Walk Of FameEvery time I start a new book, I smile. A whole new story to share, a whole new love to explore, a whole new adventure to go on. I love it. And then I get to share it with you!

The next Raise A Glass story is Walk Of Fame. Country superstar, Kate Maddox, finds herself at Amavita Estates when she decides to disappear. Dressed as herself, Katherine Price, she blends in with the rest of the guests.

Except in Dillon’s eyes.

Dillon and Katherine had one night together, and when she shows up on his doorstep, he finds himself not unhappy to see her again.

Excerpt from Walk Of Fame

She turned and started to walk away without another word. Dillon stood watching her for a few moments, frozen in place and trying to figure out what he should do.

Before his brain fully kicked in he called out to her, “Are you seriously just walking away? You weren’t here looking for me?”

She turned, her eyes sliding down him. He wasn’t amused by the disinterested look in her eyes. There wasn’t even a glimmer of recognition.

Wow. And he thought their night was pretty fucking fabulous. Nice to see she didn’t feel the same.

“I’m sorry,” she said, shaking her head and starting to walk away. “I don’t think we know each other.”

Dillon chuckled to himself. “I might not have told you my name last night, but I think I know you pretty damn well.”

She paused in her walk, and he wondered if she would turn and come back or simply keep walking. She seemed to be warring with herself. Finally she threw back over her shoulder, “Where did we meet?”

Dillon’s eyebrows rose and an amused grin curled his lips. “Matty’s in Ithaca. Before you even got a drink, we walked out the door. We went to your hotel next door, and, just in case you forgot, you came at least ten times in the three times we had sex.”

Her gasp was just as throaty as the night before and his cock took notice. He happily would have her naked and screaming his name this time, but he wasn’t sure how he felt about his one night stand following him home.

Even if a part of him was impressed.

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