#FiveOnFriday with Elizabeth Harmon

Please welcome Elizabeth Harmon here today. She has some great books out there that you guys won’t want to miss!

Hi everyone, and thanks Mary for having me as a #FiveOnFriday guest!

I write contemporary romance with a dash of different, featuring unusual characters and settings. I write stories that I’d like to read, but that no one else is writing. My current series, Red Hot Russians, is a sports romance series set in the world of elite competitive figure skating.  My fascination with Antarctica led me to use it as the setting for Heating It Up: A Red Hot Russians Novella, came out in February.

I’m hard at work on book five in the series, “Shining Through,” which releases in September.

#1-Plotter or Pantser?

I’m more of a plotter and really enjoy the process of thinking through the plot, romance and character arc beats. It helps me feel more confident as I write the first draft. While it’s still a challenge to turn that clunky first-draft into the story I’ve envisioned, plotting helps me stay on track, when I don’t know what to write next. If a scene isn’t working, an outline lets me jump around in the story and write a scene I’m more excited about.

#2-Do you feel it’s important to write what you know?

When I first wanted to write I believed that it was important.  I feared my life wasn’t dramatic or interesting enough make me a good writer. It wasn’t until I started writing my first historical that I realized my journalism background and love of research meant I could write about anything I wanted. It’s less about writing what you know and more about writing what you want to know.

#3-What gets your creative juices flowing?

Music. I make playlists for all of my books and this helps me get into the rhythm of the story. I also find it easiest when I’m able to work on the project steadily, and not lose the flow of the story and characters. Coming back to a story after a few days away is a struggle.

#4-Tell me about the heroes in your book/s.

As the series title suggests, they’re all Russian and they’re hot!  But they’re also really good guys who’ve faced personal challenges and still treat others with kindness and respect —no Alphaholes here!  Anton, Misha and Daniil, are famous figure skaters who are charming, handsome, sexy celebrities.  Vlad is a former skater turned male stripper, who has survived a trauma that’s left him drifting, and feeling unworthy of love.  Alexei grew up poor and dreamed of adventure. Now that he’s carved out a life and career in Antarctica, he’s determined to keep the station he calls home from closing.

#5-Do you have a favorite trope?

Every book I’ve written seems to have a Fish Out Of Water element.  In the series debut, Pairing Off, I put a sunny Southern-belle pair skater in Moscow.  In Turning It On, a shy, bookish heroine becomes a contestant on a cut-throat reality dating show. In Getting It Back, the fish is the hero, who ends up adrift in small-town USA after an injury puts a premature end to his skating career.  In Heating It Up: A Red Hot Russians Novella, a sophisticated architect from San Francisco must forge a new life in remote and rustic Amity Bay, Antarctica.

Do you have a favorite romance trope?  Post your favorite romance trope and why you love it in the comments section for a chance to win a digital copy of any book in the Red Hot Russians series. 

Thanks for reading! Elizabeth

Red Hot Russian Alexei is king of the Ice…Antarctic style

Alexei Zaikov loves his life in remote Amity Bay, Antarctica, until a new luxury guesthouse threatens the community’s future. As head of Amity Bay, he’s driven to save it, but first must discover who is hiding out in the supposedly deserted lodge…and why.

Nora Bradford has lost everything; a promising career and the man she loved. Glacier Ridge Lodge, the architectural masterpiece she designed but was denied credit for, seems like the perfect place to grieve her loss, until a ruggedly handsome Russian arrives on her doorstep, determined to bring her in from the cold.

Desire sparks, leaving them hungry for more. But will the truth about Nora’s role in Amity Bay’s demise, doom their romance?

Warm hearts, cold nights, Southern Lights.  Welcome to Amity Bay, Antarctica.

Don’t miss the rest of the series…


About Elizabeth

Contemporary romance author Elizabeth Harmon loves to read and write romances with a dash of different. She is the author of the Red Hot Russians sports romance series. Her debut novel Pairing Off is a 2016 RITA® Award Finalist.

