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Husky & Hot, so sweet

Husky & HotJust in case you haven’t picked up Husky & Hot yet, I wanted to make sure you knew how sweet Drew was. He’s heartbroken and getting over his ex, but he’s also simply perfect for Carrie. And he proves it over and over again!

Excerpt from Husky & Hot

“There you are,” his voice came from behind me. “I’ve been looking for you all week.”

I turned and gave him an annoyed and confused look. “You’re my boss. You know where I am 40 hours a week.”

“Whoa. What did I do?”

I shook my head. He didn’t need my jealousy creating problems. He was getting over his ex and that was good. I cared about him enough to want him to be happy, although being happy without me was a little annoying.

“Nothing. You did nothing. What did you need from me?”

“This isn’t nothing, Carrie. Talk to me. I thought we were more than boss and employee.”

“You don’t need to worry about my personal life. It’s fine. Why were you looking for me?”

“I, uh… I was wondering what you’re doing tonight?” He ran his hand through his hair and looked entirely too adorable. Drew was not the kind of man I’d ever think of as being adorable. Sexy. Hot. Badass. Yes. But adorable? Only at that moment.

“I don’t have any plans tonight. Did you need me to work late?”

“What?” he snapped. “No. I wanted to go out. On a date. With you.”

“Wait, what?”

He chuckled. “I wanted you to go out with me. I was thinking of fixing you dinner at my place, if you’re interested. If not… don’t worry about it. I was just-“

“I do. I mean, yes. I thought you were… Never mind.”

“You thought what?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Carrie, what’s going on? I thought we were okay. Better than okay the other day. What’s changed?”

I took a deep breath for strength and dug deep. Telling him what I’d thought all week and what Xander said about him… oh, who cared.

“You acted like the other day was a one time thing. Then Xander told Mandy you’d gotten lucky but wouldn’t talk about it and everyone said that meant it was just a one time hook-up. When you spent the week acting like you’d gotten some I just figured you met someone.”

“Wait a minute,” he said, holding up his hand for me to stop. “Okay, first of all, I don’t know what I did to make you think the other day was a one time thing, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t be. As for Xander, well he’s a dick. I didn’t tell him anything because I didn’t want him to think differently of you for being with me. As for you… I haven’t been able to think about anything other than the way you screamed my name the other day. Sitting at that desk gives me a hard-on because I see you sprawled over it, open for me. I’ve basically been useless all week.”

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Husky & Hot, release day

Husky & HotIt’s here, it’s here! Drew and Carrie’s story is finally here!

I’m so excited to share this story with you. I know everyone was waiting for this book to come because we all love Drew, but I love Carrie just as much. Truth be told, I created Carrie first then Drew, but liked him so much I decided to weave him through the series a little bit. I’m glad you fell in love with him as much as I did! And we’re all glad Brandi is gone.

Excerpt from Husky & Hot

Drew came over to my side of the table and leaned against the edge of the wood surface. “Thank you. That was a huge help today. Going by what you said, we never would have landed the client, but you were dead on. In all the conversations we had with her she expressed her concern over changing too much. We honored that, but weren’t showing it the right way. We have you to thank.”

I got to my feet and was nearly eye level with him thanks to my heels and him half sitting. Specks of gold floated in the brown depths and my breath kicked up. His eyes held mine then flicked down to my lips. Unconsciously my tongue glided over my lips and his eyes widened as he sucked in a breath. He looked back into my eyes and I could see how badly he wanted me.

The tension between us was so thick I didn’t think I’d be able to move, but I did. My feet carried me closer to him, unintentionally. I took a step, still far enough away that he couldn’t touch me with his arms extended, but getting closer. Another step and another and his hand reached out for mine.

Then someone cleared their throat.

I jumped back, shocked and ashamed. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d made it all the way into his arms, but I had a few ideas.

Instead I turned to the door and saw his mother standing there glaring at me. Her dark eyes narrowed at me, pinching her brows together. Her bun pulled her hair tight, making her look even more like a mean old school librarian than her loose fitting paisley dress that fell to her ankles. Her canvas shoes explained how she was able to sneak up on us, and nearly catch… something.

“Mom!” Drew exclaimed, leaping up from the table. “What a great surprise. What are you doing here?”

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Husky & Hot, first kiss

Husky & HotHusky & Hot is just a week away! I know you’ve been dying to read Drew’s story, and I know Carrie is the perfect one for him. Of course, it’s not simple, especially since they’re strangers when they meet. Not that it stops them!

Excerpt from Husky & Hot

I finally met his eyes and offered a barely perceptible shrug that he interpreted as agreement. I didn’t argue as he gently guided me away from the crowd and down a deserted hallway. He directed me into an office and locked the door as he pressed me against it.

His mouth came down over mine as his hands closed over my ass cheeks. Definitely an ass man. He dragged me tight against him, his erection already raging between us. His kiss was insistent, his tongue wasting no time before plunging into my mouth. I fought him for control but gave up when he nipped my lip. Yeah, I liked that, too.

My heart rate climbed with every nip and suck. His lips drifted from mine and trailed down my neck, nibbling my skin until he reached the edge of my shirt. His hands left my ass to slide under my skirt and where he cupped my bare cheeks, teasing the edge of my thong, and groaned.

“Jesus, you’re hot,” he mumbled against my neck.

He spun us around and backed me up to the large dark wood desk that dominated the room. I hoped it wasn’t Xander’s office for about a second, then he kissed me again and I didn’t care. My head spun just from the way he kissed, the feel of his thick tongue inside my mouth. I wondered what else he had that was thick.

