A Piece of Me, part one

Amanda woke up feeling dizzy. Her head hurt and her eyes didn’t want to open. It was like being under water where everything is fuzzy.

Slowly, she heard noises, closer and closer, like she was surrounded. Panic gripped her hard, wondering why there were so many people in her apartment. Amanda took a deep breath and told herself it had to be the TV. The only possible explanation was she fell asleep with the TV on.

After a few calming deep breaths she forced her eyes open only to immediately clamp them shut. Not only did she fall asleep with the TV on but with all the lights on too. It was way too bright. She struggled to remember the night before, wondering if possibly she’d drunk herself stupid before passing out. Otherwise the light wouldn’t seem so bright and the sounds wouldn’t be so hazy.

A hand touched her shoulder and she screamed. Struggling to sit up, Amanda realized she couldn’t move. What the hell?

“Where am I?” she shouted, confused and suddenly terrified. Had she been drugged and kidnapped? What did they want with her?

“Miss, it’s okay. We’re getting you help,” a deep, rich voice said.

Amanda didn’t want to be attracted to her kidnapper, but something about his voice was so soothing. It was like a big bowl of mac n cheese with a side of warm bread. Was there such thing as a comfort voice like there was comfort food?

She settled again, not minding his touch, and pried her eyes open again. She squinted against the bright lights and found eyes that went with the voice. Eyes so blue they were almost silver. Eyes that made her forget everything. Including…

“Miss, can you tell me your name?”

“Uh, I’m… uh…”

The eyes glistened with concern and fear. He looked at someone else, someone near her feet, and flashed a look of panic.

“It’s okay, miss. They’ll be here soon.”

Who? Amanda wanted to ask, but she couldn’t get the words past her lips. All she could do was stare into the blue eyes above her and wonder why he was in her apartment and who was coming for her.

His hand glided over her cheek and into her hair in a loving caress. He whispered to her that she would be okay and that someone would be there soon. Amanda’s eyes slipped closed again before she heard commotion near her feet.

She tried to sit up but couldn’t. The comforting touch left and she was assaulted by the scent of latex and disinfectant. The combination made her nauseous and she groaned.

“Does anyone know her name?” shouted a voice near her left ear.

“Amanda,” she managed to groan. “My name is Amanda.”

“Okay, Amanda. We’re going to lift you now. Just hold still and we’ll get you out of here.”

She nodded then waited and four pairs of hands lifted her up a foot and set her down on something comfortable. She figured they moved her to her bed and was glad she would get to sleep again. She was still so tired.

“Can you open your eyes, Amanda?” someone asked off to her right.

She forced her eyes open and saw an EMT hovering over her. Panic set in again, trying to figure out what happened and what was going on.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“We’re not sure ma’am, but we’ll get you to the hospital and they’ll take care of you.”

“How did you get into my apartment?”

The EMT exchanged a glance with one on the other side of her bed and looked back down at her. “Ma’am, we’re not at your apartment. You passed out while grocery shopping at Nick’s. You’re in the frozen food section of Nick’s.”

Embarrassment washed over Amanda. She knew she’d been run down lately but she didn’t think she was quite that bad. Now she was on a gurney and headed to the hospital because she passed out in public.

The EMT’s rolled her out of the store and into the back of the waiting ambulance. Store clerks and customers watched in morbid fascination as she cruised past and Amanda knew she would have to find someplace new to shop. No way could she face these people again.

Especially blue eyes.

Damn, he was hot too. Rich brown hair with a hint of red, broad shoulders, and the most caring eyes she’d ever seen. Too bad she’d never see him again.

At the hospital Amanda went through a series of tests. She told the doctors she’d been sick and hadn’t eaten much lately and they finally deduced she passed out from extremely low blood sugar caused by a severe sinus infection. After a few hours of observation she was released with a prescription for antibiotics and doctor’s orders to get something to eat.

Amanda put her clothes back on and retrieved her purse, glad someone thought to put it on the gurney with her. It wasn’t until she was about to walk out of the ER that she realized she didn’t have her car. It was still parked outside Nick’s.

She turned to go back to the desk and ask for the name of a local cab company when she heard her name.


The voice sounded pained, scared. But she knew that voice. She knew she’d know that voice forever. It only took once for him to be imbedded into her brain and now she was stuck with him.

She turned slowly toward the waiting area and saw Blue Eyes approaching her.

“Amanda. Thank God you’re okay. Are they releasing you?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I have a sinus infection and hadn’t eaten enough. The doctor said I’ll be fine but I need to eat. Of course first I need to get back to my car.”

“That’s why I’m here. Go to dinner with me. Then we’ll go get your car.”

Amanda eyed him curiously. “Why?”

He shrugged and smiled at her. His smile was every bit as gorgeous as the rest of him. She knew all he had to do was smile and she’d be putty in his hands. “Because I prefer eating dinner with a beautiful woman instead of alone. And it’s doctor’s orders.”

Amanda smiled shyly and peeked up at him from under her lashes. “Okay.”


