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Introducing Curvaceous & Captivating

I know the cover has been out there for a while, but I haven’t said anything about Curvaceous & Captivating. Since it’s out in just two weeks, I better start telling you about it!

You know Olivia. She’s Abby’s new friend, and Tara’s best friend from high school. She’s Wyatt’s assistant, and Becca and Kevin’s mom.

But who is Olivia?

Olivia is an overweight woman. She’s a kick-butt single mom. She doesn’t swear. She wishes she never married her ex, but knows that means she never would have had her kids, so she’s okay with it. She’s a mess most days. She’s never on time for anything. She is always stressed, but loves her life and loves her kids and would do anything for them.

She’s also a little lonely. A lot sometimes. Her son is inching closer to his teenage years, and she wishes he had a man in his world. She wants things for herself too. A hot bath. A night off. A few minutes to collect her thoughts. A big glass of wine.

What she does not want is a man who’s going to push his way into her delicately balanced life and try to tell her how to live. Someone who’s going to challenge everything she thought she knew and shove her out of her comfort zone.

She doesn’t have the time, or the energy, for a man like that.

Too bad Ethan doesn’t take no for an answer…

Excerpt from Curvaceous & Captivating

“When are you free this weekend?”

Shocked at the rough tone and the personal question, I blurted, “I don’t work weekends.”

He was not going to be one of those sponsors who thought I’d work around the clock for them. I worked for Mayor Ramsey. And he never asked me to work weekends. I wasn’t changing that for a sponsor, no matter how much money he brought in.”

“I’m not asking you about work, Olivia. I’m taking you out.”

He could not be serious. Why in the heck did he think I’d go out with him?


I heard a quick intake of his breath as I held mine.

“Yes, Olivia.”

“Why would I go out with you?”

“I told you I was going to fight for you, Olivia.”

“And then you accused me of sleeping with my boss and called me a slut.”

He sighed, or maybe growled, I wasn’t sure. “I did not call you a slut, Olivia. You were flirting with your boss, asking him out-”

“I did not ask him out!”

“I heard you, you kept telling him to come out with you. That he knew your friends.”

I groaned. “It’s really none of your business.”

“I didn’t figure you for a tease, Olivia. Usually women like you are not that way.”

What. The. Heck!

“Women like me. What does that mean?”

Another sigh. “I’m messing this up. Listen. Saturday. I’ll pick you up.”

“No, Mr. Norwood. I don’t want to go out with you.”

He growled. “Ethan. And yes, you do, Olivia. I know you want me. I saw it every time you looked at me Friday night. I acted like an ass. I didn’t like hearing you flirting with another man. I want the chance to get to know you. Please let me take you out.”

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Introducing Love At First Fight

If you’ve already read Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, I know you’re dying to read Cody and Andie’s story. Well, it’s coming!

Love At First Fight will be out May 30! This is the first sneak peek, so enjoy!

She has a secret…

Andie Young has always been good at hiding who she really is. Her emotions and truths have stayed buried beneath the sexy clothes, makeup, and endless amber waves that are her signature look. She had to do something to get attention. Between her three brothers and five cousins, she grew up feeling like the invisible one. So she changed that.

He’s loved her forever…

Cody Powell has been attracted to Andie since the summer she turned seventeen. Off limits back then, and involved with one guy or another since, Cody has kept his adoration secret from her. He spent fifteen years avoiding Andie, and stammering like a fool when he was face to face with her.

Cody spends weeks fixing up her house and falling harder for her with each passing day. He knows she’d never be interested in a country boy like him, but seeing her dating other guys has finally taken its toll. Cody doesn’t think he can handle it any longer.

They both want someone to share their lives with…

Is she strong enough to take a chance with Cody? Or will he finish her house and leave before she gets the chance to tell him how she feels?

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Excerpt from Love At First Fight

”Oh, hey,” Dillon said as he went to his room. “Wake up Andie, will ya? She’s a heavy sleeper so turn on the light, open the curtains, and yank the covers off her.”

He was gone before Cody could respond. Wake up Andie? That was not a simple request.

Andie. Sleeping. In bed. Rumpled. Sexy.

Fuck. Cody knew he was screwed. He was already getting hard at the thought of what he might see when he walked into the room. Andie had been starring in his fantasies for years, but he simply stayed away from her. He couldn’t afford to get close to her.

He took a deep breath and decided he would go in, do as Dillon asked and get out, leaving Andie to get herself out of bed. He wouldn’t look at her, or her rumpled sexiness. He would just wake her up and get out.

