bit different in Opposites Attract. These stories are all told by the men. Instead of digging into the woman’s mind, now I’m playing around in the guy’s. It’s been an interesting journey!

The first time Sawyer meets Kiana, well… It’s not what he thought. Check it out!

Excerpt from Order vs. Chaos

I let myself in with the key he gave me, trying to feel comfortable in his house. I didn’t think anything of the car in the driveway until I saw a perfectly round, bitable ass in front of the fridge. I walked closer, staring at her and wondering who she was and why she was there. Her red shorts were short, the way shorts were meant to be, and I could use my imagination to fill in the small parts blocked by the fabric between her thighs. Her curvy legs would look damn good wrapped around my waist. My cock twitched at the thought, until I remembered I was in Kapena’s house.

Which meant she was likely his girlfriend.

“Fuck,” I whispered, turning away. I bumped into a table, and a lamp rattled. I snatched it before it fell, but she heard me and spun around.

“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” she demanded, the accent in her voice adding a melodic quality that made me want to hear my name on her tongue.

I settled the lamp and faced her, noticing that her long, brown hair fell to the middle of her back. It had a slight wave to it, but not enough that I would call it curly. She wore a white tank top that offset her rich skin, and damn if I didn’t want to trail my tongue over all that sweet flesh.

“I said who are you?”

“Kiki!” Kapena bellowed from behind me. He rushed past me and swept her up into a hug, confirming what I thought.


She grinned, her face transforming to a look of pure happiness when she saw him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her dark eyes when he held her. He lifted her feet from the floor, easy to do since he stood a good ten or twelve inches taller than her.

Kapena set her down and immediately chastised her. “This is Sawyer. How do you not know who he is?”

Shit! He called her Kiki! Fuck me, I was checking out my new boss. Not only that, but I was living with her boyfriend. What. The. Fuck!

“Sawyer. Sorry. I didn’t realize you were here.” She walked toward me with her hand extended. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“You as well, Kiana.” I took her hand in mine, surprised by the strength in her grip. Her skin was soft, like silk against my skin.

Damn. There went my cock again. Thinking about getting her between some silk sheets.

“Are you staying for dinner, Kiki?”

God, please, no! I wouldn’t survive a night watching her and those big…eyes. Yeah, that was it.

She swung them my way and shook her head. “I should go. I just wanted to see…um…”

“You wanted to see what I was cooking tonight?” Kapena supplied.

I watched the two of them with interest, surprised they weren’t more affectionate. Noah and Tara, his fiancée, were practically all over each other at all times. Aside from their hug, Kapena and Kiana hadn’t touched.

“Come on, sis, you know you want to stay. I’ll grill some fish,” he taunted her.

Wait. Did he say sis?

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