Who is the mystery man? Does he feel the same? Come back next week to find out!

Waiting On You, part three

Jayme looked down at their clasped hands and realized she wanted to believe everything Kurt was saying. Could she really just stay there and trust him? She felt safe, yes, but was that enough?

Her brown eyes searched hers. Kurt looked like he was in pain, like it hurt him that Jayme didn’t trust him. Like he wanted nothing more from her than exactly what he said; a chance to talk and get to know each other.

“How about this?” Kurt asked. “We’ll get through tonight, talking or just sleeping, whatever you want to do. Tomorrow, you make the call. If you want to go home, I’ll take you as soon as we can get a flight out. If you want to stay through the weekend, we’ll do that.”

Jayme considered him for a moment. Something in her desperately wanted to say yes to him, to trust him. It’d been a while since she’d let herself trust a man. Maybe it was time she tried.

After all, she did seek him out.

“Okay,” she whispered, struggling to meet his eyes. He looked so relieved that she smiled. He grinned back at her and released her hands. Kurt stood and backed himself up to the chair at the edge of the room. Jayme was still perched on the edge of the bed, facing Kurt. She toed off her shoes and scooted back on the bed until she was resting her back against the headboard.

“What do you want to know?” Kurt asked tentatively.

“What’s your last name?” Jayme asked.

Kurt smiled. “Evans.”

“Kurt Evans,” Jayme rolled it around on her tongue. It had a nice ring to it, fitting somehow.

“What do you drive when it’s too cold for your motorcycle?”

“I have an old Jeep Wrangler. It’s on its last legs, but I love it. I bought it new when I turned seventeen. I worked around the house then got a job as soon as I could and saved everything. It’s been a great ride.”

Jayme smiled at him, catching onto his excitement and love of his vehicle. “What do you do when you’re not working?”

“I’m in school part time. My mom died when I was little and my dad died a few years ago. He was heartbroken and never got over losing my mom. Unfortunately he was in debt up to his eyeballs so I’ve been on my own since he died. I have some scholarships, but they didn’t cover everything so I started working to make up the rest. I don’t want to take out loans because I saw what debt did to my dad. In another year or so I’ll have my degree and hopefully can quit waiting tables.”

“What’s your degree in?” Jayme had never known the sadness she saw in his eyes and she was desperate to pull it away from him. A part of her wanted to wrap her arms around him and squeeze his grief away.

“Education. Special ed actually. My college has been great about letting me take whatever classes are available. I need a masters for special ed so I’m sort of doing both programs together. The only classes I have left for my undergrad are electives so they let me move on to grad classes while I finish up the electives.”

Jayme was astonished. He was every bit as perfect as she thought he might be. She could feel the last of her walls coming down, crumbling to the ground between them. Kurt was the strongest man she’d ever met, probably the kindest too.

She patted the bed beside her and he raised his eyes in question. She did it again and he slowly approached her. Kurt settled onto the bed, not close enough to touch Jayme, but on the bed. She leaned her hear onto his shoulder and wrapped her arm through his. She scooted closer so their legs were touching from hip to foot.

Kurt tensed with her touch, but when Jayme rubbed circles on his arm with her thumb he relaxed. “Are you really this good of a guy?”

He laughed. “I would never lie to you. I’m just a regular guy. Everything I told you is the truth. I love kids, I always have, but working with special needs kids is just something I’ve done forever. I have a cousin who’s special needs and I would sit and play with him when we were kids. As we got older I realized he was one of my favorite people in the world and I wanted to be around people like him all the time. He’s amazing, but misunderstood by so many people. I want to give other kids a chance to feel accepted.”

Kurt looked at her when he finished what he was saying. Jayme took advantage of their closeness and leaned up, sealing her lips to his. He flinched at first, surprised by her forwardness so quickly after her near meltdown, but recovered quickly. Their lips melted together, softening as their kiss deepened. Kurt’s hand came up to her cheek and rested against her skin. He sighed at her touch.

Jayme boosted herself up to bring their lips level. Her lips parted and she traced the seam of his with her tongue. He opened tentatively, obviously letting her take the lead. When her hand slid around his neck and threaded into his hair she knew she was a goner.

Jayme leaned back onto the bed and brought Kurt with her. He kept his body off hers but she felt the heat of him against her side. She ached for him, wanting him in a way she’d never wanted another man, but she knew she wasn’t ready for that.

“I love kissing you,” he murmured against her lips before taking her mouth again.

She felt him hard against her hip but it didn’t worry her. Jayme was equally turned on. They kissed on the bed for what felt like hours, hands roaming and tongues exploring, but clothes staying firmly in place.

“I’m not ready for sex,” she finally told him. She was getting tired. It was almost 3 am and she’d been up since 6:00 the previous morning for work.

“I’m not ready to stop kissing you,” he grinned. “Can I hold you? I know that’s not manly, but I want to know what it feels like to wake up with you in my arms.”

Jayme nodded shyly. “That would be nice.”

As they drifted off to sleep Kurt whispered, “Best first date. Ever.”