And pray he had enough time to calm down before Dillon came back.

Cody turned the knob on the door and pushed it open. It squeaked ever so slightly, but she didn’t stir. Cody flipped the light switch next to the door and saw Andie’s endless amber hair running across the bed like a river. He could smell her in the room, a soft and sweet scent that seemed to be unique to her. Even though she’d only been there one night she’d permeated the entire room. It was intoxicating and made Cody that much harder.

He quickly crossed the room and grabbed the string to pull open the room darkening shades sealing the light out. With a tug, the room flooded with light and Andie groaned. Cody turned toward her and grabbed the edge of the blankets tucked around her shoulders. He yanked the covers off her and froze.

Andie was completely naked.

Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, reviews

The reviews for Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride are starting to come in, and I gotta say, you guys are awesome! I wanted to share one of the reviews with you today, you know… just in case you’re still on the fence!

From Lupita…

Just finished reading [Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride] and have to say I really, really, really enjoyed this book!!!!! I mean Jake……SWOON 😍😍. Alyssa was one lucky girl to have that kind of long lasting love. Loved Tina also…..who wouldn’t love a nonna like her……quick witted and sassy, great combination. Don’t want to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t read it but just had to say Mary E Thompson you really know how to capture an audience and keep it interesting. Did I mention how much I REALLY enjoyed this book 

How’s that for shining adoration! Lupita, you’re awesome!

If you haven’t picked up Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, grab it now!

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Shapely & StunningIf you haven’t heard… Shapely & Stunning is on sale this week! Book three in the Big & Beautiful series is only $0.99 right now! Only until Monday though, so don’t miss your chance to grab it now!

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Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, so sweet

It’s been fifteen years but he still remembers the little things. Sometimes the little things are what matter the most.

Excerpt from Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride

“This looks good.”

“I was going to bring it to you.”

She shook her head. “I’m not helpless.”

“I never said you were. I want to take care of you.”

She smiled, feeling warm and fuzzy inside. It had been ages since she had someone who wanted to take care of her, let alone did.

“Thank you.”

Jake winked at her and handed over a plate with a slice of mushroom and sausage pizza.

“Did you know this was my favorite pizza?”

Jake grinned and shrugged. “Maybe.”

“How did you know this was my favorite?”

“I know you, Alyssa. You might not want to admit it, but I do.”

She smiled, ducking her chin as her cheeks heated. Jake chuckled and cupped her elbow, guiding her to the couch again. They ate and talked and watched tv until Alyssa felt all the tension from the weeks she’d been there easing away. She eyes felt droopy without her anxiety keeping her awake. She leaned her head on his shoulder and watched the show until her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

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Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride, release day!

It’s here! It’s here! I’m so excited Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride is here! I’m visiting Romance Lives Forever and Staci Troilo today, celebrating the release. Yesterday I was hanging out with Rochelle Weber and Thursday I’ll be on The Write Way Cafe! Please stop by and say hi, and learn more about where this story came from, and catch a few more sneak peeks!

I’ve been thinking about this book for years. Years and years. I’ve only been married once, and hope to stay that way, but I felt for Alyssa and her three failed marriages. Going back home was a hard decision for her, especially knowing what she would face.

Jake was kind of the opposite. Where Alyssa felt repressed by her large family, Jake loved it. He couldn’t imagine leaving, even though she wasn’t there anymore. They both decided to stay away from each other, but that’s usually easier said than done!

Excerpt from Never A Bridesmaid, Always A Bride

They walked through the trees to the edge of the water. She gasped when she saw what he’d done. When she spun back to look at him, tears brimmed in her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” he asked, rushing to set his dinner down. He took hers from her and wrapped her in his arms while she cried softly.

When Alyssa finally stilled and took a deep breath, she leaned back, keeping her arms around his waist. Jake rested his forehead against hers again, loving to see her so close. When she’d first left, he’d asked Marie for a picture of Alyssa. He used to stare into her eyes like she was there and tell her everything that was going on. Even though she wasn’t there, he felt better talking to her.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think anyone has ever done anything like this for me. It’s really sweet, Jake.”

He kissed her nose and then her lips, finally giving up the fight he had with himself to keep their night sex-free. Just one taste of her lips and he was hard and aching for her. She whimpered and pulled him in tighter and he knew he was a goner. He’d do anything she wanted him to do.


When they came up for air, Jake rested his forehead against hers again. “I’m sorry you didn’t have someone who treated you the way you deserved to be treated.”

She smiled. “I did. But I was too stupid to realize it.”

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