His life was good…

Zach Bennett was content to go to work, hang out with his family and friends, and entertain a woman once in a while. As his family found love all around him, he was content to stay single. Unattached. Happy.

Besides, he had enough to worry about with a new chef breathing down his neck for his job.

She faced the truth every day…

Gianna Brooks always wanted to work with people. She saw enough growing up to know kids need all the help they can get. They deserved to be safe. Loved. Happy.

Which is why she’s determined to get her new client into a forever home.

But the truth isn’t always good…

The last thing Zach needs is a little girl showing up on his doorstep claiming she’s his. Her social worker hot on her heels, and demanding a place to stay, definitely doesn’t make it any better. Especially with Gianna’s curvy body and bedroom eyes, and his daughter’s sad sweetness, making him consider keeping both of them.

Gianna knows she should run. Zach knows he should send them away. But neither of them can resist the pull toward the other.

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Excerpt from Too True To Be Good

“Tell me about yourself, Summer. Where are you from?”


Boston, Massachusetts? That was a bit of a trip. Zach hadn’t heard anything in the last few days about a missing girl around Bereton, but there was no way she’d travelled from Boston all by herself. Was there?

“When did you get here?”


“Did you come with your mom?”

She shook her head and dread filled him. “With your dad?” She shook her head again. “Who did you come with?” Summer shook her head. He knew what she was saying. She’d come alone.

Not sure if he wanted the next answer, he forced himself to ask the question. “What are you doing at Amavita Estates by yourself?”

She extended the paper she’d kept tightly in her fist to him. As he reached for it, she said, “I’m here to find my dad.”

Zach looked down at the picture in his hand, crumpled and worn. But there was no mistaking who was in the picture.

It was him.