BB9 Cover 3

He came for the puffy treats and stayed for the precious woman. 

Abby is moving on with her life. After she caught her husband cheating, live and in person, she divorced him and starts living for herself instead of doing everything for him. Abby opened her own bakery, changed her look, and moved out on her own for the first time ever. The only thing she isn’t ready to do is date.

Graham helped Abby get her bakery up and running. As a carpenter, he loved the challenge of turning the blank space into a bakery. Even more than that, he loved getting to know the beautiful new tenant.

When Abby’s ex learns she’s moving on with her life and doesn’t need him, he isn’t happy. Abby always did everything for him and he’s not willing to let go of that dedication.

Now Abby is stuck between the man who made her feel needed, but never wanted, and a man who makes her feel wanted, but not needed. Abby has to figure out what she wants – the man from her past, the one who promises a future, or the present she’s fallen in love with, alone.

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Excerpt from Puffy & Precious

“Please, just relax, Abby. I’m trying to help you.” He sighed, my body moving with his. “Your ex is as big of an asshole as I’d assumed he was.”

I laughed softly. “Yeah, he is.”

“There’s only one thing I can’t figure out.”

“What’s that?” I asked, finally realizing the green I saw was his shirt. My face was pressed to his chest. I snuggled in deeper and nearly laughed when he groaned and tightened his grip on me.

He cleared his throat, but his voice was still raspy when he said, “I’m trying to understand why you married that worthless piece of garbage, and stayed with him for years, and I couldn’t even make it through dinner and dessert with you. Two kisses and you were done with me.”

I struggled against him until he finally released me. I glanced around my empty cafe, happy to see it vacant for once. Graham was sitting in one of my purple chairs, cradling me. I turned in his lap until I was straddling him. His hands automatically went to my hips and his eyes slipped closed. He pulsed against my core, making me wish we could strip our clothes and I could have him right then and there.

Without responding to his comment about Brett, I covered his mouth with mine. I dove in, my tongue splitting his lips and plunging deep into his mouth until it met his. My hands clutched at his shoulders, tugging him closer as he pulled me against him. The rasp of his jeans clad cock against my khakis nearly made me scream right then and there.

Graham growled into my mouth and his hands went to my ass, kneading my flesh as he moved me against him. I was getting closer and closer to losing it, and was almost there when he pulled back.