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She’s bulky, lackluster, and reliable, but she longs to be beauteous, lively, and reckless.

Addison James is the woman who is always there for everyone. Constantly offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or two hands to hold back your hair when you vomit, Addi is always there. She’s the one person you never have to question if she’ll be around, because she always is.

But when Addi’s world is flipped, spun, and kicked off its axis, and her good deeds and predictable personality get thrown in her face, Addi decides to become someone else. Sick of being pushed around, she takes a play out of her irresponsible sister’s playbook and puts herself first for once.

Joey is a ski bum with no future. He plays for a living. And he gets Addi’s motor running in a way it’s never been before. Who better to jump start her conversion to wild and free Addi than the ski instructor who melts snow as fast as the resort can make it?

When disaster strikes, and Addi is called into question, who will come out on top… dependable, responsible Addi or wild, carefree Addi?

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Excerpt from Bulky & Beauteous

“What are you doing with him?”

“Excuse me?” I blanched.

Joey’s stance didn’t change. His expression didn’t change. He stood stoically, watching me as though I was the guilty party when he was the one who’d vanished earlier with someone else.

Not that it mattered. Nothing was happening between us. There wasn’t an us.

“I looked for you and you were gone. Why were you with him?”

“Okay, first of all, you couldn’t have looked very hard because I was unloading the gear while you were flirting with Amber and then the two of you disappeared. Rich asked if I wanted to ski and I figured it was better to have someone to talk to than wander around by myself, so I went with him.”

“I was going to show you a few things today,” Joey said, his voice softening enough to let me know he was after another blow job.

“Oh, really? Was that before or after you showed Amber?” I sniped back.

“Really? You think I want her?” he whispered harshly, grabbing a hold of my upper arm and half-dragging me toward the ski lodge. I fought to keep up with him in my heavy boots, but I wasn’t about to let him win. If he was going to act like an ass, I was going to also.

“Well, I haven’t seen you brush her off, and from what I hear guys are into women who hang all over them, so yeah, I think you want her.”

He pushed through a door on the side of the ski lodge marked private, pulling me in behind him. He kicked the door shut with his boot and immediately pressed me against it, his body covering mine.

“If I wanted her then why is your face the one I’ve been seeing every time I close my eyes? If I wanted her then why is it your hands I imagine on me when I jerk off? If I wanted her then why have I been going nuts trying to find you? If I wanted her then why have I been hard all day at just the thought of seeing you here again?”

His lips came down on mine in a punishing kiss. I couldn’t help but respond. My lips opened under his, his tongue diving into my mouth. I fought him for control, but he wasn’t letting up this time. His hands grasped mine, dragging them above my head and pinning them there. His hips moved against me, starting a slow burn between my legs that only got hotter with every second he kissed me.

I wanted the kiss to last forever. To feel the power of his desire coursing through my body. All too soon he pulled back, stalking away from me so fast my weakened knees nearly gave out. I gripped the doorknob behind me for stability and watched him. My breath panted from my lungs in deep, ragged breaths, a complete contradiction to the slow, steady breaths he was taking. Where I trembled, he was strong. Where I burned, he appeared calm.

Then he faced me and I saw the truth in his eyes.

He was just as fucked up as I was.