Who doesn’t love a wedding? The romance, the love, the excitement! I’ve always wanted to write a wedding series, but you know me. I don’t do anything the way it’s expected!

I’m breaking away from a lot of my tried and true plans with this series. When readers fell in love with Big & Beautiful, I knew it needed to continue, but I also knew I had to make some changes. As much as I love my Big & Beautiful couples, the group was getting too big to be manageable on a regular basis. In Round & Ravishing, you met Sawyer, Noah’s brother the photographer. Well, Sawyer wants to settle down. Not in a relationship, but in a location.


Join Sawyer and his friends in my first ever series told exclusively from the male point of view. In the same way Big & Beautiful dove deep into the minds of the women, Opposites Attract will figure out what makes each of these men tick.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a wedding series?

We all know how much men love weddings!

Still to come…

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