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Introducing Ample & Alluring

I can’t believe we’re almost to the end of this series. It’s very bittersweet for me. The sweet side is I can’t wait for you to read this last book, and I’m really looking forward to what comes next. The bitter side is I don’t want to say goodbye!

But today is a day to celebrate! Ample & Alluring will be here before we know it! You’ve probably already seen the cover, but just in case you haven’t…

What do you think? I love it! I’ve never written a Christmas book before and am so excited to write my first to end the Big & Beautiful series. Are you ready for it?

Ample & Alluring

His determination is as ample as the snow. Her beauty is as alluring as Christmas.

Peyton Prescott has always turned to her work. It’s her happy place, where she’s most comfortable and knows exactly what to do. She helps couples get pregnant, and she’s damn good at it.

But it’s not everything.

Mayor Wyatt Ramsey is a friend. A friend of a friend really. But when he finds out Peyton has always hated Christmas, he decides it’s his job to make her see the beauty of the season that only brings loneliness for Peyton.

As the two of them get to know each other, neither can deny their attraction. What starts as an innocent friendship quickly becomes something Peyton doesn’t want to walk away from. But what happens if she becomes exactly what she never wanted to be?

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Fluffy & Fabulous Cover Reveal

BB 8 Cover 1

I loved Charlie the moment Mandy met her way back in Chubby & Charming. I knew her story was going to be a fun one to write. Charlie was such a good friend, but she never had any luck in love. Finding the right guy for her was quite a task, but I think you’ll love Max!

Charlie, owner of thriving bakery, Bite Me!, is thrown for a loop when her home and business are knocked out from under her. With the new owner of her building not willing to renew leases, Charlie has to find a new place for Bite Me! and a new place to live. Crashing with a friend isn’t an option since all her friends are hopelessly in love, so Charlie is on her own.

When Max shows up at her bakery door in the early morning hours, Charlie wants to ignore the knock on the door. After all, she wasn’t open and had no idea who the guy on the other side of the glass was. But she takes a chance and lets Max in, giving him a cup of coffee and muffins that she knows will make him come back for more.

Charlie, ever the romantic, daydreams about when Max will return, how he’ll declare his love for her and they’ll fall madly in love. But things never work out the way we hope they will.

Follow Charlie as she finally gets her own happily ever after, if she can navigate the twists and turns of relocation, competition, and love all at the same time.

Excerpt from Fluffy & Fabulous

He disappeared through the front door and I wondered what the hell had happened. Lost in my confusion I didn’t notice Riley and Mandy watching me until Riley exclaimed, “Holy shit, he’s so into you!”

“Who? Max? No. He’s just a nice guy. He started coming in last week.”

Riley and Mandy exchanged looks, looks that told me they thought I was being dense again.

“If he was any hotter for you he would have left a fire trail,” Mandy added.

“You guys are so full of it. Guys don’t look at me like that. He just likes my cupcakes.”

“Yeah he does,” Riley laughed. Mandy joined in her laughter at my expense and I just rolled my eyes at them. I wiped down the spotless counter to give me something to do. Yeah, I hoped they were right, Max was hot with a capital H, but he was way out of my league. I wanted to read into his continued appreciation of my baking, but I just couldn’t. Guys like him didn’t like women like me.

Well, except the guys who liked my friends.

I pushed aside my friends’ insistence and focused on what I needed to get done the rest of the day. Or at least I tried. My mind kept drifting through scenes of Max, pinning me against the display case, leaning into me to kiss me, feeling his hands on my body.

Nope. That wouldn’t happen. His beautiful hands wouldn’t go over my lumpy business. They’d never come any closer than the brief touches we exchanged when I handed over his chocolate chip muffins, cupcake, coffee, and change each morning.

Connor came back to Riley’s side as his friend walked out the front door. He leaned down and planted a kiss square on her lips. He lingered just a little longer than most men would, making sure she knew he only had eyes for her. Disappointment and jealousy ripped through me, emotions I hated feeling, especially toward one of my best friends.

