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Husky & Hot Cover Reveal

BB 7 Cover 1

Husky & Hot is by far the steamiest book I’ve ever written. It was a ton of fun though. Carrie and Drew (yes, Xander’s friend, Drew) burn up the pages in this story of heartbreak, going for your dreams, and finding out who’s really there for you when your world falls apart.

Carrie has only ever wanted to be a mom. She went to college, hoping to find the man of her dreams, and majored in business, just to have something to do. Now, years out of college, Carrie is still single, still childless, and still working a job she despises.

In one night her whole life seems to change. She hooks up with a guy at a party, a guy who isn’t at all who he seemed. Then Carrie gets a new job, one that gets her away from Beth the Bitch, the boss she hates. But when the guy and the job collide, Carrie doesn’t know if she can handle it all, or if it’s bringing her closer to what she’s always wanted or pushing her away.

Excerpt from Husky & Hot

Then I saw him across the room. It’s so cliche to say the world stopped, but… no, it didn’t stop. But I did. He was gorgeous. Tall, dark hair, stubbled jaw, tequila colored eyes… yep, I was sunk. His broad shoulders and trim waist were enough to get my attention, but when I saw the tattoos covering his exposed forearm I nearly drooled.

I was a sucker for tattooed men.

His forearm was completely covered with colors. From my distance I couldn’t make out what any of the tattoos were, but it was hot.

His black dress shirt was rolled up to his elbows and looked amazing with his khakis. I wanted to peel that shirt off and see how many more tattoos he had. It was absolutely ridiculous.

Then I saw him watching me. Busted. I smiled and raised my glass to him, not remotely worried about the hot guy catching me checking him out. I turned back to the party and tried to look interested in the conversation around me. Damn, where was Riley, or Charlie, or Sam, shit anyone.

I weaved through the crowd, looking for someone to talk to. Instead I ended up near the edge of the room again. The bar was close so I downed the rest of my drink and headed that way.

“Are you having fun?” a smooth voice asked from directly behind me when I was in line at the bar. He was close enough that I could feel his heat through the thin fabric of my tank top. Without looking I knew it was the hottie from across the room.

“I know a few things that could make it… more fun,” I teased, looking over my shoulder.

I wasn’t a fool. If he came over to hit on me, he liked some of what he saw. I was a size 20, nowhere near skinny, but my skirt accentuated my assets and he was obviously an ass man. I had plenty of ass to spare, but my curves were relatively well balanced for being as big as I was.

Not that I minded my size. I loved being a bit husky. It meant men couldn’t push me around, literally and figuratively, as much. When I stood my ground I was an oak tree, not a toothpick swaying in the breeze.

“Maybe we should find someplace a little quieter so we can explore those options,” he whispered, his breath tickling my cheek.

Fat & Fine release day

BB 5 Cover 1Fat & Fine is here! You can finally read about the smart-talking, sassy, sexy Sam Reed! I loved Sam from the first book (Chubby & Charming), but I knew she was going to have to wait for her happily ever after. As soon as I met Brady I was certain he was right for Sam, but unfortunately she wasn’t so sure. It took them a while to figure things out, but in the end I’m pretty sure it all worked out!

Excerpt from Fat & Fine

Heather leaned over to me as Dad started talking. “He’s gorgeous. Where did you find him?”

I smiled, “He already told you, we met at his gym.”

Heather shook her head. “I don’t know what shocks me more… that you’re going to the gym or that you brought home such a hottie. Not saying I ever thought you couldn’t get a guy like him, but damn. He puts Channing Tatum to shame.”

I laughed. Channing Tatum was a god in Heather’s world. Saying Brady was hotter was the highest compliment she could give a man. Of course I agreed with her.

“When he first started talking to me I thought he hated me. He can be really intense. Then these jerks at the gym were nasty to me and Brady kicked them out then comforted me. He told me he’d wanted to kiss me since he first saw me. He’s an amazing kisser.”

Heather raised her eyebrows and glanced over at Brady. “I can totally see that. I bet he’s spectacular in bed, too,” she whispered conspiratorially.

