If you’ve already read Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, I know you’re dying to read Cody and Andie’s story. Well, it’s coming!

Love At First Fight will be out May 30! This is the first sneak peek, so enjoy!

She has a secret…

Andie Young has always been good at hiding who she really is. Her emotions and truths have stayed buried beneath the sexy clothes, makeup, and endless amber waves that are her signature look. She had to do something to get attention. Between her three brothers and five cousins, she grew up feeling like the invisible one. So she changed that.

He’s loved her forever…

Cody Powell has been attracted to Andie since the summer she turned seventeen. Off limits back then, and involved with one guy or another since, Cody has kept his adoration secret from her. He spent fifteen years avoiding Andie, and stammering like a fool when he was face to face with her.

Cody spends weeks fixing up her house and falling harder for her with each passing day. He knows she’d never be interested in a country boy like him, but seeing her dating other guys has finally taken its toll. Cody doesn’t think he can handle it any longer.

They both want someone to share their lives with…

Is she strong enough to take a chance with Cody? Or will he finish her house and leave before she gets the chance to tell him how she feels?

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Excerpt from Love At First Fight

”Oh, hey,” Dillon said as he went to his room. “Wake up Andie, will ya? She’s a heavy sleeper so turn on the light, open the curtains, and yank the covers off her.”

He was gone before Cody could respond. Wake up Andie? That was not a simple request.

Andie. Sleeping. In bed. Rumpled. Sexy.

Fuck. Cody knew he was screwed. He was already getting hard at the thought of what he might see when he walked into the room. Andie had been starring in his fantasies for years, but he simply stayed away from her. He couldn’t afford to get close to her.

He took a deep breath and decided he would go in, do as Dillon asked and get out, leaving Andie to get herself out of bed. He wouldn’t look at her, or her rumpled sexiness. He would just wake her up and get out.

And pray he had enough time to calm down before Dillon came back.

Cody turned the knob on the door and pushed it open. It squeaked ever so slightly, but she didn’t stir. Cody flipped the light switch next to the door and saw Andie’s endless amber hair running across the bed like a river. He could smell her in the room, a soft and sweet scent that seemed to be unique to her. Even though she’d only been there one night she’d permeated the entire room. It was intoxicating and made Cody that much harder.

He quickly crossed the room and grabbed the string to pull open the room darkening shades sealing the light out. With a tug, the room flooded with light and Andie groaned. Cody turned toward her and grabbed the edge of the blankets tucked around her shoulders. He yanked the covers off her and froze.

Andie was completely naked.