She has a secret…

Andie Young has always been good at hiding who she really is. Her emotions and truths have stayed buried beneath the sexy clothes, makeup, and endless amber waves that are her signature look. She had to do something to get attention. Between her three brothers and five cousins, she grew up feeling like the invisible one. So she changed that.

He’s loved her forever…

Cody Powell has been attracted to Andie since the summer she turned seventeen. Off limits back then, and involved with one guy or another since, Cody has kept his adoration secret from her. He spent fifteen years avoiding Andie, and stammering like a fool when he was face to face with her.

Cody spends weeks fixing up her house and falling harder for her with each passing day. He knows she’d never be interested in a country boy like him, but seeing her dating other guys has finally taken its toll. Cody doesn’t think he can handle it any longer.

They both want someone to share their lives with…

Is she strong enough to take a chance with Cody? Or will he finish her house and leave before she gets the chance to tell him how she feels?

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Excerpt from Love At First Fight

“Want to watch a movie?” she asked, avoiding his eyes.


Her eyes snapped to his and the desire he’d seen earlier was back. He moved closer to her, eliminating the distance between them. Her harsh intake of breath told him she was just as on edge as he was.

“I can’t stop thinking about you, Andie.”

“In what way?”

He ran a finger across her cheek and tucked hair behind her ear. “How soft your skin is. How much I want to kiss you again.”

Her breath hitched, bringing her chest into contact with his. “That sounds good.”

Cody cupped her jaw, nearly groaning when she nuzzled against his palm. He leaned closer, slowly so she had time to move away or stop him. When she didn’t, he pressed his lips to hers. She melted under him, her whole body relaxing. Hands snaked up his chest and wound around his neck, tickling the hair on his nape. She sighed, parting her lips to allow him entry.

Cody tentatively eased his tongue into her mouth. He tasted wine and the sweetness of the sauce on her. He groaned, unable to keep his desire from her. She stilled for a second, a breath really, then tugged on his hair, drawing him closer and eliciting another groan from him.

He couldn’t stop himself from reaching for her. One hand was still on her cheek, but the other hung lifelessly by his side, waiting for a sign from her that she wanted more. He nearly bowed down in front of her in gratitude, but settled for sliding an arm around her back and tugging her body against his. She gasped again, feeling his arousal pressed between them, and it drove him on.

His tongue lashed over hers, demanding the same reaction he’d gotten from her on their first kiss. He moaned sweetly, then pulled back and nipped his lip.

Game on.