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Round & Ravishing, release day

As long as you aren’t an Amazon reader, you’ve already gotten your preordered copy of Round & Ravishing. If you are an Amazon reader, I promise, the book is not four pages long. It’s much longer than that, and it’s coming. I honestly don’t know what’s going on.

Here’s what I can tell you…

  • Policies changed and I didn’t realize it. I missed the deadline.
  • I uploaded the final manuscript as soon as possible.
  • Every retailer besides Amazon had the final manuscript sent out to their readers.

But it’s still release day. It’s coming to those of you who have been waiting and haven’t gotten it yet. I’m sorry. I truly am. I understand being frustrated when you’ve been waiting this long. I’m trying to get it to you, but I can’t do anything at this point. It’s all just a waiting game with Amazon.

If you’re still at all interested though, I have an excerpt for you…

From Round & Ravishing

Three snowballs hit me before I saw where they were coming from. I launched one in his direction but it blew apart long before it hit him. The second one stayed together, but it didn’t make it anywhere near close to him. I moved closer to him and heard him laugh as he ran toward me.

“You’ll never get me!” he teased as he ran right past me, dodging the snowballs I threw toward him. He hit me in the leg, in the arm, and on my back before I ran out of snowballs.

“This isn’t fair. I don’t even know how to make a snowball,” I whined, hoping he’d take pity on me.

“I thought you grew up here.”

“I did, but I didn’t have a brother to have a snowball fight with. You need to show me how to make good snowballs.”

He stepped out from behind a tree a few yards away. “Is this a trap?”

I shook my head, my face expressionless and innocent. He moved closer cautiously. When he was standing next to me he bent to get a handful of snow and I smashed the snowballs I had in my hands in his face.

“What the hell?” he sputtered, spitting out snow and laughing. I ran away, cackling that I’d managed to trick him.

He chased me and tackled me to the ground, pinning me beneath his large frame. The snow was cold beneath me, but when he pressed his lips to mine, I forgot all about the snow.

He kissed me deep, his tongue eagerly stroking mine. I felt him harden against my hip and slid my glove-free hand into his hair, needing to feel his skin on mine. He unzipped my jacket and palmed my breast, tugging my shirt up to expose my breast. I hesitated for about a minute, but dismissed my concerns. He lived at the end of a dead-end street and we were in the backyard. No one would see us.

Then he pushed back and flashed me a smile that was pure devil.

And shoved a handful of snow in my bra.

Round & Ravishing, first kiss

In only one week, Round & Ravishing will be available! I am so excited!

Tara and Noah have a steamy, sexy connection off the bat. From their first kiss, it’s clear to Tara that Noah isn’t just some guy. He’s someone different. Someone she wants to spend a little more time with. And she’s happy to do just that!

Excerpt from Round & Ravishing

“Tara,” he said, his eyes sparkling. “It suits you.”

I lifted an eyebrow. “How so?”

He shrugged. “No nonsense. Not frilly. Strong.”

“How do you know if I’m any of those things?”

“I can sense things about people.”

“What kind of things?”

He leaned closer. “Well, first, I know you’re dying to finally sit on this stool we’re both hovering around. Second, I know you’re here tonight because you’re trying to get away from something or someone. Third, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t slap me if I tried to kiss you, but you really don’t want me to in the middle of such a public place.”

I slid on the stool, inching my body closer to his. He laughed and stood so I had room to sit. I turned toward him and my hands went to the front of his Henley and he stopped laughing. His eyes darkened and held mine as my fingers worked their way up to his shoulders and around his neck. He leaned toward me as I pulled him in. He didn’t pause or wait for me to meet him halfway. He just claimed my lips.

Damn could he kiss.

His lips were warm against mine. Soft. His hands fell to my hips and tugged me against his body. He wasn’t much taller than me, but not many men were. At 5’10”, kissing could get awkward, but with Noah it was perfect. He was perfect.

