Allison always had her head in the clouds. Literally. As a flight attendant, she lived for travel, adventure, and the occasional (or frequent) one night stand to add excitement to her already fun life. But a drunk passenger is a first, even for her, to take home after a flight. Allison blames it on her loneliness, but she knows it was his eyes that made her want to take care of the stranger when he couldn’t take care of himself.

Cole wakes up in a strange bedroom wondering how he could have been so stupid. He couldn’t remember anything about how he’d gotten there or who the woman he’d clearly spent the night with was. He was supposed to be there on business. He’d had enough pleasure to make him want to kill himself. Especially since the last woman he’d spent the night with claimed she hadn’t invited him, and that he’d crossed the line.

Panicked, Cole calls his agent and immediately offers the beautiful woman more money than she clearly made in a year. Instead of jumping at the chance, she acts insulted and throws them out.

Which makes Cole wonder who she really is.

Allison hopes she never sees him again, but when he turns up at her door later the same day, with flowers and an apology, she’s tempted to let him off easy. Tempted, but not stupid.

As the two dance around how much they want each other, and how insane their instant attraction was, Cole is fighting for everything he ever wanted, on and off the field.

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Excerpt from Wish For It

“What are you up to this weekend?”

Allison shook her head. “Nothing. Heather wants to go out, but I think I’m just going to have a quiet weekend.”

Ollie groaned. “You’re so boring. You should have gotten 2B’s number and spent the weekend with him.”

Allison laughed, finding the suggestion hilarious. “The only way he would have ever come home with me was if he was so drunk he didn’t know his own name.”

Ollie stopped, staring straight ahead. “How in the hell do you do that?”

“Do what?”

Ollie jerked his head toward the bar. She turned and saw 2B slumped against the window, either sleeping or passed out.

“Ah, shit.”

Ollie sighed. “You know we can’t leave him there. They’ll call the cops.”

“Why is it our responsibility?”

Ollie gave her a pointed look. “Maybe because between the two of us we gave him about ten drinks on the plane? Something tells me that won’t go over well with our bosses.”

“Son of a bitch.” Allison took a deep breath. “Fine. I’ll help you get him to the car, but you and Eli are on your own getting him into your place.”

Ollie shook his head. “Uh uh. Not gonna happen. I’ve been gone all week. Friday night is our night to swing from the chandeliers. I’m not giving that up, no matter how hot he is.”

“What are we going to do with him?”

Ollie raised an eyebrow at her.

“No. Oh, hell no. I don’t know anything about the guy. He’s twice my size. I refuse to take an unpredictable drunk home.”

Ollie’s eyes scanned her body before meeting hers. “First, I love you, but he’s not twice your size. Second, you teach self defense. Third, he was nothing but nice to you. Why are you worried now?”

Allison chewed on her nail. She couldn’t very well explain her issues to Ollie while standing in the middle of the airport. Or ever. But she couldn’t take a stranger home.

“Molly’s moved out. Put him in her old room. Then sneak in during the night and have your way with him.”