Jenny Owens feels like she’s looking for something. She wants more from her life, but she’s not greedy. She just wants her boyfriend to like in the same zip code, or even the same area code, her job to match her skills and desires, and her home to be something of her own instead of her parents’.

It’s not much, is it?

Jenny is floundering. She is a happy person by nature, but she feels like her four years of college were a waste every time she goes into work as a waitress, the same job she held before going off to college. Add to that her boyfriend is always so busy with school, and his friends, that she rarely sees him.

And she’s not even sure she cares anymore.

When Jenny gets a flat tire at 3 am one night, her entire world changes.

Logan Campbell liked his life. He had a thriving business that made him happy, friends he could count on, and the occasional woman to keep his bed warm if he was in the mood.

But when he stops to help the car stranded, he realizes his life isn’t all he thought is was.

Logan and Jenny share an incredible night filled with passion, compatibility, and the best sex of their lives. Logan walks away from the experience knowing he can’t let her go. Until she admits she has a boyfriend.

Logan broods and snaps at everyone in sight while Jenny tries desperately to forget about him. But Jenny can’t stop thinking about Logan, and the way he seemed to know her body better than anyone else ever had.

When they keep getting thrown together, either by their own inability to avoid each other or outside forces, they have to decide if what they have is worth the fight. Or if they should cut their losses and go.

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Excerpt from Fight For It

“Shit! Shit, shit, shit!” Jenny screamed into the empty space around her. She fought the wheel and righted her car, careening wildly across the road. Her tires gripped the icy road and finally began to slow.

She muscled the car over to the side of the road, panicking. Her heart pounded in her chest, trying to escape and run from the wreckage she was sure her car had become in those few seconds. Jenny released her white-knuckled hands from the steering wheel and forced herself to breath. She looked around inside the car and realized not much was out of place. Her purse sat on the seat next to her like it was asking her, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ The radio pounded in the background and the heat still blasted through her car. It couldn’t be that bad.

Jenny checked the road for lights coming toward her. She was swamped in darkness so she pulled the handle and stepped into the night, cell phone in hand. She activated her flashlight app and started making a tour of her car. Anxiety gripped her as she tried to think of the possible scenarios that would have sent her car flying wildly across the road. And the noise. The boom. What caused that?

When she got to the front passenger side she saw it. Her beloved Subaru Legacy Hatchback sunk into the frozen ground on the side of the road. And it wasn’t because of the soft ground. Her tire was flat. And not just flat, but completely pancaked.

Jenny kicked it. Now what? she wondered.

Walking back around her car Jenny climbed into the driver’s seat and locked her doors. “This is the last time I will ever go shopping on Black Friday,” she mumbled to herself. Jenny scrolled through her contact list and tried to figure out who she could call.

Lizzy would be sleeping, like everyone else. She knew her sister would come, or send Aaron, but Jenny didn’t want to risk waking up the kids. Cat was the same, but Jenny knew Cat had started having trouble sleeping over the last few weeks and wasn’t willing to risk interrupting what might be her one good night’s sleep.

Erika was up, Jenny knew that. But she was out shopping with her mom, 45 minutes away in Orchard Park, on the other side of Buffalo. Even if she did call her, she would never hear the end of ruining their annual Black Friday shopping trip. Matt wouldn’t be any help and Jenny knew better than to call her parents. They would never stop lecturing her.

At the end of her contact list she went back up to the top, hoping she’d missed someone. “This is not happening,” she said. “There has to be someone I can call at three in the morning to come pick me up!”

A knock on the window made Jenny scream. She jumped back, ready to attack whoever was outside her car with her cell phone and the scraper she had somewhere. “I can help you,” a voice came through the window.

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