Then his tongue traced the seam of my lips and I stopped thinking.

I opened for him, reaching for his tongue with my own. He tasted like beer but smelled like heaven. His masculine scent filled me as his erection filled the space between us. His tongue swept through my mouth, tasting me, exploring. He wasn’t in a hurry to slow things down and I was more than happy to let him take his time. When he started to ease back, he kissed me again once, then dove right back in for another toe-curling kiss that left me panting, completely oblivious to the scene we were making on a bar stool.

“I might have to take you home with me tonight,” he whispered against my lips when we finally came up for air. “If you kiss like that, I don’t think I can pass up a chance to find out how we would be in bed.”

I grinned. “I thought you were going to buy me a drink.”

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Round & Ravishing, pick me up

In just two weeks, the tenth book in the Big & Beautiful series will be available! I’m really excited to finally share some of Round & Ravishing with you today! Tara and Noah are a lot of fun, even from the first moment, and the cheesiest pick-up line… maybe ever.

Excerpt from Round & Ravishing

“Cosmo,” I told the bartender with a wink.

He smiled back and his eyes dipped to my cleavage. I was already feeling better. Thankfully, someone vacated a seat just after the bartender handed over my drink. I slid onto it the same time someone else went for it.

“Excuse me,” I said, flashing him my best movie star grin.

He returned my smile. “I apologize. I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s okay. The place is pretty crowded. I guess seats are tough to come by.”

His brown eyes scanned my body and paused on my breasts. He licked his lips slowly then met my eyes again. I held his gaze for a second then let my eyes roam over him. Broad shoulders. Tightly stretched Henley. Long fingers. Narrow waist. Long legs. I took my time going over him in reverse and let him see a smirk when our eyes collided again. That scruff on his chin was just long enough to leave a burn on my skin that would remind me of him for days.

He was yummy.

“I’m Noah.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Do you have an ark?”

He laughed, the deep timbre splitting the noise of the bar around us. He leaned in closer, the stool still between us, and said, “I’d build one for you.”

I snorted. “Does that line ever work?”

He shrugged. “Never used it before. You tell me.”

I considered him for a long moment. He was hot, definitely. And clever. Maybe a bit cheesy, but I was okay with that.

“I think I’d let you buy me a drink.”

He grinned, a full smile that made the shitty week I’d had more of a memory. “I can do that,” he said. “What do I have to do to get your name?”

I tapped my lip with my index finger and considered his question. If he was another reporter, which was definitely possible, he knew my name. Of course, if he was playing me, he was doing a hell of a job.

“How about tell me what you do for a living and I’ll tell you my name.”

His eyebrows pulled together, but he shrugged. “I’m an oncology nurse. I work at Winterville Memorial in the pediatric chemo wing.”

Damn. If I was looking for a relationship, Noah would be it. I was content being single. And besides, I wasn’t planning to make Winterville home for much longer. My dad was feeling better and I needed to get back to the real world, and a real life.

“Impressive. A deal’s a deal. My name is Tara.”

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Better In Bed, the end

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a character or a series. Better In Bed was one of the first series I started writing. It took me almost three years to finish all the books, but I’m both happy and sad to say it’s finally complete.

The seventh and final book released a week ago. Drink For It is about Luke, a brewery owner, who thinks he’s not cut out for love, until love herself walks back into his life, and his bar, with a chip on her shoulder and a mission.

Heather has no idea why Luke ran off the first time they were together, but she doesn’t really care. Are you buying that? Heather decides to take advantage of their situation and get something out of it, because well… Luke gives really good orgasms.

They both got a little more than they bargained for when those fun orgasms come with messy feelings.

Excerpt from Drink For It

Luke couldn’t get rid of the goofy smile on his face if he tried. He didn’t really try, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

After Heather left the day before, he went out to see Al. Thankfully, the man hadn’t asked for details, but he made it clear he knew exactly what happened with Heather. Luke told him everything was good. He’d play her little game until the wedding and if he still wanted her, which he was sure he would, he’d tell her. And ask her to give him another chance.