“Connor, settle a bet for us. Riley and I think that guy who just left had the hots for Charlie but she said we’re nuts. What do you think?” Mandy asked. Her pregnant belly stretched out to the counter in front of her, as plump and perfect as one of my cupcakes.

“What guy?” Connor asked, looking toward the front door of my shop. Triumph and disappointment coursed through me for a second. Then Connor said, “Oh, you mean the guy who left his cock in her back pocket? Yeah, I’m pretty sure snowplow man has the hots for you Charles.”

I stuck my tongue out at him. I hated being wrong, but more than that I hated that my friends had just changed my relationship with Max. We’d had an easy, fun thing going on. There wasn’t ever any pressure, but all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe thinking about what I would say to him the next morning. Shit, why did they do that to me?

Husky & Hot Cover Reveal

BB 7 Cover 1

Husky & Hot is by far the steamiest book I’ve ever written. It was a ton of fun though. Carrie and Drew (yes, Xander’s friend, Drew) burn up the pages in this story of heartbreak, going for your dreams, and finding out who’s really there for you when your world falls apart.

Carrie has only ever wanted to be a mom. She went to college, hoping to find the man of her dreams, and majored in business, just to have something to do. Now, years out of college, Carrie is still single, still childless, and still working a job she despises.

In one night her whole life seems to change. She hooks up with a guy at a party, a guy who isn’t at all who he seemed. Then Carrie gets a new job, one that gets her away from Beth the Bitch, the boss she hates. But when the guy and the job collide, Carrie doesn’t know if she can handle it all, or if it’s bringing her closer to what she’s always wanted or pushing her away.

Excerpt from Husky & Hot

Then I saw him across the room. It’s so cliche to say the world stopped, but… no, it didn’t stop. But I did. He was gorgeous. Tall, dark hair, stubbled jaw, tequila colored eyes… yep, I was sunk. His broad shoulders and trim waist were enough to get my attention, but when I saw the tattoos covering his exposed forearm I nearly drooled.

I was a sucker for tattooed men.

His forearm was completely covered with colors. From my distance I couldn’t make out what any of the tattoos were, but it was hot.

His black dress shirt was rolled up to his elbows and looked amazing with his khakis. I wanted to peel that shirt off and see how many more tattoos he had. It was absolutely ridiculous.

Then I saw him watching me. Busted. I smiled and raised my glass to him, not remotely worried about the hot guy catching me checking him out. I turned back to the party and tried to look interested in the conversation around me. Damn, where was Riley, or Charlie, or Sam, shit anyone.

I weaved through the crowd, looking for someone to talk to. Instead I ended up near the edge of the room again. The bar was close so I downed the rest of my drink and headed that way.

“Are you having fun?” a smooth voice asked from directly behind me when I was in line at the bar. He was close enough that I could feel his heat through the thin fabric of my tank top. Without looking I knew it was the hottie from across the room.

“I know a few things that could make it… more fun,” I teased, looking over my shoulder.

I wasn’t a fool. If he came over to hit on me, he liked some of what he saw. I was a size 20, nowhere near skinny, but my skirt accentuated my assets and he was obviously an ass man. I had plenty of ass to spare, but my curves were relatively well balanced for being as big as I was.

Not that I minded my size. I loved being a bit husky. It meant men couldn’t push me around, literally and figuratively, as much. When I stood my ground I was an oak tree, not a toothpick swaying in the breeze.

“Maybe we should find someplace a little quieter so we can explore those options,” he whispered, his breath tickling my cheek.

Plump & Pretty Cover Reveal

BB 6 Cover 1

Riley is a quiet woman. She likes to read, hides behind her books. She doesn’t date much and thinks no one would be interested in the quiet, plump girl with her nose in a book.

Connor was the high school hottie. Riley knew of him, but never knew him. So when he approaches her at a wedding she’s baffled that he knows she exists let alone knows her name.

