As an avid reader, like everyone else, I wanted to read stories about women like me. Women who struggled with the same things I struggled with. If I felt like I had been there, I could relate to them more.

I couldn’t find any.

Well, not many.

So I did what any writer would do. I wrote them.

The women of the Big & Beautiful series all have weight issues. Some don’t care, some struggle, some want to lose weight, some are happy, some think they’ll never find love because no man would want them, some know they just have to find the right man.

These women have been so fun to write. As a woman who’s never been mistaken for thin, I feel their pain. In some cases, the things that happened to them were taken from my own life. Most of the time, it was all just fiction. But these women were still women that I could relate to. That’s why all Big & Beautiful books were written exclusively from the woman’s point of view. I wanted you, my reader, to be in her head. Only her head.

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