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This husky woman knows what she wants. And it isn’t her hot boss. 

Carrie Taylor only wants on thing in life – to be a mom. She knew from an early age that being a parent, especially a stay at home mom, was her #1 goal. But at 27, she feels like she’s missing the boat for love, and for babies.

If she can’t have a baby, Carrie wants to enjoy her job, but she hates it. Carrie can’t say no to the new opportunity she’s given, even if the job is working for the man who makes her insides flip, burn, and ache for more.

Drew Montgomery never expected the woman with the endless legs that he saw across the room was his new receptionist. He hired her sight unseen when his friends insisted Carrie was perfect for the job. Drew thought she was perfect for helping him get over his ex.

As Carrie and Drew struggle to find a balance between their attraction and their working relationship, Carrie questions if sleeping with her boss is really a good idea. Sex isn’t going to help make her dream come true.

Especially if Drew’s mom and ex-girlfriend have anything to say about it.

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Excerpt from Husky & Hot

Drew extended his hand toward me, the same one that was inside my panties, inside my body, just a few minutes ago. I shook his hand with the one that had been wrapped around his erection and almost laughed at the strangeness.

Then I remembered Mandy’s words.

“Did you say I’m his new assistant?” I asked her, claiming my hand back from Drew.

Mandy beamed at me. “You’ve been saying you wanted a new job for months, hell since we met you. Xander was complaining that he needed to find someone to work here and I recommended you. He was on board right away and said as long as tonight was a success they would hire you.”

Was she serious? I got a new job without even applying for it. How did Xander know I’d do a good job? He never even interviewed me. Was he nuts?

“Before you start to freak out, Xander knows you. He’s seen the way you do things and he wants someone in here that he can trust. Drew and Xander both said they’d rather work with someone they already know than hire a random person. Since things are going well tonight, Xander already told me he and Drew agreed to hire you, if you’re interested. If not, they’ll look for someone.”

My head was spinning. Mandy got me a job. She knew I was unhappy and wanted to help me out. I was free of Beth the Bitch. All I had to do was say yes.

Oh, and work with the man I’d almost screwed in the back office.

Fuck! That was his office. How did I not pick up on that earlier?

“Mandy, it sounds great. I’m absolutely honored you would do this,” I trailed off, not sure what to say or how to say it.

“It’s why I’ve been working so hard to make this party a success. Xander wasn’t sure they’d have enough cash up front to hire you, but they’re crowded and already have a bunch of new clients so they not only can hire you, but they need to. What do you say?”

I wanted to jump up and down and scream my head off. Mandy worked her ass off to make this happen for me and I was insanely grateful. But before I could accept the job, I needed to talk to Xander. And Drew.

“Mandy, this is amazing. I’m absolutely interested, but I think I need to talk to Xander and Drew about it before I officially accept.”

“Of course. That’s why I’ve been wanting you guys to meet. Drew,” Mandy focused her attention on him, “Xander said he’d meet you guys back in your office if you want to talk to Carrie for a few minutes. Since you’ve never met you might have more questions. I’ll find Xander and send him your way.”

Oh shit. Drew led me down the same hallway, not touching me as he directed me back to the room we’d just left. He left the door open this time and pointed to a chair as he went behind his desk.

“So, you’re Carrie,” he said without looking at me. “I had no idea. Honestly. This was certainly not how I intended to welcome you to the company.”