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Q&A Sunday: Meeting Famous People

This question from Vicki had me stumped. Even as I write this, I’m still debating my answer!

If you could meet anyone famous, dead or alive, who would it be???

When I first read the question, my answer was quick and easy. My grandfather or my grandmother. My mom’s father passes away before I was born, and my dad’s mother passed away when I was only two. I’d love to sit down and get to know them.

But the question was famous person.

Hmm. That’s a lot harder.

An obvious choice would be Channing Tatum or Vin Diesel, because why not? Part of me wants to say Jesus because I am Catholic and that would be amazing, but I’m not sure I could handle it. I mean, how intimidating would that be!

There have been some amazing women in history that I would love meeting. And men. But if I’m going to have one shot at meeting one person, I want it to be someone who has had an impact on me. Someone who’s shaped my life in some way. Someone who has altered the way I think or feel or live.

But who?

My husband just left the room and flipped the channel to country music because he knows it’s what I listen to when I’m working. Something clicked for me when he did that.

Faith Hill.

When I was in middle school, I started listening to country music. At first, it was because the boy I liked listened to it, but after a while, I realized I loved it. I had three friends I was really close to, and we all listened to country music. We went to concerts and bought CD’s and taped songs we liked off the radio.

One of the first female country singers I saw in concert was Faith Hill. She was fairly new at the time and opening for Tim McGraw. It wasn’t even public that they were dating at this point. I can still remember being on the floor during that show, standing the entire time. We had Faith’s CD’s and knew the words to all the songs. We loved her.

She was one woman who changed my life. She sang about love and freedom and all things four sixteen year old girls dreamed about. I knew after that concert that I would never listen to anything besides country music.

But it isn’t just her music that would make me want to meet her. She has a strong marriage, from what I can tell, and she’s a good mom. Those are two of my most important goals every day. To be a good mom and to keep my marriage strong. Who wouldn’t want a chance to get advice from someone with many more challenges and find out how she makes it work?

I guess there are a lot of people I would love to meet. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet Jesus one day. I’m doing my best. Same with my grandparents. Channing and Vin are not people I’d ever likely meet, and neither is Faith, but it’s nice to imagine how an afternoon with any of them would go!

Thanks so much, Vicki, for your question! If you have a question, send me an email (mary (at) maryethompson (dot) com) with Q&A in the subject, or post it in the comments below, and I’ll answer your question right here on the blog!

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Q&A Sunday: Collaboration

I think I may have answered this question before, but Vicki asked again, so I’m answering it now…

If you could collaborate with any author for a new book, who would it be and why????

Collaboration. Working together. It’s tricky. I’d have to find someone who was a perfect fit. A person who had the same work ethic, but was also willing to push a little if needed. I think it would be easier to work with a friend, someone I know well, but maybe it would be easier to have a limited connection so it was more business and less personal.

In all reality, I’ve never looked into collaboration much. I think collaborating on a series would be a lot more up my alley than a single title. What do I mean by that?

Every author writes one book. All the books are set in the same world, the same location. They’re all friends. They all feed into each other. Just like any other series. But these books would come from different authors. You’d get a feel for a variety of authors.

I could see really enjoying something like that.

But who?

I have no idea.

I’d love to write with some of my friends. Many are unpublished though, so it would be something we’d have to look into at another point in time.

If I was going to do something now, and I could pick whoever I wanted to work with and write whatever I wanted, I’d want to write with either Jill Shalvis or Melissa Foster. Both are among my absolute favorite authors. Their stories pull me in and engage me off the bat. Plus, they both write stories similar to mine, so I wouldn’t feel like I was pushed to write something outside my limited comfort zone. I’d love to work with them and learn from their talents. I also think it would be a lot of fun.

For now, I’m too busy to think about anything other than what I’m working on. But it would be fun to work with other authors one day!

Thanks so much, Vicki, for your question! If you have a question, send me an email (mary (at) maryethompson (dot) com) with Q&A in the subject, or post it in the comments below, and I’ll answer your question right here on the blog!

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Q&A Sunday: Motivation and Being Stuck

It’s time for another question. An interesting one from Sheila…

Are you an artist/illustrator/teacher/caricature artist? What motivates you to be creative?  What do you do when you’re stuck?

A lot of writers talk about writer’s block. I think it goes so much deeper than that. I really like this question because it’s not just how do you avoid writer’s block, or any kind of creative block, but what pushes me to do all this in the first place. Very interesting!

First, no. I am not a creative person by nature. I was a nerd growing up. I excelled in math and always loved reading, but ask me to do an art project and you wouldn’t be able to tell which one was mine and which came from a child. I never thought I was creative because I didn’t have talent for art. My sister is an artist, a very talented one, and I was never nearly as good as she was.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that creativity is different than art. I am creative, but I don’t have the talent to put that into a work of art, such as a painting or a sculpture or a light display like my sister does. I do have the talent to put my creativity into a written form, and I do enjoy art on the computer. I design my own books covers and I love doing it. It’s a different outlet for me that I’ve really enjoyed learning.

Do I consider myself an artist? I guess I could be stretched to say yes. I’m an artist of the written word, and I think I’d enjoy graphic design, but I have no training. Just don’t hand me paint brushes. Seriously, I think my kids’ artwork, at six and eight, is better than mine!

Motivation… That’s a tough one. I’m a big believer in intrinsic motivation – motivation that comes from within – and extrinsic motivation – motivation driven by outside forces. I love my job, that’s my intrinsic motivation. I’m very fortunate that I have a career that is so enjoyable for me. I do have days where I want to read or watch Netflix all day. And there are days I do exactly that.