“Actually, I wouldn’t know,” I confessed, feeling strange having the conversation with Heather. We’d never been overly close, although we loved each other. I couldn’t recall any time we’d ever talked about sex. Although technically we weren’t then either.

“How do you not know? I’d have jumped him on day one. What are you waiting for?”

I peeked at Brady, but he was still wrapped up in a conversation with my dad. “We’re taking things slow. My last relationship ended pretty bad and Brady’s cautious, too. We decided not to rush into anything and get to know each other first.”

“Wow,” Heather said with arched brows. “If Mom knew that she’d probably like him a bit more. Sorry about her. You know how she is.”

I shrugged. “I’m used to it. She asks me at least once a week when I’m going to get a ‘real’ job. She thinks I just sit around all day and watch TV.”

Heather laughed. “You would think someone who spent their life as a housewife would know how easy it is to be insanely busy without a job and would realize you have all that plus work. I couldn’t survive without my housekeeper.”

“Yeah,” I argued, “but you have kids. If there’s one thing Mom is even more disappointed in me for it’s that I’m 29 and haven’t brought any grandkids into the world yet. You’d think five would be enough.”

Heather nodded. “I know I’m done. I think Brian is, too. It’s up to you and Brady now.”

“Whoa, we’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks. We’re not walking down the aisle yet. We’re not even sleeping together.”

Heather shrugged. “Some people wait. Maybe he’ll want to wait until he’s married. Is he a virgin?”

I narrowed my eyes and thought back over our conversations. He’d never mentioned it either way. “I don’t think so, but I haven’t exactly asked for his list of past lovers. We’re just not there yet. He hasn’t said anything about waiting for marriage. We’re just going slow.”

Heather looked over at Brady again, staring just a little too long. Thankfully the men had turned their conversation to sports so Mark was oblivious to Heather’s longing looks at my boyfriend. Thankfully I found it more entertaining than irritating.

“Would that be a deal-breaker for you? If he wanted to wait?”

My head tipped to the side while I thought about it. I glanced over at Brady and he winked at me then leaned close. His lips brushed my throat then ran up to my ear. He nibbled my ear lobe then whispered, “I’m not a virgin and I’m not waiting for marriage. Just waiting until I can control myself around all your sexiness. Hopefully that’s not a deal-breaker.”

His tongue darted into my ear, making my eyes slip closed. He nipped my ear again then sat back up as though nothing had happened and rejoined the conversation with my dad.

“What was that?” Heather whispered in my other ear.

Brady’s hand squeezed my thigh and I grinned. “He heard everything we said,” I told Heather. “And he said he’s not a virgin and not waiting for marriage.”

Heather’s eyes danced over to Brady’s and her cheeks pinked. “Oh, my God, I feel so high school right now. How embarrassing,” she whispered.

Brady leaned over again, his lips tickling my ear as he spoke. “Tell Heather not to be embarrassed. I’m pretty fucking thrilled to put Channing Tatum to shame and it’s nice to know she’s on our side, not your mom’s.”

I grinned as he spoke and as soon as he moved away Heather yanked my arm over to her side. “What did he say?” she hissed.

I repeated his words and watched my cool, calm, and collected sister turn bright red. After a few seconds we collapsed into a heap of giggles like when we were kids. Mom’s eyes narrowed on us and she demanded to know what was going on. “Nothing!” we chorused then fell against each other giggling again.

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Fat & Fine first kiss

BB 5 Cover 1Sam and Brady have a rough relationship. When she meets him she is curious about him, but a little intimidated by him. But when he decides he wants to kiss her, Sam has a hard time doing anything but respond. How could she not?

Excerpt from Fat & Fine

“I’m not beautiful, Brady. I know that, I’ve accepted it. I’ve been told enough lately that I’m horrible to look at and it’s sinking in-“

“No!” Brady yelled again. “God dammit it’s not true. When I look at you I see your curves, yes, but I love your curves. But there’s so much more to you than your looks. You have gorgeous eyes and a laugh that lights up the room. Those guys are stupid fucking assholes who’ve never bothered to know you. You’re amazing, Sam, and I want you to keep coming here because I like seeing you. I don’t want to miss out on a chance to share even a few minutes with you.”

