His determination is as ample as the snow. Her beauty is as alluring as Christmas.

Peyton Prescott has always turned to her work. It’s her happy place, where she’s most comfortable and knows exactly what to do. She helps couples get pregnant, and she’s damn good at it.

But it’s not everything.

Mayor Wyatt Ramsey is a friend. A friend of a friend really. But when he finds out Peyton has always hated Christmas, he decides it’s his job to make her see the beauty of the season that only brings loneliness for Peyton.

As the two of them get to know each other, neither can deny their attraction. What starts as an innocent friendship quickly becomes something Peyton doesn’t want to walk away from. But what happens if she becomes exactly what she never wanted to be?

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Excerpt from Ample & Alluring

“I’ve never liked the winter,” I whined, knowing I sounded like a petulant child. “It’s miserable. I should have done my residency in San Diego.”

Wyatt laughed. “You’re crazy. I can’t imagine not having four seasons. It’s nice to see things change, the freshness of the spring, the beauty of the summer. I love the crisp fall weather and the bite of cold in the winter. Come on, isn’t this beautiful?”

I laughed at him. “Not even close. The streets are full of mush. My boots get ruined. My pants end up with white streaks from the salt. The only good part is that these bulky clothes hide my ample supply of curves.”

He stopped and turned me to face him. His eyes blazed with a look I’d never seen from him before. A look that warmed me from the inside out. My breath froze as quickly as the winter snow fell around us. He stepped closer, cupping my cheek and tilting my chin up.

“You know you’re beautiful, right?”

I shook my head, dislodging his palm. Cold rushed to my skin, chilling me.

Wyatt moved closer again, his palm on my cheeks, both of them, holding my head still. “You’re alluring, Peyton. You draw me in and make it hard for me to breathe. I know we said we’d be friends, but I’ve never thought of you as a friend.”

“Why not?”

He grinned. “Because friends don’t do this.”

His lips came down on mine, stealing the cold from my lips. A soft kiss, sweet, but not. He teased me, pressing kisses against my lips and his body against mine. We were on the street, in broad daylight, so I knew it wouldn’t go far, but I couldn’t deny that I wished it could.

Then his lips parted and his tongue brushed against mine. I had no choice but to moan into his mouth, needing more of him. My arms wound around his neck, drawing him closer.

He pulled back, breathing heavily, his warm breath on my face. “Let’s get outta here.”

I nodded, willing to follow him anywhere.