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Change On The Fly – feeling sassy

PP4 Cover 12Meet Lucy.

Lucy is a pizza baking woman with a penchant for being unreliable. It’s not her fault, really. Her parents coddled her forever, then her boyfriend did the same. When he dumped her she didn’t know how to set her own alarm, let alone how to get herself to work on time, even if work was just downstairs.

Meet Chris.

Chris is a hardworking teacher who loves to work with his hands. His ex left him because he cared more about his furniture than he did about her. When he’s within reach of having everything he dreamed of with his business, a tidal wave of woman steps into his life, and arms, and demands his help.

Lucy meets Chris.

In an attempt to make her ex jealous, Lucy kisses a random guy in a bar. Little does she know he’s her ex’s high school rival and still competitor on the ice. When Lucy realizes Chris could be just the thing she needs to get her ex back, and the confidence her brothers once had in her, she stops at nothing to get him to agree. Even the locker room door.

Chris thinks he must be crazy for agreeing to help a woman he doesn’t know. But one look at Oakridge’s face is all the motivation he needs to put on the performance of his life. The fact that she kisses like a goddess, looks like every wet dream he’s ever had, and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty makes his job that much easier.

Lucy wants to convince her brothers they can count on her. Chris wants to convince Lucy she doesn’t need a man to prove who she is. But both of them want something else. Something that’s not possible – each other.

Excerpt from Change On The Fly

“Looking good, Luce,” said a voice as soon as she stepped out of the locker room.

She screeched and threw a hand to her chest. Derrick leaned against the cinderblock wall, his blonde hair still wet from the shower. Lucy’s eyes raked over him, so familiar and so attractive. His legs were as thick as tree trunks but his upper body was smaller, making him look like a pear. He’d never been able to hold Lucy up against the wall when they’d had sex, not like she was certain Chris could.

“What are you doing here, Derrick?”

He smirked. “I know you saw me out on the ice. You were watching me more than your little boyfriend. Then again, the way you kissed him the other night I don’t think you even know him, so boyfriend is probably pushing it a little.”

“You broke up with me, Derrick. Who I kiss and who I date is no longer your concern.”

Derrick nodded slowly. “Except you are my business. You were mine first, and I’m not letting him have you.”

Lucy cocked an eyebrow at him. She wanted Derrick to want her back, but if it was just about winning, he’d be done with her as soon as she was his again. He needed to suffer a little bit. “I’m pretty sure dumping me is the exact opposite of me being yours. I’m not yours anymore, Derrick.”

He smiled wide, like he had a secret. “You wouldn’t be watching me so intently if you didn’t want to climb back into my bed. You know how good I can make you feel, baby. No other man is going to make you scream the way I do, especially not that dickhead you were kissing the other night.”

“You don’t know anything about him,” Lucy argued.

“Actually I do,” Derrick leered, pushing off the wall and stalking over to her. “I’ve known him for a long time, baby, and I’ve had plenty of women come running to me after they were disappointed with him. Said he’s got a tiny cock.”

Lucy’s mind flashed back to him in the shower, his massive erection staring her down. He was an inch or so longer than Derrick and had more girth, so she knew whatever women had told Derrick that Chris was tiny were straight up lying.

“That couldn’t be further from the truth,” Lucy taunted. “He’s almost too big for me to handle. But, you know, we make it work.”

Derrick’s grin slipped from his face until he was scowling at her. Lucy struggled not to grin at him. He was good and jealous, and the longer she toyed with him, the more desperate he’d be to have her back. Her plan was going to work like a charm.

She heard the whoosh of the locker room door close as lips came down over hers. A bag fall to the ground at her feet and strong arms wrapped around her waist. Chris’s tongue teased her lips and she parted for him, eagerly letting him in to explore. Her hands drifted over his chest then slid around his neck, tunneling through his damp hair. He tugged her closer, his erection pressing firmly into her belly and making everything south of there stir.

When he finally pulled back, he kissed her softly on the lips again and rested his forehead against hers. “There you are. I wish you’d have joined me in that shower. It was nice, but not nearly as nice as the one we had the other day. Maybe I can talk you into one later?”

Lucy nodded, aching between her thighs to get the man in her arms into a shower, to act out the fantasies that were darting through her head. Good God, he was sexy. And that low, husky voice… it stirred all her good parts to stand up and take notice.

“Oh, sorry, Oakridge,” Chris snarled, finally glancing up toward Derrick. “I didn’t notice you there. Just had to get my woman.” Derrick growled but Chris just narrowed his eyes at him. “Problem?” Derrick didn’t say anything so Chris grinned. “How about we get out of here, gorgeous? I think pizza and another shower sounds good for the rest of the night. Although it might be more fun to bathe you with my tongue instead. I’ll let you decide.”