The phone in the office rang while he was daydreaming about a future with Heather. Luke yanked the phone off the cradle and said, “Luke’s Brew Pub. How can I help you today?”

“Hi, I’d like to leave a message. Is that possible?”

Luke grabbed his message pad and said, “Sure. Who’s the message for?”

“Luke. The owner. Could you tell him Heather can’t make the meeting today and I’ll see him Saturday with Allison and Cole?”

Anger kicked him in the gut. “Why can’t you make it?”

“Something came up,” she said after a pause. “Please tell him I’m sorry.”

“Heather, this is Luke. What’s going on?”

“Oh, um, sorry. I didn’t recognize your voice. I have another appointment today that I can’t miss. I’ll just see you Saturday when Allison and Cole are back in town.”


She sighed. “I just told you, Luke.”

“No,” he said, knowing he was being an ass. “You’re avoiding telling me anything. What’s going on Heather? Talk to me.”

“Talk to you? No, Luke. You’re not my boyfriend. You’re not even my friend. You’re the guy I’m sleeping with for now.”

“And the guy who owns the place where your best friend is having her wedding,” he growled, knowing she’d do anything for Allison.

She gasped. “You wouldn’t dare back out on them, Luke. Even you aren’t that cold.”

Even him? What the fuck did that mean? “What’s going on, Heather?”

“Nothing,” she huffed, letting him know it was definitely not nothing.

“Are you afraid to see me again?”

“Of course not,” she protested, her voice rising.

“Why don’t you want to see me?” he pressed. Was it that she was getting too attached or not attached enough?

“I told you, Luke. Something came up. I’ll see you this weekend. Okay? Bye.”

She hung up. Frankly, he was surprised it took her as long as it did to hang up on him, but it still irritated him. She was avoiding him. He could tell. He knew it.

What got to him was why.

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Drink For It, release day

It’s here, it’s here! Drink For It is here!

What happens when two people just can’t stay away from each other? When coincidences bring them together? When neither of them can say no?

Heather was hurt when Luke left her the first time they were together. She thought their relationship was going somewhere. That he was as into her as she was him. But when he ran, she knew she was wrong.

Falling in love scared the shit out of Luke. It wasn’t possible to fall in love in a couple weeks, he knew that, but the way he felt for Heather was not normal. He was not the kind of guy who imagines weddings and kids and all the things that came with it.

When her best friend’s wedding is supposed to take place at his pub, the two of them are thrown together to plan the event while the bride and groom are working. Everything is fine until Heather wants more.

Just sex she promises. No dates or commitments or emotions.

If only it were that simple…

Excerpt from Drink For It

“Heather,” he whispered the same moment Allison turned and shouted the same word. His voice was drowned out by Allison’s, something he was more than grateful for when he heard the needy tone of his.

He had to get his shit together.

Dragging his eyes from her hazel eyes and pink cheeks did no good. They scanned the rest of her, from her long hair the color of the craft beer he hoped to produce one day, offset by the white of her puffy jacket that did nothing to hide the curves he’d lost himself in for far longer than he ever should have, to the legs that held him where she wanted him when they were together. Just the memory of the way she’d responded to him, the way they’d fit together like they were made for each other, was enough to make him hard.

And there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

“Heather,” Allison said again, beckoning her best friend closer. When she walked past him, she ducked her eyes from his but her scent remained, teasing him with everything he ached for and couldn’t have.

Luke stifled a curse and faced the threesome with what he hoped was a grin.

“Heather, this is Luke Bradford. Luke, this is my best friend, Heather Jones.”

Luke knew he was supposed to say something, but for the life of him couldn’t figure out what. When Heather looked back up at him, he saw a silent plea in her eyes. Allison didn’t know anything about them.

He was her dirty little secret, not even worthy of sharing with her best friend.

Well, that was just fucking great.

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