A few weeks ago I was watching this video. I’ve only recently started following Danielle LaPorte and the video was another introduction to her.

I’m big on goals. I’ve always been big on goals. I love setting goals and striving for them each year. Sometimes I hit my goals and sometimes I don’t, but I always set goals. But Danielle’s view on how to set goals really resonated with me. I love the idea of setting goals based on how you feel – and how you want to feel – instead of just what you want. Setting a goal based on how I want to feel will give me a way to achieve that goal daily instead of having to work hard and never feel like I’m getting anywhere.

I’m just getting into all this now, but I love the idea of looking at my goals in a new way. I highly recommend you watch the video and check out Danielle’s work, especially her book The Desire Map to set your own goals for 2014 based on how you want to feel instead of just what you want to do. Think about the things you want to do, and the underlying reason for it. What feeling are you trying to get by achieving your goals and how can you get there daily?

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