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Puffy & Precious first look

BB9 Cover 3I know it’s More Than Friends Friday and I’m supposed to introduce you to someone new, but I wanted to introduce you to a couple of my characters instead of an author friend of mine. I promise, you’ll meet a new author next week!

When Fluffy & Fabulous came out I heard you loud and clear! You wanted more. You needed Abby’s story, right? Well, today you get your first peek at Abby’s world in the upcoming Big & Beautiful book nine, Puffy & Precious!

Excerpt from Puffy & Precious

“What do you want, Brett?” I asked, wishing he would just leave.

“I thought you were going to come over last night,” he cooed. The tone that used to send skitters up my spine made me cringe. I wanted to slap him, just get him to leave, but I couldn’t. I really wished I was more like Lexi. She wouldn’t take his shit.

“I told you we’re done. What part of divorced didn’t you understand?”

I cringed as my voice rose. I glanced around the place that had become my home over the last few months. SkinnyCakes saved me, as much as the gorgeous man who was my sole customer at the moment. Thankfully he didn’t appear to be paying any attention to us. I did not need Graham to overhear the drama that was my life. He already knew too much.

Brett leaned on the counter, his face inching closer to mine. I fought the urge to back up, knowing he’d see the weakness and pounce. Not literally, since Brett wasn’t violent. Brett didn’t need violence. He intimidated people with his money and power.

“We talked about that, Abs. We agreed to try to work things out.”

He punctuated his words with a swift move across the counter that separated us. His lips met mine the same second his hand clamped down on the back of my neck. I tried to move away from him, but the asshole was too quick. I was trapped.

I tried to open my mouth so I could bite him, but he had our heads pressed so tightly together that I couldn’t move. Bile rose in my throat. His lips against mine repulsed me. To think I’d once been in love with him. It was amazing how quickly that could fade when you found out your husband was fucking his secretary. What a damn cliche.

Before I could come up with another move, Brett’s lips left mine. I was too relieved to notice that he wasn’t even standing in front of me anymore until I heard the growled words.

“The lady said you were done. I think it’s high time you take the hint and get the fuck out,” Graham spat at Brett. His hand was locked around my ex’s throat, pinching tight under his jaw. It looked pretty damn painful. I wouldn’t have argued if he squeezed just a little tighter.

“She’s my wife, you son of a bitch. Mind your own fucking business,” Brett snarled, his voice coming out as a whispered squeak that nearly made me laugh.

Brett’s body lifted just a little higher, but I could tell it wasn’t because he stood straighter. He clutched at Graham’s wrist, trying to pry his hand free of Brett’s throat. Graham’s arm bulged, the already strained shirt around his muscles getting ready to split under the added pressure of his flex. Dear God, the man was huge. He looked like it wasn’t a challenge for him in the least to lift Brett, and Brett wasn’t tiny. Over the years he’d developed a little bit of a gut, probably from all those fancy dinners he took his secretary to.

Graham though… he couldn’t even spell gut. The man could have won every weight lifting contest out there, but I knew his muscles were from old fashioned hard work instead of the gym. He was wide enough that he had to turn sideways to walk inside, and his chest still nearly brushed the door frame. He narrowed to lean hips, well, compared to his shoulders, and legs that were almost as bulky as his shoulders. I understood what my friends meant when they said they felt small around their husbands. Graham was so big my whole shop felt small when he was there.

I knew it wouldn’t just the crazy, lusty effect he had on me that made everything feel small.

Graham’s voice snapped me back to the scene unfolding before me. “Ex-wife. Which means she’s no longer your business. And unless Abby tells me you two are back together,” he paused and looked at me. His green eyes so intense I almost forgot why he was looking at me. Damn, I did forget. He lifted a dark eyebrow at me, the only indication his shaved head would have dark hair if he let it grow, and I finally shook my head. “Then I highly recommend you keep your fucking hands off her and get the fuck out of here.”

Graham let Brett down. He dropped his hands to his knees and sucked in a few deep breaths. His color finally returned, but damn if blue didn’t look good on him. Graham leaned against the counter with his body positioned between Brett and me, his delectable ass resting on the surface for me to admire.

“You’re fucking nuts,” Brett finally squeaked, his dark eyes shooting daggers at Graham then turning to me. He stood to his full 5’9″ height, which was still a good six inches or so shorter than Graham. “You can’t stop me from coming back. This is a public place.”

“You’re right,” Graham said after a few seconds. I sighed. I sort of liked having him defend me. It was more than a little hot. “But I can make you regret it if you do.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Graham shook his head. “Of course not. A threat implies I might not follow through. I’m making you a fucking promise, dickweed. And I never break my promises. Now, if you’ve got a few good braincells left, I highly recommend you get out of here. Or I might not be able to stop what I already started.”

