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Claire has never been able to get over the damage her first boyfriend did. Trusting men was out the window. Dating them was even further out.

After years of working with Aidan, Claire no longer saw him as a man. He was her friend. Someone she trusted. Someone she enjoyed spending time with. Someone she never imagined would fall for her.

Aidan asked Claire out as often as he could, but Claire always thought he was joking. After all, Aidan was gorgeous, and Claire had put on weight to help her hide in the shadows from men. She’d been doing a great job until Aidan.

When Claire finally realizes Aidan isn’t joking, and he isn’t like any other man, she has to decide if she’s willing to attempt to trust another man. And if Aidan is the one who can finally help her heal.

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Excerpt from Lush & Lovely

When Aidan pulled out the second cupcake he took the first bite. He held it to me without a word and I took another bite. He watched my lips as I chewed and my eyes drifted closed, enjoying the glorious flavors and the feel of the sexy man pressed against my body. I knew he was enjoying himself too, that or he had a gun in his pocket.

Aidan took another bite then held up the last of the cupcake to me. He cocked his eyebrow at me, daring me to take it. I knew what it meant. I knew what he wanted. I knew what I wanted.

I wanted to lick his fingers clean. And not just because they were covered in icing.

I closed my eyes, unable to look into his, and let my mouth fall open. His fingers drifted between my lips, preceded by the last bite of our cupcake. I wrapped my tongue around the bite and pulled it free from his fingers then ran my tongue over the pads of his fingers, wondering what he’d done to make them so rough, and sexy. I always loved a man who knew how to work with his hands.

I swirled my tongue around the tips of his finger and thumb, drawing every last bit of icing from him, then let my teeth close against the pads, nipping his skin. His soft moan tore through me and my eyes flashed open to meet his, full of need and pleasure. The same thing I’d see if I looked in a mirror.

Gently I pulled back from Aidan and he slid his fingers from my mouth. He looked down at my mouth as if he was trying to decide what to do. A small sound escaped either Charlie or Lexi and we both turned toward them.

Embarrassment flooded me when I took in the shocked looks on their faces. “Uh, excuse me a minute,” Aidan mumbled then took off for the bathroom at the back of the store.

Without him keeping me pressed into the counter I nearly fell over. I closed my eyes and tried to regain my equilibrium but I only saw Aidan’s soft brown eyes.