Chris bent down to get his bag then tugged her toward the door, his arm securely around her shoulders, his fingers interlaced with hers. Lucy heard Derrick growl behind them, but all she could think about was the man next to her bathing her with his tongue.

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Fluffy & Fabulous, so sweet

Fluffy & FabulousCharlie and Max’s story has been out there for a week now and I’ve heard from many of you who want more! Abby’s story will be out September 6 with four (eek!) more coming in 2017! How exciting is that?

But we’re still having fun with Charlie and Max over here. I won’t give anything away, but you know Charlie… She’s sweet and kind and wonderful. She’s always there for her friends, but carries her own load. Max takes care of her when she needs someone to step in and take over.

Excerpt from Fluffy & Fabulous

When I brought his coffee out from the back I glanced over to Mandy. She had turned white and was gripping the edge of the counter. Mrs. O’Neill was leaning over her, talking quietly to her. I handed Max his coffee and got his muffins and cupcake while watching Mandy. “Is she okay?” he asked as I handed him the bag and box.

“I’m not sure. Do you have a minute?”

Max nodded and I went to the other end of the counter.

“Oh, Charlie, Mandy here needs to get to the hospital now. She’s in labor and probably about ready to push. I wouldn’t delay at all, you need to drive her there now, honey.”

My heart dropped to the floor and panic settled over me. I had no idea what to do. I was completely paralyzed watching my friend as another contraction ripped through her body. She gripped the counter again and leaned into Mrs. O’Neill, who held strong despite her advanced age.

“Are you sure?” I finally managed. “She wasn’t in labor a minute ago,” I pleaded, hoping Mrs. O’Neill was wrong, knowing as I said the words she couldn’t be. Mrs. O’Neill had six kids of her own and a gaggle of grandkids and great-grandkids. If anyone knew labor, it was Mrs. O’Neill.

“She’s been in labor all night, Charlie. The back pain she felt was labor pains and the heartburn was her body warning her. Now her contractions are stronger and she needs to get to the hospital. She’s going to have this baby within a few hours, if not sooner.”

Max seemed to spring into action, thanking the O’Neill’s and ushering them out the door with promises I would call them later. He asked me where my car was and if I had towels on site. “I live upstairs so yeah there are towels. Through the kitchen and up the back stairs.”

“Stay with Mandy. Are your keys upstairs too?”


“Keys, Charlotte. Where are your car keys?”

My brain skidded as I realized what he was asking. “Shit, my car isn’t big enough. I have a coupe. She won’t even be able to get into my backseat. Well, if she can, she won’t get out. We need Xander.”

“Who’s Xander?”

Mandy clenched my fist and moaned as the pain ripped through her again. I was vaguely aware that it had only been a couple minutes since her last contraction. She was going to have her baby, soon. There wasn’t time to get Xander.

“Xander is Mandy’s husband.”

“We can’t wait for him to get here first. We have to go now. Lock up.”

Max directed us out the front door and I locked it behind us. We loaded up into Max’s Explorer, me in back with Mandy and Max driving straight to the hospital. He drove with one hand and dialed Mandy’s phone with the other.

“Xander?” Max said into Mandy’s phone, then paused. “Yes, my name is Max. I’m a friend of Charlotte’s and I’m driving your wife to the hospital right now. I was at Bite Me! this morning when we realized she’s in labor.” He waited, listening to Xander. I could hear his loud voice from the backseat, although I couldn’t understand what Xander said. “Apparently pretty far along.” He paused again. “We couldn’t wait for you to get there. Meet us at the hospital.”

Max hung up and asked for Mandy’s doctor’s name. At the next stoplight he looked up the number on her phone and called the office, telling them we were headed to the hospital. “Is there anyone else we need to call? Her parents?” Max asked when he hung up.

Mandy shook her head. “You can call Claire and everyone, but they don’t need to be there now. Let’s just get to the- AHHH!” Mandy howled and grabbed my arm, squeezing.

I held onto her and let her barrel through it. She looked so miserable, but I knew she needed someone to be there for her. Max saved my life driving us. I never would have made it driving while Mandy labored alone.

He pulled up into the emergency entrance and threw the car in park. He came around and helped Mandy out of the car, half carrying her into the ER. At the desk he explained what was going on and helped get her settled into a wheelchair. Xander burst through the doors while we were talking to the desk. He rushed over to Mandy and kissed her forehead before they disappeared with a nurse.

“Call your friends, I’ll go park the car.”

Max vanished and I whirled around to the desk. “Where will she go?” I asked the woman who’d helped us get Mandy checked in.

“Fourth floor. There’s a waiting room up there. Would you like me to tell your boyfriend where you’re going?”

I shook my head, not correcting her error, and stepped toward the door to start making phone calls.

