Stocky and sumptuous don’t mix… except in his eyes.

Vicki Prescott knows exactly what she doesn’t want. A man. Especially one who works too many hours. She’s had one too many relationships end because she wasn’t more important than a job. She was done.

Of course, being her friend’s maid of honor means she’s constantly faced with everything she doesn’t have.

No, doesn’t want.

If it weren’t for that pesky desire to be a mom, she was certain she wouldn’t need men at all.

Hunter Campbell does not take no for an answer. He is in full hustle mode and doesn’t have time for a no. He’s so close to his dreams he can practically taste it. All the late nights, screwed up relationships, and begging for friends to take him in was finally going to be worth it. As long as he kept his eye on the prize.

And not on the sexy red head with an hourglass figure and green eyes that see right through him.

Vicki doesn’t want Hunter. Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he has workaholic written all over his three piece suit and perfect features. He’s good for some private fun, solo, but he’ll never be given access to all of her.

No matter how much her fantasies wish he’d show up and mess up more than just her desk.

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Excerpt from Stocky & Sumptuous

I leaned in closer to him. “Well, I was having more fun with my milkshake.”

His eyes widened and followed my lips. I slowly wrapped them around the straw and sucked hard. The milkshake broke free and went straight down my throat, and I choked.

Just my damn luck.

Hunter pounded on my back as I coughed the milkshake out of my lungs. Thankfully, I didn’t spit any out, but it was close. When I could breathe again, he was laughing at me.

“You’re going to laugh at me after my brush with death.”

He nodded. “Yep, because there’s nothing sexier to me than a woman who can suck hard enough to cause an explosion.”

I laughed. “You’re just jealous because it wasn’t you.”

“Damn right I am,” he said, tugging me close and sealing our lips together. I didn’t care about the other people in the diner in that moment, just Hunter. One hand on my thigh and the other around my back. I would have crawled into his lap if I would have fit. Thankfully, Aunt Shirley brought our food over before we got too carried away. She set it down with a hard thunk, startling us apart. She tossed me a glare, but thankfully turned away before my smile broke free.

Hunter laughed and pulled me against his side. He nuzzled against my ear and whispered, “I think she likes you.”

I snorted. “Yeah, right.”

We ate and left before Aunt Shirley could hate me any more.

And somehow, I kept my promise. I did not sleep with him on the first date.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to.