My head was spinning. It was only a few minutes after I’d fallen for another guy flirting with me only to tell me he was disgusted by me. Could I believe anything Brady was saying?

“Please, Sam, believe me. I know it’s hard to trust someone, especially right now after what those assholes said to you, but it’s the truth. Jesus, I need to… fuck, I can’t stop.”

Before I could ask him what he was talking about his lips were on mine. He pressed me against his closed door and pinned me in with both hands on either side of my head. He leaned into me, his firm body pressing against my soft one. I felt his desire for me in his kiss, on his lips, in the pressure of his tongue against my lips, silently seeking passage into my mouth.

My lips fell apart, letting him in. His tongue dove into my mouth as though he was afraid I’d close it again. He tasted like sweat and heat and something fresh. It was something I knew I’d never forget, a taste that would be with me forever, long after Brady decided I was just another fat girl when he needed a skinny one.

Our tongues played together, learning each other’s mouths, where the other reacted, how the other felt. I wanted to kiss him forever, feel his body against mine forever.

My hands drifted up his shirt, over his muscles. I felt the skin twitch beneath the thin cotton. I loved feeling a man come undone, losing control of his muscles and his grip on himself. Brady trembled against me, leaning his hips against me and letting me feel how much he wanted me. I moaned at the feeling of him, as though I didn’t believe he could want me until I felt the proof of it against my stomach.

Brady broke our kiss and drug his lips down my sweaty neck. “Jesus, Sam, you taste amazing,” Brady whispered against my skin. “I can’t get enough of you, baby.”

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Plump & Pretty Cover Reveal

BB 6 Cover 1

Riley is a quiet woman. She likes to read, hides behind her books. She doesn’t date much and thinks no one would be interested in the quiet, plump girl with her nose in a book.

Connor was the high school hottie. Riley knew of him, but never knew him. So when he approaches her at a wedding she’s baffled that he knows she exists let alone knows her name.

When everything Riley’s ever wanted seems almost within her reach she starts to wonder if it’s possible, or if it was just a dream all along.

Excerpt from Plump & Pretty

My reaction to him was instant and undesirable. I didn’t want to want him still. It’d been almost twelve years since I’d seen him, but he was as gorgeous as he’d been back in high school, maybe even hotter. His chest was bigger, wider with his shoulders. His waist narrowed in a way I could only dream about. His hands, always my weakness with men, were thick and strong. I knew he was 6’4”, one of the many statistics I’d memorized about him. His blue dress pants and white shirt could have been cut from the finest of fabrics, but only being on his body made them look that good. Hell, even his skinny tie, that perfectly matched his pants, helped make him look hotter. I kept looking up and saw his blue eyes blazing with a fire I’d never seen directed at me before. A small smile quirked the edge of his mouth, making me realize I was staring at him.

And in turn my friends were staring at me.


“Who’s Connor Lee?” Carrie asked, her eyes bouncing between us like she was watching a tennis match. The question in her gaze told me she was trying to decide if he was off limits, and if he was worth her time.

I shook my head and broke away from his gaze. He wasn’t looking at me, he couldn’t have been. I didn’t want to look behind me to find the thin, gorgeous woman he’d been smiling at. After all, Connor Lee didn’t know who I was. There was no reason for him to be looking at me.

Except for that whole staring at him thing.

“Connor Lee is just someone I went to high school with. Mr. Popular, dated the prettiest girls, had all the cool parties, you know the type.”

Lexi and Carrie nodded. “The hottest guy in school that every girl dreamed would walk up to her one day and kiss her. So what’s your history with him?”

I scoffed. “My history? Non-existent. He didn’t even know I existed in high school. He was a year ahead of me, but his senior year he dated a girl in my homeroom. Her locker was next to mine so I saw them making out all the time, but he never saw me.”

Carrie narrowed her eyes in his direction as though looking at him would tell her if he was a jerk. Of course, knowing Carrie, she might actually be able to read something on his skin that told her the truth. As for me though, I wasn’t going to even glance in his direction again. Connor Lee was as far out of my league as you could get. There was no reason to even care that he was at the wedding. It didn’t matter.