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#FiveOnFriday with Me!

My guest author for today wasn’t able to provide a post, but it works out for me because I wanted to share something with you!

I’ve teamed up with 55+ fantastic medium to steamy small town contemporary romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a Kindle Fire to the Grand Prize winner!  You can win my novel, Plump & Pretty, plus books from authors like Marie Force and Carly Phillips! 

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But it is Five On Friday, so I wanted to share a few things about the Big & Beautiful series that you might not know!

  1. I wrote the first eight books out of order. Plump & Pretty was actually the fourth book I wrote, even though it falls sixth in the series. Shapely & Stunning was eighth. The first book I wrote was Chubby & Charming though.
  2. I had no idea Tara and Olivia knew each other until I wrote the epilogue for Puffy & Precious. On top of that, I didn’t know why they weren’t friends anymore until I wrote about it in Round & Ravishing.
  3. When I first envisioned Abby, she was a skinny woman, and she was not going to end up as one of the friends with a book. By the time I revised Fluffy & Fabulous, I liked Abby enough that I wanted to give her a story of her own.
  4. I didn’t know Olivia’s full story until I started writing Curvaceous & Captivating. I knew she was divorced, but I wasn’t sure why her ex left.
  5. My two favorite couples have been Carrie and Drew, from Husky & Hot, and Olivia and Ethan, from Curvaceous & Captivating. They were the two that extracted the most emotion for me.

If you haven’t checked out the series yet, Chubby & Charming is free everywhere! And don’t forget to enter the contest to win one of two copies of Plump & Pretty, plus over 55 books from other steamy, small town contemporary authors.

I’m still celebrating release week today. Stop by and say hi to me and Ann Everett!

Have a great Friday!

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I haven’t forgotten about Q&A Sunday this week. I’ll be answering a new question on Friday!

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Authors In Bloom Blog Hop

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***This Blog Hop is now closed.***
***Congratulations to my winners – Elizabeth, Leah, Sherry, and Jackie!***

Hi everyone and welcome to my site for the Authors In Bloom Blog Hop! I’m thrilled to be part of such an amazing group of writers. This is fabulous stuff, isn’t it?

If you’re not familiar with me, I’m Mary E. Thompson and I write steamy contemporary romance. My new series, Big & Beautiful, follows eight best friends, brought together by their love of cupcakes and their extra padding. Book eight, Fluffy & Fabulous, will be available April 26, but you can win it here!

You can enter the Rafflecopter below, and make sure you check out all the authors on the hop! You’ll have an amazing garden and new meals to try for a month!

When I told my husband about this blog hop he laughed. The two things I am worst at are gardening and cooking. I promised not to share a gardening tip because it would likely kill your plants, but I am capable of cooking, I just choose not to do it often because hubby loves to cook.

If I do cook, my favorite thing is always breakfast. Friday nights in our house are movie night. We throw a blanket over the ottomans in the living room and put pillows on the floor, slip in a DVD or find something on Netflix, and cook pancakes. The kids (ages seven and five) think it’s the best thing ever to be able to eat in the living room, but even better is eating pancakes for dinner.

We don’t do just any old pancakes though. These are family recipe pancakes (don’t tell my father-in-law I’m sharing his recipe). They’re so good!


1 cup of flour
1 egg
2 tablespoons of oil (we use olive oil)
1/4 cup of sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon of baking powder
milk (add it slowly until it runs like pancake batter) – you can also use buttermilk

Mix all ingredients together until the batter runs smooth. We liberally add chocolate chips to all our pancakes, but have experimented with food coloring, sprinkles, nuts, and blueberries. You can use the batter for pancakes or waffles, but we usually go for pancakes. As always, pour your batter onto a heated skillet. When you see the batter surface covered with bubbles, you’re ready to flip. My kids love butter and a sprinkling of powdered sugar on their pancakes.

We like to add microwave bacon, sausage, and some scrambled eggs too. And of course, chocolate milk!

Enjoy your pancakes and enter here to win a free copy of Fluffy & Fabulous!

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