PP4 Cover 12Lucy Davoli has been shaken. When her boyfriend broke up with her, she lost the fragile hold she had on her life. Bouncing from living with her parents to living alone, but with a boyfriend who kept her on track, Lucy has never had to manage her own life. But with her ex gone, she flounders. Something that frustrates her brothers.

Chris Wiser just wants to build furniture, have sex once in a while, and teach. A beer every so often works, too. When the woman who kissed him in the bar disappears, he wonders what the hell happened. Why did she kiss him? Why did he like it so damn much? And why did she run off without finding out where things could go? Preferably his bed, but he didn’t get the chance to hand out the invite.

When Lucy shows up after Chris’s hockey game and propositions him to help her, he finds it hard to say no to the sexy woman who skated out of his reach all too quickly. That’s not the only thing that’s hard.

Chris accepts her offer even though he has more work than time with a huge presentation breathing down his neck. Lucy needs to show her brothers she can be who they need her to be at a time when she has no choice but to step up. If they’ll trust her she’ll show them what she’s capable of. With Chris’s help.

With their ruse underway, Lucy needs to keep relationship-fearing Chris from finding out she’s starting to wonder if he’s the one she should be with, and Chris is determined to help Lucy realize she doesn’t need a man to be the person he sees inside.

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Excerpt from Change On The Fly

Chris took his time getting his pads off. Most of the guys had left the locker room by the time he trudged into the shower. They had girlfriends and wives and kids to go see. Chris had no one. He wasn’t in a rush to get out of there.

The hot water pounded down on his body, the aching muscles of his back reveling in the feel of the heat and the pressure. What Chris wouldn’t give for a woman to massage his tired body. He’d never have that again though, because Chris knew, aside from pleasure, women weren’t worth the trouble they brought.

The door opened then closed, telling Chris someone was in the locker room. He waited a few minutes, knowing his teammates had all seen him naked in the shower, just as he’d seen them. When his neck started to tingle he knew he was being watched.

“Quit staring you sick fuck and get in the damn shower,” Chris bellowed to whoever was in the locker room watching him, his eyes still closed as water ran over his body.

“Maybe I should tell you my name before we start taking showers together,” came a woman’s voice.


Lucy was mesmerized by the naked man in the shower. He was gorgeous with clothes on, but seeing him completely bare, water sluicing down his stunning body, she couldn’t breathe.

His eyes flew open when she spoke, the rich brown color darkening as his gaze raked over her fully clothed body. She’d never felt more exposed than she did at that moment as he checked her out. Her skin heated and her panties dampened. She wished she could do exactly what he suggested and get in the shower with him.

“You,” he said, a cross between a growl and astonishment. Lucy wasn’t sure if he was happy to see her or not, but one part of him appeared to enjoy her presence. She watched as he stood there, completely unfazed by his nakedness, or the fact that he was growing hard before her eyes.

Damn was he big.

“I saw you on the ice. I was hoping I could talk to you a minute. One of your teammates told me you were the only one left in here. He didn’t say you were… um,” Lucy stammered, not usually shy around men, but didn’t know what to say to this stranger who’d kissed her with more passion than any man she’d ever known.

“In the shower,” he supplied, quirking an eyebrow at her.

Lucy flushed and ducked her head, her gaze sliding unconsciously to his cock, now pointing straight at her. She licked her lips, wondering what he would taste like, how he would feel in her mouth. She imagined crawling over to him on her knees and running her tongue all over him in the shower.

Lucy ripped her scarf off her neck and fanned herself. “Is it hot in here?”