When everything Riley’s ever wanted seems almost within her reach she starts to wonder if it’s possible, or if it was just a dream all along.

Excerpt from Plump & Pretty

My reaction to him was instant and undesirable. I didn’t want to want him still. It’d been almost twelve years since I’d seen him, but he was as gorgeous as he’d been back in high school, maybe even hotter. His chest was bigger, wider with his shoulders. His waist narrowed in a way I could only dream about. His hands, always my weakness with men, were thick and strong. I knew he was 6’4”, one of the many statistics I’d memorized about him. His blue dress pants and white shirt could have been cut from the finest of fabrics, but only being on his body made them look that good. Hell, even his skinny tie, that perfectly matched his pants, helped make him look hotter. I kept looking up and saw his blue eyes blazing with a fire I’d never seen directed at me before. A small smile quirked the edge of his mouth, making me realize I was staring at him.

And in turn my friends were staring at me.


“Who’s Connor Lee?” Carrie asked, her eyes bouncing between us like she was watching a tennis match. The question in her gaze told me she was trying to decide if he was off limits, and if he was worth her time.

I shook my head and broke away from his gaze. He wasn’t looking at me, he couldn’t have been. I didn’t want to look behind me to find the thin, gorgeous woman he’d been smiling at. After all, Connor Lee didn’t know who I was. There was no reason for him to be looking at me.

Except for that whole staring at him thing.

“Connor Lee is just someone I went to high school with. Mr. Popular, dated the prettiest girls, had all the cool parties, you know the type.”

Lexi and Carrie nodded. “The hottest guy in school that every girl dreamed would walk up to her one day and kiss her. So what’s your history with him?”

I scoffed. “My history? Non-existent. He didn’t even know I existed in high school. He was a year ahead of me, but his senior year he dated a girl in my homeroom. Her locker was next to mine so I saw them making out all the time, but he never saw me.”

Carrie narrowed her eyes in his direction as though looking at him would tell her if he was a jerk. Of course, knowing Carrie, she might actually be able to read something on his skin that told her the truth. As for me though, I wasn’t going to even glance in his direction again. Connor Lee was as far out of my league as you could get. There was no reason to even care that he was at the wedding. It didn’t matter.

“He’s still looking over here,” Lexi stated as though it would make a difference.

I rolled my eyes. “He’s probably checking out someone behind us. Or maybe he thinks I look vaguely familiar and is trying to imagine me 100 pounds lighter, when he’d actually have given me a second glance. Let’s go to the reception.”

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Echoes of the Past Cover Reveal

ECHOES OF THE PAST by Iris Blobel is set to release on February 16th from Limitless Publishing! Redbird Designs created the beautiful cover to this New Adult Contemporary novel.
::: SYNOPSIS ::::
Emily Bradshaw waited over twenty years to see Connor again…
When her childhood friend, Connor Walsh, returns home to see his ailing father, Emily is elated to be reunited with the handsome man who moved to London so many years ago. But excitement fades to disappointment when he doesn’t remember her—or their first kiss. With her crush on Connor still in full swing, she’s determined to enjoy the short time he’s in Fermosa Bay, even though she knows her heart will break when he returns to his life in London.
When Connor receives news that his biological father is terminally ill, he returns to Fermosa Bay, Australia. 
With memories of his childhood tucked fondly in the back of his mind, returning to the small, coastal town leaves him to wonder how life would have been if his mother had never taken him away. Would he have been married and had children? Perhaps with Emily Bradshaw…
Secrets from long ago begin to unfold…
As Connor and his father grow closer, Connor learns his parents have a broken love story of their own. Will the echoes of the past lure him into staying, maybe for good? Or will he relive his parents’ tragic story and flee to London?
Walking away from a real chance at true love…
Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she her husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only emerged recently, but now her laptop is a constant companion.
Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her two beautiful daughters.
Next to her job at a private school, she also presents a German Program at the local Community Radio.