Some of my favorite books have been the series books that centered around big families. But I always struggled because you don’t see big families anymore. So how could I write a series about something that I saw as an anomaly?

Well, let me welcome you to Bereton, New York and introduce you to the Richliano family.

Tina and Carmelo Richliano were Italian immigrants who moved to the United States to get away from the negativity of their families. Carmelo knew one thing well. How to make wine. They settled in the Finger Lakes region of New York, an area with world class wines and family run vineyards.

Blessed with four daughters, Tina and Carmelo made their life in Bereton, slowly acquiring small local vineyards. Years later, after Carmelo has passed and their daughters have become the mothers, we meet the Richliano cousins.

Although none of the cousins bear the Richliano name, they all consider themselves linked because of the crazy woman they call Nonna, the Richliano matriarch.

Swing by Bereton, New York and enjoy some wine, stay a while at the inn, and fall in love with the nine Richliano cousins.

Still to come…

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