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Fluffy & Fabulous Cover Reveal

BB 8 Cover 1

I loved Charlie the moment Mandy met her way back in Chubby & Charming. I knew her story was going to be a fun one to write. Charlie was such a good friend, but she never had any luck in love. Finding the right guy for her was quite a task, but I think you’ll love Max!

Charlie, owner of thriving bakery, Bite Me!, is thrown for a loop when her home and business are knocked out from under her. With the new owner of her building not willing to renew leases, Charlie has to find a new place for Bite Me! and a new place to live. Crashing with a friend isn’t an option since all her friends are hopelessly in love, so Charlie is on her own.

When Max shows up at her bakery door in the early morning hours, Charlie wants to ignore the knock on the door. After all, she wasn’t open and had no idea who the guy on the other side of the glass was. But she takes a chance and lets Max in, giving him a cup of coffee and muffins that she knows will make him come back for more.

Charlie, ever the romantic, daydreams about when Max will return, how he’ll declare his love for her and they’ll fall madly in love. But things never work out the way we hope they will.

Follow Charlie as she finally gets her own happily ever after, if she can navigate the twists and turns of relocation, competition, and love all at the same time.

Excerpt from Fluffy & Fabulous

He disappeared through the front door and I wondered what the hell had happened. Lost in my confusion I didn’t notice Riley and Mandy watching me until Riley exclaimed, “Holy shit, he’s so into you!”

“Who? Max? No. He’s just a nice guy. He started coming in last week.”

Riley and Mandy exchanged looks, looks that told me they thought I was being dense again.

“If he was any hotter for you he would have left a fire trail,” Mandy added.

“You guys are so full of it. Guys don’t look at me like that. He just likes my cupcakes.”

“Yeah he does,” Riley laughed. Mandy joined in her laughter at my expense and I just rolled my eyes at them. I wiped down the spotless counter to give me something to do. Yeah, I hoped they were right, Max was hot with a capital H, but he was way out of my league. I wanted to read into his continued appreciation of my baking, but I just couldn’t. Guys like him didn’t like women like me.

Well, except the guys who liked my friends.

I pushed aside my friends’ insistence and focused on what I needed to get done the rest of the day. Or at least I tried. My mind kept drifting through scenes of Max, pinning me against the display case, leaning into me to kiss me, feeling his hands on my body.

Nope. That wouldn’t happen. His beautiful hands wouldn’t go over my lumpy business. They’d never come any closer than the brief touches we exchanged when I handed over his chocolate chip muffins, cupcake, coffee, and change each morning.

Connor came back to Riley’s side as his friend walked out the front door. He leaned down and planted a kiss square on her lips. He lingered just a little longer than most men would, making sure she knew he only had eyes for her. Disappointment and jealousy ripped through me, emotions I hated feeling, especially toward one of my best friends.

“Connor, settle a bet for us. Riley and I think that guy who just left had the hots for Charlie but she said we’re nuts. What do you think?” Mandy asked. Her pregnant belly stretched out to the counter in front of her, as plump and perfect as one of my cupcakes.

“What guy?” Connor asked, looking toward the front door of my shop. Triumph and disappointment coursed through me for a second. Then Connor said, “Oh, you mean the guy who left his cock in her back pocket? Yeah, I’m pretty sure snowplow man has the hots for you Charles.”

I stuck my tongue out at him. I hated being wrong, but more than that I hated that my friends had just changed my relationship with Max. We’d had an easy, fun thing going on. There wasn’t ever any pressure, but all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe thinking about what I would say to him the next morning. Shit, why did they do that to me?

Plump & Pretty, now available!

I’m smiling like a crazy person right now! Plump & Pretty is available and you guys are making my dreams come true! Seriously. I’ve been wanting to be a writer for a long time and I’m so insanely grateful to you for finding me, following me, friending me, and reading my books. Today it all hit home how amazing my job is and how much I appreciate you. I’ve always felt it, but with another release I realized all over again just how fabulous you are and how much I adore you.

Thank you. With all my heart, thank you.

I’m celebrating Plump & Pretty today! I loved Riley. She’s built very similar to me and I have thought many times how cool it would be to work in a bookstore. That’s why I think I have the coolest job ever… I get to test out a bunch of different jobs as I write about them.

Plump & Pretty

Riley faces some tough decisions in Plump & Pretty. She is a really happy person, but, like everyone, she wants more. She has to decide what is the most important thing in her life, and what she’s willing to sacrifice for it.

Riley is a quiet woman. She likes to read, hides behind her books. She doesn’t date much and thinks no one would be interested in the quiet, plump girl with her nose in a book.

Connor was the high school hottie. Riley knew of him, but never knew him. So when he approaches her at a wedding she’s baffled that he knows she exists let alone knows her name.

When everything Riley’s ever wanted seems almost within her reach she starts to wonder if it’s possible, or if it was just a dream all along.

Excerpt from Plump & Pretty

At the restaurant he opened my car door again and guided me inside with a warm hand resting on the center of my lower back. He helped me remove my coat for the coat check – holy crap the place was pricey! Once my outfit was exposed Connor blew out a deep breath and whispered, “Damn.”

I turned to see him clutching my jacket, his eyes roving my body and blazing my skin. “Jesus, you need to keep this on,” he growled, thrusting my jacket back at me.

“What, why?”

“Because every man in here is going to want to take you home.”

I rolled my eyes. “You worry too much. No one’s even going to notice me.”

His eyes scalded my body as he looked me up and down slowly all over again. When they finally met mine I saw raw lust in his gaze. A sight that not only shocked me but nearly made me moan with desire. Connor shoved my coat at the woman behind the coat check desk and snatched the ticket from her hand before guiding me, warm hand blazing my back again, to the hostess stand.

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