By the time Max came back in I’d gotten in touch with almost everyone. Drew told Carrie what was going on once Xander left and she was already on her way with him following soon. Carrie called Riley and Sam by the time I got to them also. Addi couldn’t get away from school, but promised to stop by after work. Lexi promised to come after work too, but Claire was on her way.

“Do you know where she is?” Max asked when I hung up with Claire.

“Yeah, she’s on the fourth floor. I can’t thank you enough for your help. I don’t think I would have made it if you hadn’t been there.”

“It was my pleasure. Is there anything I can do for you?”

I shook my head, not really ready for him to leave, but knowing there was no reason for him to stay. Someone would give me a ride home later so I didn’t even need him for that.

But I wanted him to stay. I couldn’t explain it, but I didn’t want to be alone. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my friends would descend on the hospital, each with her husband. For the first time in my life, I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t have a man to lean on.

“Do you, um… Do you want me to stay?” Max asked.

“No,” I said too quickly. “I mean, I’m sure you have other things to do today besides sit around the maternity ward and wait for a stranger to deliver her baby.”

Max smiled and stepped a little closer to me. He looked like he wanted to say something, like there was more lingering. “Is there anything I can do for you at your shop? We left in a hurry. A coffee pot to unplug? Lights to turn off? Anything?”

“Shit,” I said aloud. “I didn’t even think. I left everything on. Hell, I didn’t even lock the back door. I need to go-“

“Do you trust me?”

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Fluffy & Fabulous, Release Day!

Fluffy & FabulousToday is a little bitter sweet for me. I’m saying goodbye to the women who’ve been a part of my life for two years. I’ve never ended a series before, and I don’t think I’m ready to end this one. In every book in the Big & Beautiful series I write the epilogue in the point of view of the next character. I did that here too with the idea that I might come back to these wonderful women one day. What do you think about that?

Whether the series continues or not, I know a lot of you couldn’t wait for Charlie’s story. She was the rock for everyone throughout the series. She was the person they all turned to. And she was single. She needed her happily ever after. I’m pretty sure Max was just right to give that to her.

Excerpt from Fluffy & Fabulous

Max’s hand slid to my cheek, gently tilting my head as his tongue teased my lips. I opened for him and he glided into my mouth, still not in a hurry. His kiss was long and slow and sweet. I quickly got lost in him, his kiss drawing me into another world. One where I wasn’t afraid of letting him in, where we could be together, where there weren’t secrets.

The kiss ended too soon for me, but since we were at Bite Me! it had to end. Max pulled back reluctantly and rested his forehead against mine. He kissed my nose and I felt his chest heaving as he struggled to catch his breath. It was good to know he was as affected as I was by what should have been a simple kiss.

“Tonight. What time do you finish? I’m taking you out. No more excuses.” He offered a humbled half-smile since all the excuses came from him.

“I close at eight. Today is my late day.” Kendall didn’t work weekends so I was there from open to close. It made for a long day and by the end of Saturday I was usually ready to collapse. Even the temptation of Max wasn’t enough to boost my excitement.

“Shit, you’re not going to want to go out, are you? What if I promise you we’ll go somewhere low key and you can dress casual and someone else will wait on you for a change?”

The excitement in his voice and the hopeful look on his face were enough to make me give in. I knew I couldn’t say no to those puppy dog brown eyes and that dimple. Not to mention the man who brought them to life. And who brought me to life.

“I’ll be here at eight-thirty. Unless there’s something I can do to help you clean up?”

“Why would you want to clean up?”

“I’d do anything for you, Charlotte. I’ll be here just before eight and you can put me to work while you relax or change or shower or whatever you need to do to get ready to go. And if you want to go to dinner in what you’re wearing right now… I have no problem with that but I probably won’t be able to take my hands and lips off you when you smell like cupcakes. Then again, it won’t matter.”

I blushed, imagining Max’s hands and lips on me all night long. He caught the look on my face and his eyes darkened, the pulse in his neck fluttering. He licked his lips and took a deep breath.

“Okay, I’m getting out of here before I lock that door and drag you upstairs. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

I smiled and followed him to the door. He stopped right under the mistletoe and winked at me before leaning in to kiss me again. A rough, demanding kiss swept me off my feet and made my knees weak. He circled my waist with his arms and held me up as he ravaged my mouth, promising an amazing night.

He stepped back, letting go of me way too soon. “You’re like a drug for me. Something that makes me feel like I can do anything. I couldn’t quit you even if I wanted to.” He paused and looked down into my eyes. “Eight o’clock.”

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Fluffy & Fabulous, First Kiss

Fluffy & FabulousIn only one week Fluffy & Fabulous will be out! I’m so excited to share the last installment in the series, but also sad to see these wonderful characters go. I’m toying with the idea of writing another story, but you’ll have to tell me if you want one more. You haven’t met her yet, but if you love her, you can talk me into writing book nine. I doubt it’ll take much convincing.

