PP1 Cover 30Amber Wilds is trying to rebuild her life. Five years ago she made a mistake that cost her everything that mattered to a college senior. In one night she lost her scholarship, her friends, her boyfriend, her parents, and her spotless record.

Since than Amber hasn’t broken a rule. Living firmly on the right side of the law and protecting her heart, Amber worked hard and played harder. But she’s grown tired of the endless race to stay ahead of the bill collectors. Amber is ready to get her life on track.

When Caleb Peterson meets Amber he knows she’s gorgeous. What he doesn’t know is she’s about to turn his life upside down. Caleb is still hiding from his heart after losing his best friend over five years earlier. He supports his friend’s wife and two daughters the best he can, but Caleb knows he’s missing something in his life. And he thinks he might be ready to go looking for it.

With healing hearts and hidden secrets, Amber and Caleb embark on a discovery of what their hearts want. Caleb wants to save Amber and Amber wants to let Caleb free. But in the end, what they want is irrelevant. All that matters is if they can love each other enough to get past the pain in their hearts to let the other in, and forgive.

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Excerpt from Playing By The Rules

Caleb nodded to the other moms and took off toward the parking lot. He said hello to parents and coaches he recognized as he passed and reached his truck without being stopped. His clipboard was lying in the back like it’d been waiting for him. He snatched it and turned to head back to the field with fifteen minutes still to spare.

Then he saw her.

She was sitting in her car white-knuckling the steering wheel. The car was off but her seatbelt was still on. She was pale and looked like she was sweating. “Oh, shit,” Caleb grumbled as he approached the car.

Caleb wasn’t sure if she was having a heart attack, a panic attack, or just upset. What he did know was he couldn’t just walk past her without asking. He’d never forgive himself if something happened to someone and he didn’t do anything to try and help.

Caleb approached the car from the front at an angle. He was hoping she would see him so she wouldn’t be startled. She looked nearly catatonic. He walked quickly to the door and knocked on her window. She didn’t move and Caleb panicked.

He yanked the door open and felt the cool air left from her air conditioning coat him. “Are you alright?” he asked as he kneeled next to her car and tried to force her to look at him.

She jumped when he touched her and threw her hands up like she was defending herself. Her blue eyes searched him as though trying to decide if he was a threat. Caleb fought not to lose himself in her gaze and looked over her incredible figure as she evaluated him.

She was wearing a tight white tank top and fitted black shorts. Her full chest heaved with each breath she took, giving Caleb a delectable view of what she had to offer. She wasn’t a twig, but she was strong, like she’d been an athlete. Her strong legs promised him endless nights of pleasure wrapped around his waist as he drove deep into her.

Shit, he told himself, I can’t be thinking about that.

He realized she still hadn’t answered him so he went for another tactic, “What’s your name?”

“I’m fine,” she snapped. “Why are you in my car?”

Caleb backed up a bit and stood. “I thought something was wrong. Do you need help?”

“No. I don’t need help. I’m fine. I was just… I’m fine.”

“What’s your name?”

She sighed heavily knowing he was trying to make sure she hadn’t totally lost it. “I’m Amber. Amber Wilds. I’m an ump here. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

“Oh,” Caleb said. He was looking to meet the new ump, get a good look at her. She’d succeeded far beyond his wildest dreams. Well, for day one. Her tight clothes would fuel many more fantasies for him. “I’m Caleb Peterson. You’re actually working my game today.”

“You don’t look like a 7-10 year old girl,” Amber snarled at him.


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