Please welcome Patricia Preston to Five On Friday with us today! It sounds great, plus read the first chapter!

Let’s start with a few questions for Patricia…

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Writing is like my everything. Isn’t that romantic? Anyway, I love to write and I’m happiest when I’m working on a story. I love the creative process and how the story develops in my head. I live alone and I think of myself as a loner and yet I am never lonely or alone because of all my story people who run amuck in my imagination. I probably should get a cat.

Which 3 Books would you take to a desert island and why?

If they were available, I’d take the following and why is self-explanatory

BOUNTIFUL: The Guide to Eating What Nature Provides

JUNGLE LIVING: How to Decorate Caves and Tree Houses Artfully


Learn how to make coconut-shell bras and grass skirts

How to bathe in a waterfall without drowning yourself

Swing on a grapevine gracefully

What five people would you invite to dinner and why?

Marilyn Monroe:  I’d like to know if she really killed herself over JFK.

Cleopatra:   I’d love to know more about her life and her culture.

Rick Bragg:  Because it would be a great dinner with cornbread, fried okra, sliced

tomatoes, etc. We’d both pig out and talk writing and I’d sit there being oh so envious

of his wonderful descriptions.

Rhett Butler:  Scarlett O’Hara?  Seriously?

Have you ever used an incident from real life in one of your books?

Many times, all cleverly disguised.

In regard to your new release, what are some of the best things about it?

The characters in NOT THROUGH LOVING YOU were great fun to write. Aaron’s brother, Stevie, is the comic sidekick. He just kinda appeared in the first chapter and as soon as he showed up, I knew he was going to play a role in the book, plus bring a ton of humor with him. I loved creating Gilda, who is a hippie from the 60’s turned spiritualist and the heroine Lia’s surrogate mother. Gilda brought a lot to the story in the way of wonderful oddities. It’s one of the most romantic books I’ve written. Lia, a singer songwriter, is such a lovely heroine struggling with the illusions in her life. Of course, Aaron, who has been a character in my other books, is a pediatrician and a man who really wants a family and his bond with the unwanted baby he is going to adopt is heartwarming. He loves that baby so much. The copy editor wrote me note when she was reading the scene when Aaron did kangaroo care with the baby, she was like swooning. Lia loves Old West outlaws, which Aaron doesn’t understand at all.

If you want, you can Read Chapter 1 where Lia crashes the bachelor party at Aaron’s house and upends his life.

Not Through Loving You

In the Southern town of Lafayette Falls, a new life brings together a woman with everything to lose and a doctor with everything to prove.

When a sickly infant is surrendered at the Lafayette Falls Medical Center, and orphaned soon after, pediatrician Aaron Kendall arranges to adopt him. After a painful divorce, the busy baby doc is about to realize his own dream of becoming a father when the baby’s beautiful estranged aunt turns up. She doesn’t exactly approve of the Kendall bachelor pad complete with Aaron’s cranky dad and wacky brother, forcing Aaron to form a risky alliance with her.

Country singer-songwriter Lia Montgomery barely knew her half-sister, but she’s determined her tiny nephew goes to a good home. If only she fit the bill herself, but her stressful life on the road is no place for a baby. Yet despite her misgivings, as she gets to know Aaron, she realizes the smart and sexy doctor is everything a child could want in a dad and more unsettling, everything she’s ever hoped for in a man. After all she’s put him through, is it too late to form a family and maybe put a song in the good doctor’s heart?


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Author Bio

Award-winning author Patricia Preston writes mainstream humorous romance, historical romance and comedy. She is represented by the Seymour Agency. Her newest titles are part of a standalone series, Love Heals All, for Kensington Books/Lyrical Press imprint. She has several other e-book titles available including a historical romance, TO SAVE A LADY, set in the French Quarter during the Battle of New Orleans. She also has a comic short story anthology, DIXIE DARLINGS, available in print. Besides writing she loves music, photography, graphic design, and visiting her favorite historical locales including the French Quarter and the Natchez Trace.

You can visit her website at

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