“He’s still looking over here,” Lexi stated as though it would make a difference.

I rolled my eyes. “He’s probably checking out someone behind us. Or maybe he thinks I look vaguely familiar and is trying to imagine me 100 pounds lighter, when he’d actually have given me a second glance. Let’s go to the reception.”

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Bulky & Beauteous Release Day

Nine months ago I wasn’t sure this day would ever come! I had just been diagnosed with Stage IV-B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and I was scared. I had just started writing Bulky & Beauteous. I stalled. I told myself I wasn’t going to, but I did. I was scared, and tired, and worn out. But months later (too many months for me) I finally finished it. And now you can read it!

Bulky & BeauteousAddi is reliable, always there for everyone. She does everything for everyone, neglecting herself. When her kindness and selflessness is tossed back in her face, Addi snaps. She doesn’t want to be seen as a doormat, but she knows that’s how others see her. Addi takes a page from her irresponsible sister’s playbook and decides she’s going to make some changes in her life.

Joey is a ski bum with no future, Addi is sure of that. What Joey does have is the power to ignite a passion inside Addi she was sure had died off long ago. She keeps him at arm’s length emotionally, but lets him a lot closer physically.

When someone is hurt during one of their interludes, Addi questions the person she’s become. When the smoke clears, Addi has to figure out who she really is… reliable Addi or carefree Addi.

Excerpt from Bulky & Beauteous

He came at me as I approached him. Our mouths collided the same time our hands met each other’s bodies. His tongue was hot and smooth in my mouth, urgent, needy. Desperate. Just like I felt.

I had to touch him. I didn’t care how cold it was outside or who might be able to hear us. I needed to feel him.

My hands tugged at the zipper on his jacket, then shoved it over his shoulders once I could. He groaned at the restraint and released me so he could shrug out of his jacket. I took advantage of his position and stroked my hand over the hard ridge of his erection, making his body lurch toward me.

He yanked off his jacket and tugged mine free, his movements as frantic as mine. When his hands went to the front of my pants I froze.

Shit, was I really doing this? Was I really going to fuck him in the woods?

Unaware of my sudden panic, Joey kept working his way into my pants, his lips on my throat, his hands close, so very close to where I wanted him.


I was being crazy. We were in public. I barely knew him. I couldn’t do it.

Then I heard the whoops of someone on the slopes. The voices of skiers so close, but separated from us. Hidden, in our own private spot. Holy shit, it turned me on. And then Joey’s hand was there. Brushing my bare skin. Hot flesh, cold air.

His fingers touched me, barely grazing across my center. I arched into him like a greedy cat. It was fitting, in a way, considering how desperate I was for his touch. He stroked me, soaking my panties and his fingers, before delving inside.

My knees gave out and his other arm came around me, supporting me. “Lean on me,” he growled in my ear. I had no choice but to listen.

I draped my arms around his neck, my face buried against his sweater. I smelled the musky scent of him, the clean, fresh air, and the pine scent of the thick trees surrounding us. It was a heady mix, made that much sweeter by his ministrations between my legs.

“Yes, Addi, just let go for me,” he groaned, a pained sound that made me wonder if he was as close as I was. Jesus, he was talented. My hips moved on their own, controlled by the hand buried deep in my pants. I wanted to strip off all my clothes to relieve the heat building up inside me, but I knew only one thing would truly help.

And with just a few more strokes of his thumb over me, a few more thrusts of his fingers deep inside, the heat built to four alarm fire status. I burned up from the inside out, flames licking at my skin, or was that his tongue? I didn’t care. My body hurtled toward its release, whether trying to outrun the fire or ignite it further, I didn’t know. Stop, drop, and roll flashed through my head, instantly making the elementary school lesson a dirty idea for adults.

Joey chuckled, his hand slowing as I came down from the high he put me on. “Stop, drop, and roll? Is that next?”

“I said that out loud?” I asked, embarrassed.

“I think it’s a great idea. Well, maybe not the stop part.”

His hand was still inside me, his fingers connected to my most intimate parts. And we were talking about fire drills.

His finger stroked against my core again and I moaned. “Definitely not the stop part,” I agreed.

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