Lizzy and husband, Aaron, are disconnected. They’ve drifted apart and Lizzy even wonders if he’s cheating on her.

In an effort to save their marriage, Lizzy and Aaron decide to do an experiment. They agree to three months of testing. The each make up rules and get to change their lives to exactly how they want it. At the end of the three months they will decide if they’re right together. Or not.

Follow Lizzy and Aaron on their journey to discover their love, their life, and their path.

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Excerpt from Work For It

“HOW WAS YOUR anniversary, Lizzy?” Jenny Owens asked her sister, Lizzy Greenwood. They were cleaning up the mess made by Lizzy’s seven year old daughter, Sam, and her friends.

“I guess it was fine. Eight years isn’t that big of a deal. We didn’t do anything. Aaron said ‘Happy Anniversary’ but we didn’t exchange gifts or anything.”

“You don’t have to exchange gifts for every little thing. Especially with kids,” Lizzy’s best friend, Cat Hawkins chimed in. “Ryder and I like to acknowledge special days, but Kylie is who we spend money on. We save our money and just have bed-breaking sex instead!”

“That’s what I want,” Jenny said. “One day I’ll find someone who is going to make me feel like that’s the most important thing.”

“Great sex?” Cat quipped.

“No!” Jenny exclaimed, throwing a pillow at Cat. “Spending time together. I don’t care about stuff, but being together matters. It’s going to be a problem for me now that I’m three hours away from Matt.”

“That’s why so many long distance relationships don’t work. But if you guys are meant to be together, you’ll figure it out,” Cat said.

Lizzy kept quiet listening to her best friend and sister. They talked about love and relationships like they were so easy. Lizzy knew better than to open her mouth and share her opinion. Not only would they jump on her about how great her husband, Aaron, was, but she would also be forced to admit how much she’d been questioning their relationship.

Lizzy knew Aaron was a great guy, but she was starting to believe he wasn’t meant to be her great guy. Lizzy and Aaron got married when she found out she was pregnant with Sam. She loved him and was happy he wanted to marry her. But she was 20. At 28 she wondered if marrying Aaron was the biggest mistake of her life.

“I guess I just don’t know if Matt is ‘The One’ for me. Moving home was an easy choice, even though it included moving away from him. Doesn’t that mean he’s not ‘The One?’”

“I hate to sound like an old wise woman, but I guess you just know. Ryder and I have only been together for eight months and married for almost five. We should probably be asking Lizzy about finding ‘The One’ since she’s been married for eight years. She obviously knows how to make a marriage work.”

“Yeah, right,” Lizzy mumbled.

“What was that?” Jenny asked.

“I said, yeah, she’s right. I mean Cat and Ryder obviously have a passionate relationship where sex is center stage, but Aaron and I have a lasting relationship built on compatibility and consideration. Passion will fade. If you’re going to be with someone forever, make sure it’s someone you know won’t ever hurt you.”

Cat and Jenny exchanged a look, not knowing what to say. Cat spoke first. She rested her hand over Lizzy’s and said, “Is everything okay, Lizzy? Did you and Aaron have a fight?”

“No,” Lizzy said sharply. “You have to have passion left to have a fight. You have to give a shit.”

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