More Than Adopted

More Than Adopted

More Than Adopted

My latest book, More Than Adopted, is almost ready. I’m heavily into editing it and will have it finished within a few days. And the best news is, it’ll be free!

What I’ve decided to do with this book is offer it for free to anyone who subscribes to this site. This story is very personal for me. It was the first book I ever wrote. I loved the story. And it held a lot of personal elements. And I struggled with putting it out there. I wanted it to be special. I wanted it just for you, my faithful readers.

The story is of Autumn Alexander. She is a wedding planner who’s struggling to find herself, literally in many ways. Autumn has always been in love with her best friend, Ben. Ben barely knows Autumn exists, at least as anything other than his friend.

Autumn was adopted as a baby and decides to search for her birth parents. She’s scared and confused and needs her friend to rely on. But just as she gets into her search, she meets another man. One who knows she’s there and treats her like she’s always dreamed Ben would treat her.

Go with Autumn on her discovery to find who she is, where she comes from, and where her heart really lies.

Like I said, this story is very personal for me. I was adopted as a baby and I’ve never sought out my birth parents, but I identified with Autumn a lot in this story. She is someone I liked learning about, enjoyed writing about, and was thrilled to see happy in the end.

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Who’s the Right Guy?

Okay, so I’m writing my first novel. It’s a great story about a woman named Stephanie.

Stephanie has always been in love with her best friend. She’s had a thing for him for years, but he’s always dating other women. Stephanie has convinced herself that he might be interested in her, but he’s still never asked her out.

On the other hand, Stephanie runs into an old friend and he asks her out. She agrees and ends up having a great time with him. He’s an amazing kisser and they have a lot of fun together.

The problem is I don’t know which of these guys Stephanie should end up with. On one hand, the best friend is someone she’s always loved, but on the other, the new guy is amazing and perfect for her.

Who should she be with in the end?

Leave me a comment below and vote for the best friend or the new guy!