Erika is sure Jared will never give her the time of day. After their one night stand on New Year’s Eve, Jared avoided her, a miraculous feat since they worked together. But Erika is sick of feeling like she isn’t good enough. So when Edward decides he wants to make Erika his, Erika figures she has nothing to lose.

Jared never thought Erika would actually go for the Player In Shining Cufflinks she always joked about. He was certain Erika wasn’t the type of woman who would want a man who would take care of her, unless she loved him, of course. Edward asks too many questions about Erika and when he flirts with her and then takes her out, Jared knows she’s trying to make him jealous. Because she wouldn’t seriously consider being with a guy like that. Right?

Edward asks Erika to go back to England with him, ready to sweep her off her feet and give her everything she always said she wanted. But when Jared throws out the ultimate challenge, Erika isn’t sure about anything anymore. She’s stuck between the man who can only offer his love and the man who can give her everything except love. The worst part is, Erika has no idea who she wants to win when they Play For It.

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Excerpt from Play For It

Player Three followed Jared’s gaze and watched Erika take her place at the roulette wheel a few stalls down and across the aisle from Jared. When he turned back to Jared he asked, “Who is that woman?”

He had an accent Jared hadn’t noticed in the few words he’d spoken so far, maybe British. Jared looked him over more closely. He was a little older than Jared at 26, maybe close to 30. He had thick dark hair that fell a little long but was obviously freshly cut. His expensive suit fit him like it was custom, and he was as cut as the suit with a physique that Erika would love.

Jared hated him.

“Her name is Erika.”

“Is she your girlfriend?” Player Three asked, his gaze drifting over Erika’s figure. Jared wanted to reach across the table and throttle the guy. He didn’t have to look at her, talk to her, but Jared knew the guy wouldn’t accept no once he set his sights on Erika.

Jared shook his head when the guy looked back at him, trying to figure out how to gain control again. The other three players were watching the two of them, their conversation more interesting than their cards at the moment.

“Is she seeing anyone?”

Jared shook his head again, clenching his teeth in the process. He wanted to lie to the guy. Tell him Erika was his girlfriend and they were fighting. Or tell him she was taken by… anyone but him.

Player Three rubbed his lightly stubbled chin and glanced over his shoulder at Erika again, his shoulders pressing into the fabric of his suit and showing the pure strength of him. “Well, gentlemen, I think it is time for me to fold. All of a sudden I have the desire to play some roulette.”

He flipped his cards, revealing a king to match his queen, the best hand he’d had all night. He picked up his chips and walked straight to Erika at the roulette table.

Jared clenched his jaw and stewed while he walked away. He tried to focus back on the game they were finishing, but his gaze kept traveling to Erika. She smiled as Player Three sat down, taking note of the stacks of chips he’d carried with him. She knew as well as he did that the gold chips were worth $1000 each. And he had a sizable stack of them.

Player Four cleared his throat, pulling Jared’s attention back to his table. Jared smiled at him before asking how many cards he wanted. Jared dealt him a five then a jack. He groaned and flipped his cards, showing 23. A bust.

Jared flipped his cards as he played out his own hand. He ended up with 19, which only served to piss him off. Three would have beaten him if he’d stayed.

Fuck, he did beat him. He was chatting up Erika while Jared watched. And Erika was smiling and flirting back.

Yep, Jared was a definite loser.