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She’s as fluffy as her cupcakes. He’s as fabulous as her fantasies.

Charlie Black wanted to open a bakery for as long as she could remember. After two and a half years, her business is growing and she’s almost ready to expand. Until she gets an eviction notice and not only has to find a new place to work, but a new place to live.

On top of seeing her dreams sift through her fingers, a competitor moves in across the street. Charlie isn’t prepared to stand back and watch everything she worked so hard for slip away.

Even when she discovers the man who seemed like he could be the missing ingredient in her life is hiding a secret she isn’t sure she can handle.

Charlie needs to decide if she can embrace the change being thrust upon her and ask for help from the most unlikely source, or if her pride is worth sacrificing her dreams.

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Excerpt from Fluffy & Fabulous

“You look amazing,” he told me from across the room. My back was to him and I bit my lip to stop the snarky reply that was on the tip of my tongue.

Instead I argued, “I’m a mess.”

His arms circled my waist and turned me around to face him. “If you’re a mess, you’re a beautiful mess.” He leaned down and pressed his nose into my neck, inhaling deeply. “God, I’ve missed the smell of you. How you taste,” his tongue darted out and licked my throat. My head dropped back all on its own and a moan slipped past my lips. “The way you sound. You’ve haunted my dreams. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Then I guess it’s a good thing there’s a lot of me.”

He pulled back and glared down at me, his eyes blazing with fire. “I truly hope you aren’t implying you’re overweight.”

I snorted. “Not implying so much as outright admitting it.” I shrugged. “My grams always said I was ‘fluffy’ like a perfect cupcake, not fat. Either way they mean the same thing.”

Max cupped my face with such tenderness that I almost couldn’t meet his eyes. “Please don’t say that about yourself. You’re fabulous and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Weight is a number, but not one that determines who you are. Besides, all it means is I get to spend a bit longer kissing every last bit of your skin.”

His mouth was back on me, open-mouthed kisses on my jaw, my neck, the underside of my forearms… It was heaven, simply sensual and getting me more turned on than I’d ever been from just a kiss.