PP3 Cover 11Chloe is a hard working physical therapist who lives by one rule – don’t date the patients. It’s never been a problem before because even her attractive patients have never stirred anything in her.

But that all changes when Andy Taylor walks back into her life.

Andy was a patient of Chloe’s over the summer, and with fall in full swing, Andy is back for more therapy. He hurt his knee, again, and needs Chloe’s help to get off his crutches and back on solid ground.

Like the dedicated therapist she is, Chloe agrees to take him on as a patient, but quickly regrets her decision as being close to him makes her dream of all the things she never thought she’d have. Love. Marriage. Kids.

Andy is drawn to Chloe in a way he’s never felt before. He knows it isn’t love because Andy isn’t built that way. After watching his own father drive his mother to an early grave, Andy knew he’d never love. He couldn’t stand the thought of watching someone he loved that much slowly slip away.

He promised himself he’d never do it.

But that was all before Chloe.

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Excerpt from Stuck On The Sidelines

“Oh, come on, I know you can do it again, maybe even twice, but you have to stop being such a wimp about it,” Chloe Davis said softly to the man beneath her. He was stretched out at her whim, panting and grunting. And she was smiling, thoroughly enjoying herself as she sprawled over top of him.

“Maybe I should come back later,” the voice said from behind her. Chloe knew that voice. It was the voice that could not only irritate the piss out of her but also twist her in knots tighter than she put her physical therapy patients in.

Andy Taylor.

Chloe’s nipples stood on end, but not because of the man beneath her. Only because of the man behind her. The one she couldn’t see but could feel. The one who she knew was checking out her ass in her tight yoga pants, the black ones that always made her feel good because they hugged her just right.

What the hell was he doing there? Chloe had given Andy therapy over the summer after he hurt his knee in a soccer game. As the varsity coach for Paradise Park East High School, Andy tended to think he was still one of the high school kids instead of admitting he was more than ten years older than them and in much worse shape.

Not that you could tell by looking at him.

Every ounce of Andy said he was built like a Mack truck. He was broad and strong and steady. But Chloe knew the truth, he was a wimp. He whined and cried, well maybe not real tears, during almost every one of their sessions.

Even that didn’t turn her off, as much as she wanted it to.

The sexual chemistry between them was as thick as the muggy summer heat outside during their sessions, but Chloe had a strict no fraternization policy and Andy didn’t try anything.

Thank God.

But he was back. Which could only mean one thing.

He’d gotten stupid and hurt himself. Again.

Chloe slowly crawled off the man she was laying across, a fifty year old man who was married to a friend of her mom’s. Gerald breathed a sigh of relief at the loss of tension Chloe created in his body. Chloe slowly stood and turned around to face Andy, bracing herself for whatever she was sure to find.

Nothing could have prepared her. Not a damn thing would have helped.

In the two months since she’d seen him he’d gotten insanely hotter, his sun-highlighted hair now darker, a two day growth on his face, and his t-shirt stretched tight across the broad shoulders and chest Chloe used to be pressed against three times each week. His jeans hung low on his hips, threatening to slide off and give Chloe the most pleasure she’d had in too long to think about.

Her mouth dried up and watered at the same time, wanting to both lick him head to toe and suck all the moisture from his damp lips and mouth into hers.

But she held firm, knowing there wasn’t any point. He wasn’t there for her. The crutches under his armpits made that clear. He was back for more therapy, this time it looked worse.

“What did you do now? Playing around with the kids again?”

Andy offered her a slanted grin, one that threatened the clothes on her body, and hung his head sheepishly. “I was trying to show them a new move and got the ball tangled under my feet. I twisted my knee pretty bad. The MRI said nothing’s torn, but the doc said I need to come back to see you.”

Andy balanced on his good right leg and opposite crutch to dig paperwork out of his back pocket. Chloe wanted to offer to get it for him, but she knew one touch wouldn’t be enough from him. She’d want to close her office and touch him everywhere for the rest of the day.

When he offered the paperwork, Chloe stepped closer, pulling the sheet free from his hand. She read the referral from his primary doctor indicating the results of the MRI and the details of his injury. In her head Chloe started planning out his therapy, already working on getting him out the door, and out of her life, again.

“I see you’ve upgraded your clientele,” Andy whispered into her ear. “He looks just your type.”

Chloe stepped back. It was the closest Andy had ever gotten to her and the erotic feel of his breath on her ear, almost feeling his lips as they moved, nearly knocked her down. She glanced behind her to Gerald, still lying in his back on the mat, his arms resting to his sides, and smiled.

“You know I don’t turn clients away. I’m here to help whoever needs me.”

Andy nodded like he believed her. “So I guess it was just a coincidence that before and after my appointments last time were always men that made you drool?”

Chloe turned sharply back to him and poked a finger in his chest. “I do not drool over my clients. And besides that, every client is allowed to select his or her own time slot. It’s not my fault you hotties all stick together.”

Andy’s eyebrows shot into his hair. “You think I’m hot? Isn’t that interesting.”

“Whatever,” Chloe declared as she walked away. ‘Shit,’ she thought. ‘Five seconds with him and I’m a babbling fool.’ She knew she wouldn’t ever live that one down, but it didn’t matter. Nothing would ever happen with Andy.


“You know the drill. I’m guessing you’re here for your intro session but you can see I’m busy. You can get into the schedule and pick an available time slot.”

Chloe listened to the click-clack of his crutches as they crossed the floor. “Actually,” he bellowed from the waiting area. “It looks like you’re pretty quiet right now. I’d rather just wait until you’re done and we can get started.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. She wasn’t prepared to deal with Andy right then. She needed to get her head in line and convince her body to behave before she was in close proximity to him. The last time he’d been there she made sure there was always someone else in the building so nothing would happen. She didn’t want to admit how attracted to him she was, but she knew not to trust herself.

Andy settled himself into one of the chairs in her waiting room. He looked too big for the small chairs, like a parent sitting at his kid’s play table. His long legs stretched out in front of him and he winced as he stretched his knee just a little too far. He used his hands to pull his knee back up and settled himself into a comfortable position. He dropped his head back and rested it against the wall behind him, clearly not moving any time soon.