Brett tossed around a few more glares before finally heading for the door.

Graham turned to me. “Are you alright?”

I nodded and waved my hand, dismissing the whole thing. “Sorry about that. He’s all talk.”

Graham snatched my hand and held it. He looked up at me carefully then vaulted over the counter that sat between us. The move made my head spin and my heart race. All of a sudden I was shaky and didn’t feel good.

“Jesus, Abby, you’re about to pass out. You need to sit.”

I started to tell him I was fine, but the words felt heavy on my tongue. Graham flipped upside down then his arms circled me. “You’re so hot,” I murmured against his chest, inhaling his spicy, sexy scent, then blacked out.

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Nothing But Net, first look

PP6 Cover 2Nothing But Net will be out in a week! Can you believe it? Since I completely forgot about writing a Q&A Sunday post this week (I was dropping my kids off with their grandparents), I wanted to give you a good sneak peek at Nothing But Net. 

Emma has realized she has a problem. She’s got to deal with it and knows the best way is to handle it on her own. She wants to take a break and give herself time to fix herself.

Too bad her boss, Jeff, has other plans.

Jeff needs Emma to help coach his daughter’s basketball camp. He volunteers to help her out, even though he knows being so close to Emma all the time will torture him. He’s always seen her as something other than just an employee, but seeing her in shorts and tank tops for two weeks might kill him.

Until he kisses her. Then he knows for sure she’ll kill him.

Excerpt from Nothing But Net

She shrugged again, her eyes scanning his body. He felt himself stir, wondering if he met her approval. When her eyes finally met his again, he saw more desire than he anticipated. Enough that he had to go to her. Had to take the last few steps across the kitchen. Had to pin her against the counter.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a ragged breath.

“Hell if I know,” he mumbled, then lowered his lips to her.

Emma tasted sweet, like the last bite of ice cream at the bottom of the bowl. She didn’t lean into him, but she didn’t pull back either, which Jeff took as a good sign. He kept his hands on the counter, forcing his fingers to remain in place and not drag her body against his. He toyed with her, wanting to know if he was the only one who felt the attraction between them. He kissed her softly, working his way from one side of her mouth to the other, then brushing her lips with his tongue only to pull back again.

He needed her to meet him halfway.

With a slow groan, her hands caressed his chest. His whole body stiffened, waiting for her next move. Her tongue parted her lips then touched his and he was lost.

On a rough growl, Jeff leaned his weight onto her, letting her feel exactly what she was doing to him. She moaned softly and rubbed against him, her arms winding around his neck and dragging him closer.

He went willingly into her arms. He couldn’t remember the last time a kiss had felt so good. Not that there’d been many in recent years, but Emma made him feel like he was made of flint. One spark from her and he was a bonfire.

His hands went to her waist as her tongue stroked his. He was enjoying the Emma he’d known for years coming out to play. She was confident and playful in her kisses, teasing him enough to get a reaction then diving back in to take control. When he lifted her onto the counter without breaking their kiss, she squeaked and smiled against his lips. He pressed his erection against her and her grin became a groan.

“That sound might kill me,” he whispered against her neck, alternating his tongue and his teeth on her skin.

“I think going back outside and pretending nothing happened is going to kill me.”

Jeff froze. He’d forgotten all about where they were. He had a hand halfway up her shirt and he was grinding himself against her. On the kitchen counter. In Isabella’s kitchen. With his daughter and her best friend right outside the door.

“Forgot about them, didn’t you?” Emma teased.

Jeff shook his head and backed away. “I’m sorry. I did. I shouldn’t have put you in this position.”

Emma smiled at him and tugged him back for another quick kiss. “It was a rather fun position.”

Jeff laughed and rested his forehead against hers. “A few more minutes and it would have been a rather embarrassing position. Especially if anyone came inside.”

Emma glanced at the door and shook her head. “I’m pretty sure Isabella was scheming to throw us together. It’s likely she threatened the girls to keep them out.”

Jeff groaned. He knew Isabella was up to something, but it bugged him that the only reason Emma kissed him was because of Isabella. That he wasn’t enough of a reason on his own. He liked that the women had become friends, but in a rush the last two days of them laughing when they watched him came back in a rush of embarrassment. He nudged his glasses up and rubbed the bridge of his nose, attempting to ward off a brewing headache. He settled the dark metal frame back into place and took a step away from Emma, suddenly annoyed that he’d accosted her. That he had fallen right into whatever plot the two of them cooked up. First, get the dorky guy to check you out. Second, get him to kiss you. He didn’t want to know what she would do to get him into bed.