Bulky & BeauteousWhen I was going through chemo, I had a huge issue getting Bulky & Beauteous written. I started writing it shortly before I was diagnosed, and I couldn’t finish it until after I’d finished treatment. I tried to write, and constantly told myself I was busy, but I know there was a part of me that figured there was no point if I wasn’t going to be around to finish it. I knew I wanted to write, but there was something stopping me.

I’m in remission now, and I’m ready to work. I want to get the stories in my head out onto my computer so I can share them. That’s the extrinsic part of my motivation. My readers. I save comments from readers. If you send me an email that says how much you loved my book, or how excited you are to read what’s coming, or how something I wrote really connected with you, I save it. If I’m really feeling down and struggling to get moving again, I read those emails. I remind myself of my readers, the people who keep coming back for my books, the people who love my characters as much as I do, and it helps motivate me to get back into it.

Once the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators start to work their magic, the task before me can seem daunting. A 90,000 word novel is huge when I’m staring at a blank page. That’s when I get stuck. But forty-five minutes to write while my daughter is in gymnastics is manageable. Even ten minutes, or five, can get me started. Usually I find myself getting sucked in and I want to do more, but that can only happen if I start with those five or ten minutes. I’m always working on something, but if the scene I’m writing isn’t fleshed out enough that I feel confident writing it, I’ll write a scene that has already played in my head. It’s about getting something done, even if it gets scrapped later. I’ve learned to start small and accept it, because small parts add up in a hurry!

Now tell me, where do you find your motivation?

Thanks so much, Sheila, for your question! If you have a question, send me an email (mary (at) maryethompson (dot) com) with Q&A in the subject, or post it in the comments below, and I’ll answer your question right here on the blog!

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Q&A Sunday: Writing Quirks

I’ve been thinking about this question for a while. Aliana wants to know…

Do you have an interesting writing quirk?

I have to be honest. I’m a strange person. I know this and accept it. I also know all of us have our weird things, and it hard to know what of our habits is weird and what isn’t.

You guys all know that I am a plotter. I detail out main points in the story before I write the first words. I have to know where it’s going and how it’ll get there. Yes, things change sometimes, but mostly, I follow my plan.

Why is this weird? Or interesting?

Well, it’s not really. A lot of authors are plotters. Some are way more detailed than I am. Some are very fluid with their writing. It’s all about the person you are.

What I think might be a little interesting is that I can not, under any circumstances, plot my stories on the computer.

Strange? I don’t know. Maybe not. But I refuse to write longhand and have to type every word into my laptop. But planning it all out? Has to be written.

Sometimes I use sticky notes. That’s what I’ve been doing with Raise A Glass books (this is from Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride). Because they are longer, contain multiple story lines, and have to move a lot of pieces, I use sticky notes. The one downside is they don’t have space for a lot of detail.

For Big & Beautiful, I simply write it out. Notebook paper. A pen. Lots of information. Again, I’m keeping track of a lot and there are multiple stories moving, plus all the different characters. For some reason, it’s easier to write it out with Big & Beautiful.

Other quirks? I don’t know. I’m sure there are some in there, but to me they’re normal!

Thanks so much, Aliana, for your question! If you have a question, send me an email (mary (at) maryethompson (dot) com) with Q&A in the subject, or post it in the comments below, and I’ll answer your question right here on the blog!

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Q&A Sunday: Where to live?

I think we all think about this question at some point in our lives! Vicki asked…

If you could live anywhere in the world with your family where would it be and why?

I have to admit, I’m pretty lucky. I love where I live. My husband and I went through this discussion many times over the almost 13 years we’ve been married. We met in Columbia, SC at college, then moved to Charleston, SC and lived there for 13 years. As much as I loved SC, it was never home for me.

I’ve considered where else I’d love to live. I have a few requirements…

It has to have four seasons. South Carolina was beautiful, but there was no fall, and spring was really just a precursor to summer. Even winter was weak, really like a fall without the changing colors. In my perfect world, you shouldn’t be able to wear shorts on Christmas. Although I did enjoy wearing flip flops all twelve months of the year.

It has to have things to do. I’m not that busy of a person, but I need something. We’re not self-sustaining, and I don’t ever want to be. I like my cable tv, my internet, and having a grocery store five minutes away. I also like Target (a bit too much) and having professional sports teams in my city. Parks are fun and I enjoy getting the kids outside, but we need to have options when we want to get out of the house.

The people have to be great. I’m sure most people will say their neighbors are great, that their city or town is amazing. In Buffalo, it’s so true. We have amazing people around here, people that will help each other, that watch out for each other, that welcome you in. When we moved to the area (back for me) the parents I met in my kids’ classes were always so nice and friendly. They didn’t exclude me because I didn’t know them, and that matters to me. I’m naturally a very shy person and have trouble getting to know people because I struggle with small talk and come across as snobby because I just don’t know what to say. The people here engaged me in conversation and were always friendly. I love that!

I know I can get those things in a lot of places, but the most important one for me was being somewhere near family and friends. My parents are five minutes away from us, my sister and brother are each twenty minutes away. We have friends within ten minutes. It makes life so much nicer to have people around we can get together with and we can count on.

So, if I could live anywhere, I’d live right where I am. Of course, I’d have my house built already, but that’ll come eventually! I love living in Buffalo, and I really don’t want to move!

Thanks so much, Vicki, for your question! If you have a question, send me an email (mary (at) maryethompson (dot) com) with Q&A in the subject, or post it in the comments below, and I’ll answer your question right here on the blog!

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