But today isn’t about her, it’s about Charlie and Max. Charlie is as sweet as her cupcakes and Max is as strong her her coffee, but they both need a little of what the other has. Today you get a little peek into just how much chemistry they have when they let that sweet and strong combination meld.

Excerpt from Fluffy & Fabulous

Max pulled into a parking space in front of Bite Me! and turned off the engine. I felt like I owed him something for his help and found myself asking, “Do you want to come in? I can make a fresh pot of coffee and I’m sure there are muffins and cupcakes left since I closed so early.”

“I’d love to,” Max grinned, showing that adorable dimple.

Max followed me through the darkened storefront back to the kitchen after I locked the front door. I flipped on the lights and propped the door open so I could grab some muffins and cupcakes from the case. “What would you like?”

Max groaned and my gut clenched, realizing how my question sounded. I spun to look at him and was nearly bowled over by the feral, hungry look in his eyes. He wanted me. I could see it, almost smell it in the heavy, sugar-filled air around us.

His eyes locked on mine and he knew I saw it. He stalked toward me, slowly, like he was approaching his prey. In a way I guess he was, but it shocked the hell out of me. I couldn’t think though, not with that look in his eyes, with that demand… that need.

Without stopping, pausing, or giving me a chance to question him, Max walked toward me until our bodies touched, until we were aligned in the most intimate way possible, until his lips crashed into mine.

His kiss was softer than I expected given his approach. He looked at me as though he was going to devour me, but his kiss was light and gentle, a finger dipped in the icing bowl instead of a spoonful. Just enough that I knew I wanted more.

Max angled his head and cupped my cheek. His tongue brushed against my closed lips and they fell apart like they’d been waiting for a good reason, allowing him entry and letting him take whatever he wanted. When his tongue touched mine my internals ovens went from warming to broil in a second. I couldn’t get enough of him and he seemed to feel the same way.

Max’s hands were all over me at once, like he couldn’t touch enough of me. He shoved my jacket free of my shoulders and it trapped my hands in the sleeves. I struggled to get free, finally releasing my hands as his kisses assaulted my senses. His mouth moved from mine to my neck and collarbone, open-mouthed kisses leaving a blazing trail of desire on my skin.

When his hands joined the party and cupped my heavy breasts I nearly lost it. I moaned loudly, my body aching for his touch, and arched into his hands. He smiled against my skin as his thumbs teased my nipples to tight, hard peaks. “Can we take this upstairs? Put that big, pink bed of yours to good use?”

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Husky & Hot, so sweet

Husky & HotJust in case you haven’t picked up Husky & Hot yet, I wanted to make sure you knew how sweet Drew was. He’s heartbroken and getting over his ex, but he’s also simply perfect for Carrie. And he proves it over and over again!

Excerpt from Husky & Hot

“There you are,” his voice came from behind me. “I’ve been looking for you all week.”

I turned and gave him an annoyed and confused look. “You’re my boss. You know where I am 40 hours a week.”

“Whoa. What did I do?”

I shook my head. He didn’t need my jealousy creating problems. He was getting over his ex and that was good. I cared about him enough to want him to be happy, although being happy without me was a little annoying.

“Nothing. You did nothing. What did you need from me?”

“This isn’t nothing, Carrie. Talk to me. I thought we were more than boss and employee.”

“You don’t need to worry about my personal life. It’s fine. Why were you looking for me?”

“I, uh… I was wondering what you’re doing tonight?” He ran his hand through his hair and looked entirely too adorable. Drew was not the kind of man I’d ever think of as being adorable. Sexy. Hot. Badass. Yes. But adorable? Only at that moment.

“I don’t have any plans tonight. Did you need me to work late?”

“What?” he snapped. “No. I wanted to go out. On a date. With you.”

“Wait, what?”

He chuckled. “I wanted you to go out with me. I was thinking of fixing you dinner at my place, if you’re interested. If not… don’t worry about it. I was just-“

“I do. I mean, yes. I thought you were… Never mind.”

“You thought what?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Carrie, what’s going on? I thought we were okay. Better than okay the other day. What’s changed?”

I took a deep breath for strength and dug deep. Telling him what I’d thought all week and what Xander said about him… oh, who cared.

“You acted like the other day was a one time thing. Then Xander told Mandy you’d gotten lucky but wouldn’t talk about it and everyone said that meant it was just a one time hook-up. When you spent the week acting like you’d gotten some I just figured you met someone.”

“Wait a minute,” he said, holding up his hand for me to stop. “Okay, first of all, I don’t know what I did to make you think the other day was a one time thing, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t be. As for Xander, well he’s a dick. I didn’t tell him anything because I didn’t want him to think differently of you for being with me. As for you… I haven’t been able to think about anything other than the way you screamed my name the other day. Sitting at that desk gives me a hard-on because I see you sprawled over it, open for me. I’ve basically been useless all week.”

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