Love on Deck 3 Ready To Love Cover

Tiffany Wright has a career she loves, a life she’s happy with, and great friends. But she’s starting to feel something is missing. On a trip to visit her best friends, she finds herself wanting more from her life. She wants to find love, love like her best friends have, love that makes you feel alive, love that tells you you’re not alone.

Craig Meyer has never been good with women. His good looks only get him so far, and then he stumbles over his words and feels foolish. It doesn’t help that he’s ready to settle down and all the women he knows are either looking for a good time or halfway down the aisle and don’t care who they’re marrying.

When Tiffany and Craig are paired together for their best friends’ wedding, both find themselves imagining a love neither thought was out there. They fight the attraction because of the distance between them, but they can’t fight forever. After an amazing night together, they part ways, promising to keep in touch.

Six months later Tiffany loses her job. Craig gets her an interview and she moves to his town to be near her best friends. But Craig has other plans, and they include Tiffany.

Can Tiffany let down her guard and let love in? Will Craig be able to protect her when she sees her world crumbling? Is Tiffany finally read to love?

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Excerpt from Learning To Love

Paige’s voice drifts to me before I open my eyes. She and Dante are talking about something with the wedding, but I’m not sure what. Then I hear the third voice. I guess it’s time to meet my roommate.

I look around and see them coming toward me. Paige is adorable as ever in her white cotton dress, but the tie of her lavender bikini top is sticking out. Her long brown hair is dangling down her back, loose and free. The expression on her face is relaxed, and I’m happy I came on this trip. This cruise will be great for my friends.

I stand up and wrap Paige in a hug. She’s beaming like the blushing bride she is. Dante leans in for a hug when Paige lets go of me. Paige catches me up quickly on the wedding arrangements. She says the cruise ship has it all organized, but if she needs someone to take care of anything, she asked them to get in touch with me.

A part of me wants to feel annoyed that she offered me up without asking first. In reality, I’m thrilled that she trusts me and values my opinion and assistance so much. It’s refreshing to know someone needs me.

“Oh,” Paige gasps, “I completely forgot. Tiffany, this is Craig.” She gestures toward the man standing next to Dante. I didn’t even notice him until now. He turns when he hears his name and I’m met with green eyes that match my bathing suit. His blonde hair is cut close enough to make me wonder if he’s in the military.

My eyes travel down his body, taking in my new roommate. He’s definitely attractive, but he’s not at all my type. If it turns out he is in the military, it will be a big step up from the frat boy he looks like. His bare chest is strong and sexy. I’m a sucker for defined arms and his easily fit that category. Even his legs are lean and muscular. He’s gorgeous, if you like that strong, muscular, sexy look. My eyes travel back up to his face and I notice him watching me. A sly smile is on his lips, letting me know he appreciates that I’m checking him out.

What a jerk! He actually thinks I like him. And here I’m thinking he looks exactly like he’s acting. This trip just got much worse.