He only has to resist one Curvaceous woman. Too bad she’s the only one he finds Captivating

Single mom, Olivia Humphrey is always overwhelmed. The laundry reaches the ceiling some days, dishes fill the sink, and the trash always makes her gag. But she doesn’t have time to worry about any of that. She has a job to do, two of them, and as the mayor’s assistant and a mother, she has to suck it up and get the job done.

Even if it means dealing with Winterville’s newest irritating man.

Ethan Norwood has bad news written all over him. From the dangerous glint in his eyes to the tattoos that cover his body to the power he holds as the biggest sponsor for Winterville’s Easter Egg Hunt. Olivia knows she absolutely has to stay away from him, not only because he warned her to but because she doesn’t need a man like him in her life. Too bad she doesn’t seem to be able to say no to him.

When Ethan and Olivia are forced to work together, it’s a battle of strength to find out who can resist longer. Or if either of them will.

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Excerpt from Curvaceous & Captivating

The moment I saw him, I knew I’d made a mistake. Wyatt asked if I wanted to bring someone else with me to meet the guy who wanted to be a sponsor, but I told him it wasn’t necessary.

I shouldn’t have been so silly.

Wyatt said his name was Ethan Norwood. It sounded normal enough. An average guy. Maybe a little boring with a name like Ethan. Holy spitballs, I was wrong in every sense.

Dark hair outlined his jaw and covered his top lip, cut close enough to appreciate the man beneath, but clearly intentional. It blended seamlessly into the close cut hair on top of his head, at least as much of it as I could see. We wore a black button down shirt, unbuttoned at the top with the sleeves rolled up. A tattoo teased me at his neck and more wrapped around his forearms. Black ink. Not a speck of color. To add to his darkness, black pants encased powerful legs and led to black dress shoes, the brightest thing about the man.

My eyes trailed back up over him and paused at the hand reaching toward me.

Oh, sweet Jesus, I wouldn’t survive if he touched me. My dry spell had a dry spell. I wasn’t sure I even remembered how to have sex.

Although a man like him would be a hell of a teacher.

My body swayed, leaning toward him. My eyes focused on that delicious patch of skin at his throat. I wanted to know what that tattoo was. Maybe he’d show me before he claimed my body.

“Ms. Humphrey? Are you alright?” a voice asked. It was so far away. Who knew my name there?

I looked up into his eyes. Dark eyebrows, neatly plucked or natural? I didn’t care. Why were they drawn together? Wait, that voice again. It was talking to me. My eyes dropped to his lips. They were moving.

“Ms. Humphrey? Can you hear me?”

Sugar bits! He was talking to me!

And he thought I was completely losing it.

“I apologize. I, um.” I stopped. I had no excuse. I was ogling the sex-god before me.

A slow, sexy smirk turned his lips up as he realized what just happened. And damn if he wasn’t even hotter when he grinned.