“I’ll grab the burgers and see you outside,” he grunted, then left.

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In The Dirt, what a tease

In The DirtJo can’t deny how much she wants Eric. After a sample of what he can do, that desire is ramped up even further. So high that Jo barely knows what she’s saying. Eric does though, as he teases her in anticipation of more time together.

Excerpt from In The Dirt

“So,” Eric drawled, “you don’t pick up guys here?”

Jo huffed and rolled her eyes. “Don’t make it sound like you’re so damn special.”

Eric’s eyes narrowed. “So you do pick up guys here,” he stated, no longer questioning.

Jo sighed. “No. Fine. No. I’ve never flirted with a customer before you. And I’ve certainly never,” she dropped her voice to a whisper, “done what we did in the bathroom here either.”

Eric’s grin slid back into place, making him look both menacing and hotter than hell at the same time. “I wasn’t finished with you in there, you know. I wanted to listen to you, Coach Marcinko. Those sexy little noises you were making drove me mad.” Jo’s whole body flushed. She wanted him to fulfill all the promises his rich voice made. “That right there is making me want you again, Jo. Your skin is turning pink and I want so desperately to see how far that pink color goes. Does it cover your breasts? Does it trail down your stomach? Or lower? Are you going to let me see, Jo?”

“Yes,” she moaned, unable to stop the word from falling out of her mouth. She wanted to drag it back in, but she couldn’t. He already knew she wanted him. Even if she didn’t want to want him.

“Good. I’m going to hold you to that. For tonight though, I’m going to leave you to your work. Maybe we can pick up where we left off this weekend.”

Jo nodded, not really listening to him. He handed her his card to pay the tab for himself and Emma. She swiped his card and handed him a receipt. He folded it over before handing it back to her, then winked as he got up and left.

Jo watched him until he disappeared out the door then grabbed the receipt to file it. He left her a tip. A big tip.

What the hell did that mean?

And what did he say about the weekend? Something was trying to break through Jo’s mind but she couldn’t grab it. She went back to work, putting Eric out of her mind. The night was slow and she found herself distracted more than once, especially when she went to the bathroom. She splashed cold water on her face and stared herself down in the mirror, watching her skin flush with the memory of the things he did to her, and said to her. Then she realized exactly what he meant.

Their first away game was that weekend.

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In The Dirt, release day

In The DirtI am so excited In The Dirt is finally available! This was such a fun book to write. I stretched myself since lacrosse was not one of the sports I knew really well, but like the others, the sport is a backdrop for the romance. Still, I enjoyed diving into lacrosse and messing with Jo and Eric.

I had some fun in this book with senses. Eric likes to tease and Jo likes to push so the balance between them was fun and exciting. But so was bringing in the senses. I wanted to share a little of that with you today. Enjoy!

Excerpt from In The Dirt

Eric couldn’t believe he was kissing her again. That she’d let him. She hadn’t pushed him away yet, but he could feel her body yielding to him. He was in, further in than he’d been in weeks.

The beeping on the stove threatened to break him out of the trance she put him in. Eric wanted to ignore it. He didn’t care if the cookies burned, if the oven caught fire, if the whole damn house burned to the ground, as long as Jo kept kissing him.

She pushed against his chest strongly enough that he had to step back. “The cookies,” she said, breathless. Her eyes were shining with desire. For him. But she was worried about the cookies.

Eric stalked into the kitchen, yanked them out of the oven and tossed the tray on the stovetop, then hit the button to turn the oven off. He tossed the oven mitt over his head as he headed back to Jo, hoping he found her just as he’d left her.

No such luck.

“This is soooo good,” she moaned, making his dick twitch. “Oh, my God, I have to have that recipe.”

Hmm, a bargaining chip?

“I’m not sure that’s an option. You’ll just have to come over here whenever you want peanut butter cookies.”

Jo studied him, her blue eyes locked on his. He wanted inside her head, but he didn’t think she’d let him in. If he wanted to hold on to her he needed to tread lightly.

“Maybe we could work something out.”

“Like what?” Eric asked, moving closer.

Jo shrugged. “Some kind of a trade.”

Eric’s lips quirked up. “I’ll show you mine and you’ll show me yours?” he suggested.

Jo grinned at him, a full smile that brought light into her eyes. “If only I had something you wanted me to show you.”

Eric growled as he closed the distance between them. “Oh, you have plenty of things I was you to show me. Things to see. Things to touch. Things to taste. Things to smell. Things to hear. I’d be happy to trade any of the above.”

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