Love On Deck 1 In Front Of Me

Paige Stack is heartbroken and looking to heal. Her ex-boyfriend broke up with her so he isn’t tied down during grad school, but she set up her life so they could be together. Kicking herself for not seeing it coming, she’s ready to forget him.

Dante Bradford is on vacation with his family for his sister’s graduation. He is happy to get away from his ex, who’s none too happy to rub it in that she’s now sleeping with their boss. Dante needs a break.

When Paige and Dante run into each other on the first day of their trip, both feel a spark. Five days together is enough to forget the heartbreaks they are facing, and both leave healed and happy. But neither is willing to start a long distance relationship so they part ways with memories but no contact information.

A week later Paige is starting her new job and ready to push forward with her life. But imagine her surprise when her new coworker is Dante.

After pretending they don’t know each other, Paige and Dante both miss what they had. Things are different now, but can the passion they shared on the cruise carry over into real life? Is Paige ready to trust again? Will Dante be the man Paige thought he was, or is he just another jerk?

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Excerpt from In Front Of Me

I notice three gorgeous guys watching me. They are in the pool, splashing each other and trying to catch my attention. One dunks another and flashes me a grin intended to send panties running. I can’t help but smile at him and am rewarded with another grin before he disappears under the water, compliments of his friend. The water looks good so I head for the pool to take a quick swim. The water is warm but refreshing. My three admirers watch me swim but don’t approach me.

I give them a small wave and smile before climbing out of the pool. The water slowly drips off me, and I squeeze my hair and twist it up, letting the twist fall out and my hair drop over my shoulders again. The guys are watching me, but I turn and walk back to my seat, knowing they’ll come to me eventually.

When I return to my chair, he is sitting in it.

An Adonis if I ever saw one, this guy is H-O-T. His eyes are closed so I take my time admiring him, wondering if he could be my amazing break-up sex. He could make me forget my own name, let alone that jerk who dumped me.

His dark hair is cut long, just enough to brush against his black eyebrows. I trace my eyes across his face and notice his chiseled jaw and perfect bow shaped lips framed by dark stubble that makes him look rough and that much sexier. Watching his lips part as he exhales makes me want to press my lips to his and drink in his breath.

His well-defined arms are resting behind his head, giving me the chance to fantasize about those arms wrapping around me. They look strong enough to hoist me up, and I nearly lose my balance at the thought. His biceps jump as I watch him, but his eyes stay closed. I wonder if he’s asleep.

Continuing my tour, I admire his strong chest and rippled stomach, and every tight muscle around. He has a fine sprinkling of dark hair that thickens as it dances below the vee cut in his hips and under his charcoal gray shorts. Those legs definitely belong to a soccer player, strong and lean, and I imagine them tangled with mine.

I gather my nerve and gently kick the edge of the chair. One eye pops open, and I almost drown staring into an eye that matches the green of the ocean under the boat. He shields the sun from his beautiful face and takes his time looking me up and down. My body shivers from the obvious appraisal. The corner of his mouth turns up and he asks, “Can I help you?”

What a loaded question. I steel myself not to jump him here on the pool deck and instead say, “You’re in my chair.”

“Sorry, I didn’t see a name on this one, but I’m willing to share.” He smirks up at me, raising one eyebrow in question, waiting for a response.

I cock my head to the side and wonder if he’s serious. Before I catch my breath, his head turns at a woman calling out a name. He grins up at me and says, “Well, it’s your lucky day. Duty calls.”

He slides off the chair and brushes past me, running a finger down my arm as his green eyes pierce mine. I collapse onto the chair he’s vacated and breathe his name, “Dante.”

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