Heather would do anything for her best friend. Anything except face the man who shattered her heart.

Luke regretted walking away from Heather every day, but nothing could make him go back.

When Heather walks back into Luke’s life, neither of them are happy about it. Their connection is purely business this time and no matter how much either wants to, there will not be a repeat of their last encounter.

But the late nights and the close quarters prove more than they can resist. Heather proposes a fling, but Luke isn’t sure. He knows what he really wants is something he can’t ever give her. Because no matter how much he loves her, he knows he isn’t good enough for her. And at the end of the day, he’ll have to let her go so she can find a man she deserves.

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Excerpt from Drink For It

“How’s dinner?” Luke asked, positioning himself behind the empty chair but closer to Cole.

Cole stood and shook his hand, then pulled Luke in for a quick hug. Allison followed suit, kissing his cheek when she hugged him. Heather stayed seated. Thank God.

“Everything is amazing,” Cole said. “I’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants in the country and they have nothing on you, man. This is so good.”

Allison nodded along with her fiancé. “It really is. I know we’re asking a lot of you, but we know you’ll be able to give us an amazing wedding.”

“Thank you. I’ll pass your compliments on to the guys in the kitchen. They’re the masters. I just like beer.”

“Give yourself more credit than that,” Heather spat. “You created all this. You found the right people to help you make it more than simply a dream. You should be proud of what you’ve done here, and the people you’ve helped in the process.”

Cole and Allison stared at the two of them but didn’t speak. They really didn’t have to. Heather had pretty much said everything.

“These people are lucky to have you in their lives, Luke. Don’t sell yourself short.”

“Yeah, well, not everyone who’s met me has called themselves lucky,” he countered, knowing she’d recall the words she spoke the last time they’d seen each other. When she’d accused him of being a selfish asshole that she wished she’d never met.

Heather shrugged and held his eyes. “Maybe those people weren’t clear on what they wanted. Maybe they’ve had time to change their minds.”

He narrowed his eyes. She couldn’t possibly mean what his brain, and cock, thought she meant. No. Heather didn’t want him again. She couldn’t.

“Most people don’t change their minds about things that matter.”

“Most people don’t get a second chance at something. It’s not uncommon that they’ll take what they can get when the opportunity presents itself.”

Luke finally remembered Cole and Allison were there. Listening to them. Watching them. Probably understanding them.

“Well, uh, I should get back to the bar. People need drinks. I’ll check with you guys again before you go.”

He rushed back to the bar, knowing he was leaving Heather to answer any questions about what the hell they’d been talking about. He didn’t care though. She’d said she wanted what she could get. That she wanted something different than last time.

But last time she’d wanted them to be together. To have a chance.

What did that mean about this time? Was she going to be the one running away one morning? And he’d be the one lost and broken and hurt?

Oh, wait. That had been him last time, too.