I want to share amazing books with you that I’ve read. If you’re reading this blog, I know you’re a reader. The only books I recommend here are ones I’ve read personally, and the reviews are my own. The author of the book did not have anything to do with this review.

Champagne and Lemon Drops

Champagne and Lemon Drops by Jean Oram is a story about a woman torn between two men and two sides of herself. Beth was content in her life, ready to be married to Oz, her best friend’s brother and man of her dreams as a young woman. Now, as Beth is planning the wedding, Oz is having second thoughts.

Oz decides to take a break from their relationship to evaluate his life. He wants something different than his accountant career and business passed on from his dad, and he wants to find it alone. Beth agrees to give him the space he’s asking for, knowing it’ll only be for a little while.

As the months pass, Beth becomes more upset that Oz seems to be sitting around drinking instead of finding himself and finds comfort in newcomer, Nash, someone who doesn’t have his own personal feelings wrapped up in Beth’s life, and who sees Beth as someone who can do a lot more with her life than be someone’s wife.

Beth finds herself falling for Nash, and wishing Oz the best in his future, even though it doesn’t appear to be with her. She also follows her dreams, chasing the career she wants, finding herself as Oz searches for himself.

In the end, Beth has to decide if her love is enough for Nash, or if it will save Oz. Where does her heart lead her, and which guy is really right for Beth?

I’m not giving away the ending, and I’m not going to tell you what she does. I found the book captivating. The opening chapter is set 13 months in the future, on Beth’s wedding day, but you don’t know who the groom is. Chapter two goes back to the beginning, showing how Oz and Beth drifted apart and how Nash and Beth drifted together.

Beth is a person you want to be friends with. She’s a kind woman, someone you know you could count on. I read the book, feeling like my best friend was going through all this. Beth is not a snotty character, or even one that you want to shake and say ‘you’re being ridiculous.’ No, Beth is someone you want to buy a cup of coffee and ask about her day.

I felt like she never had anyone to talk to. She was lost and confused and continued to get mixed signals and ideas from the people she cared about, and couldn’t ever get a straight answer. She’s a friend I would have loved to chat with to help straighten out her head, and help her realize where her heart lies before anyone got hurt.

In the end, I know Beth did the best thing for her. She finally managed to put it all together and decide what she wanted. I know real life doesn’t always end up that way, but that’s why I love reading. It gives you hope that maybe somewhere things are that simple.

If you want to pick up Champagne and Lemon Drops: A Blueberry Springs Chick Lit Contemporary Romance, it is currently FREE on Amazon! I would have happily paid for this book and I highly recommend you pick up your copy today! Even better news, a sequel will be out Fall 2013!

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