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Hi everyone! My name is  Mary E. Thompson and I am one of 117 authors/bloggers on the Little Things Blog Hop! Make sure you visit each stop and enter the giveaway. Don’t forget to join the Little Things Blog Hop event on Facebook and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway with a $50 Amazon gift card as the grand prize, and tons of other prizes!

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For those of you don’t know me, I’m the author of the Big & Beautiful series which is available everywhere. Book 6, Plump & Pretty, is available now and Book 7, Husky & Hot, is coming April 5! Hang around for a while and look at all my books as well as my blog. I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

Since we’re talking about the little things here, I wanted to share a few of the little things that make me smile. It’s easy to lose sight of what matters, but the little things are around us all the time!

My first favorite little thing is Love!

Love is everywhere, right? It’s in the face our your significant other or kids. It’s in the heart of the person who buys your coffee in the drive thru line. It’s in the snuggle from your pets. It’s everywhere. A lot of the time we take that love for granted though. I know I do. But when my kids hugged me and told me they loved me, or my dad went to an oncology appointment with me, or my mom watched my kids so I could sleep, or my sister got up early to take me to chemo, or when my sister-in-law sent me a text to say she was thinking of me, or my husband kept the kids busy so I could write, or so many other little things that people did to help me, I could feel their love. It’s a little thing that is so big!

Second is a good book.

I’m a writer, but first I’m a reader. I love seeing my name on a book, but I also love to read. I really do stay up way too late reading most nights, but I love every second of it, even if I regret it in the morning! Reading was what made me want to be a writer. There were so many amazing books out there and I wanted to create a little piece of that amazing too.

The third little thing that always makes me smile is wine and chocolate!

(I know that’s two, but really, they go so well together I had to include them as one!)

You’re laughing, right? In chemo they encourage you not to drink because chemo can mess up your liver and so can alcohol. Giving up alcohol for six months while I was in chemo was no big deal (I did it when I was pregnant), but that first glass of wine, and all those other ones since, remind me that I’m healthy and I can enjoy wine whenever I want. During chemo though I could eat all the chocolate I wanted. For some reason I craved it during treatment and always had some in my bag for the hospital. Of course, not much has changed, I still have chocolate with me at all times! When you can’t have wine, chocolate works!

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And make sure you tell me what little things make a difference in your life.

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30 comments on “#LittleThings Blog Hop”

  1. Thank you for participating. My little things are a great book, my family, mosaics and puzzles. And my last good book was identical disaster by cm Owens.

    • Thanks Meg! Mosaics and puzzles are not something you hear often. Very cool and unique things, but I completely understand the appeal. I love seeing something come together where little pieces fit to make something beautiful. Thanks for the book suggestion!

  2. Thank you for such great fun! I love this Blog Hop! So many great new authors and books! The little things in life that make me happy…. simple things. Coming home to a clean house, dogs greeting me at the door, not having some idiot cut me off on the freeway. I consider family my BIG thing!! The last book I read and just loved would be Eerie by C.M. McCoy. Thanks for the chance to win. All entries on your list have been completed. Thanks again for a new book to check out!

    • I agree Kristina! There are tons of new authors to discover and it’s so much fun to find new ones.
      Ooh, idiots on the freeway are a big one for me too. Ruins my day when it happens, but I forget to be grateful when it doesn’t! Good reminder.
      Adding another book to my TBR list!

  3. thank you for doing the hop!!! my #littlethings are my morning coffee and snuggles from my doggies … I just beta read Learning to Breathe by Marissa Oldham… best read ever!!!!

    • I gave up coffee years ago, but sometimes I crave it! That warm cup was so wonderful on a cold day, and the jolt was well needed.
      I definitely have to look for that book. Best ever is high praise!

  4. The little things….writing and my dogs. Not so little actually when I think about it. Your books sound intriguing. I can’t wait to check them out.

    • Writing is such a huge thing for me. When I don’t have a chance to write I feel off. And yes, the little things are really the big things, we just don’t always realize it!
      I hope you do check out my books, thanks! Chubby & Charming is free right now!

  5. Following on good reads.
    joined insiders club
    *I am a busy mom but I love to read.
    **Last book I loved was Eerie by CM McCoy.

    • Oh, I get the busy mom thing! My two kids are off this week for spring break, meaning my life is going to be that much busier! Thanks for the book recommendation!

  6. My little thing are quiet and my babies, I have 6 and I did all but pintrest as I don’t have one

    • Quiet… yes! Quiet is highly underrated! I love having some quiet time.
      Thanks for following me!

  7. My little things I love is watching my grandchildren play and laugh, seeing their big smiles and then giving me hugs and kisses and tell me they love me. Seeing my children smile and laugh and their hugs, kisses and I love you. My cat. My kindle because it holds all my wonderful books.
    The last book I read and loved was Will to Live by Matthew and Diane Ames
    I have done all six things you asked of me and I thank you for this chance to win. Thank you for all you do for us fans

    • Kids bring so much into our lives. It’s amazing how much joy we get from them. Hearing I love you is definitely the best thing ever! I’m loving these book recommendations! No two have been the same yet. Thanks for hopping with me!

  8. My furbabies are my #littlethings. I have nine of them 😉
    The last best read I read was MJ Field’s Billy Jeffers.
    Thank you for participating in this hop!

    • Wow, Grace, nine! So much cuddle time and love! You’re lucky. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    • Thanks for joining me Nicole. The blog hop is so awesome! I’m finding tons of new authors. It’s so exciting!

  9. Already liked FB. My little things are my two cats, reading, hot chocolate and dark chocolate. My favorite book is Paramour for the Devil by Savannah Hill. Following on GR, I don’t Pinterest. Thanks for being part of the hop!

    • Oh, Ruth, I drink hot chocolate almost every day! With whipped cream, of course! Thanks for hanging out and for the recommendation! My TBR pile is getting huge! I love it!

  10. My little things in life are my children and animals they truly make me appreciate life and remind me to laugh everyday

  11. Thank you for joining this great Blog Hop!! Have to say while family is the most important, the little things I love are… coming home to a clean kitchen, the guy that lets me merge on the freeway instead of cutting me off, and taking the day off work to sit and read while it’s raining outside!!!

    • I’m with you Kristina! It was a rainy day today and it was hard not to curl up on the couch and read all day.

  12. My writing and story telling is something small to me, found out recently it is something big to my children. My daughter had to give a speech about what makes your parents unique. She talked about the lullabies, songs, and stories that I did just for her and her brothers. Talk about an eye opening proud momma moment.

    • That’s beautiful Christina! What a special gift to know how much it’s meant to your kids. Those are the things you will al remember.

  13. Done
    Last book I read that I loved was Love Burns by Mandi Beck
    My little things are my nieces and nephews
    Thanks for the chance

    • Your comment worked here too, Nicole! Thanks for joining the blog hop!
      Another book for my TBR pile – thank you!
      I have two nieces and a nephew and they are so much fun to see grow up. Every kid is so different and so precious.

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