Jayme agreed and slept soundly in his arms knowing she wanted to sleep right there with him forever.

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Waiting On You, part two

Make sure you check out part one too!

Kurt drove along the river, the cool air from the water chilling the night even more. Jayme held onto him tighter, burying her face in his back and weaving her hands under his leather jacket for warmth. She loved the smell of the leather and the butter soft feel of it against her skin.

Kurt’s muscles jumped as Jayme explored his stomach. The motorcycle slowed briefly before Kurt hit the gas and they took off, leaving Jayme clutching to him instead of teasing him.

When he started to slow down again Jayme looked around. She smiled to herself as the sign for the airport came into view. She’d always loved sitting off the road near the end of the runway and watching planes take off and land.

Kurt drove by her usual turn off and Jayme wondered if he knew another place until he pulled into long term parking. Once in a parking space, Kurt turned off the engine and removed his helmet. “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what? Why are we at the airport?”

Kurt winked and said, “You wanted crazy. Let’s go.”

Jayme took his offered hand and let him lead her into the airport. He approached a ticket counter and said, “We need the two cheapest tickets leaving tonight.”

“What?” Jayme asked. She thought he was honestly crazy and was starting to think twice about being there with him.

The ticket agent looked equally confused. “Um, where would you like to go?”

“Anywhere. It’s our first date and I’m going to make sure it’s one she never forgets because it’ll be her last first date.”

“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Let’s see, we have a flight to Miami in thirty minutes or to Chicago in forty minutes. They’re the same price.”

“What do you think?” Kurt asked Jayme who was still gaping at him.

“Are you serious about this?”

“Absolutely. It’ll be fun. I’ve never been to either one so let’s go. We’ll come home tomorrow if you want or in a couple of days. Whenever you need to be back at work.”

“This is crazy,” Jayme mumbled to herself.

Kurt grinned at her and cupped her chin in his hands. He brushed his thumb over her lower lip and said, “God I want to kiss you. I’m trying to wait until we’re in the air though. But you need to choose. Where do you want to go tonight?”

Jayme blushed and shook her head. “Chicago. Pizza sounds good right now.”

Kurt nodded as if she made perfect sense. “Chicago it is.”

They made their way through the airport and waited with the other passengers for their flight to board. Kurt let Jayme have the window seat on the plane and they held hands during take-off. In the sky, surrounded by stars and hundreds of other passengers, Jayme leaned into Kurt. “I will never forget this.”

“Neither will I,” Kurt whispered, a breath away from Jayme.

His fingers twirled a lock of her hair. He sucked in a breath, watching her as her eyes drifted closed. They both knew it was coming, both ached for it, and with the perfect crazy setting…

Kurt touched his lips to Jayme’s. The first touch was tender and soft, like a soft breeze blowing over them. The sparks Jayme had been expecting lit her up and she hummed her approval of their kiss. Kurt’s fingers wove through her hair and he tilted his head to the side to cover more of her mouth.

Jayme felt the slow burn of desire deep inside. Her lips parted under Kurt’s and their tongues touched tentatively, tasting, teasing, learning each other. All thoughts rushed from her head and Jayme surrendered to the feel of Kurt.

His other hand rested on her hip and her hands fisted in his shirt. The muscles she’d explored on the motorcycle teased her and she took advantage of the darkened interior of the plane to slip her hands under his dress shirt to feel him.

His skin was warm. He moaned against her lips, making them tingle with the vibration, as she worked her way across his body. His fingers found the edge of her sweater and brushed against her bare skin. She nearly jumped at the contact, but Kurt anchored her with his lips.

“You are crazy,” he whispered against her lips.

Jayme laughed and nodded in agreement.

They held each other and kissed for what felt like hours. Their initial exploration continued as much as the plane would allow. By the time they landed in Chicago both were on edge and ready to find a hotel room. Once they got off the plane Kurt found a hotel shuttle to take them somewhere for the night.

“I don’t have any clean clothes. Or a toothbrush. This really is crazy.”

Kurt laughed as he pulled Jayme into the hotel. “We’ll take care of everything tomorrow.”

He asked for a room and complimentary toiletry packets for both of them then led Jayme to their room. She started to get nervous as they got in the elevator. Was she really going to spend the night with a man she barely knew. Hell, she realized she didn’t even know his last name.

Kurt let them into the room and tossed their toiletry packets into the bathroom before leading Jayme into the room. She stared at the king sized bed staring back at her and thought she was going to have a panic attack.

Jayme paced the room, trying to figure out what she was going to do. She didn’t have the money to buy a flight home. She was crazy for ever thinking this was a good idea. Now she was in a hotel room with a man she didn’t know and he thought they were about to have sex. Jayme could get raped and killed and no one would ever know. She was crazy, and it was going to be the last thing she ever did.

Kurt stepped in front of her and stopped her pacing. He ran his hands up and down her arms and forced her to focus on him. “What happened? What changed? You’re freaking out. What did I do?”

“I can’t do this. This is nuts. I’m not this woman. I don’t go out with men I don’t know. I don’t vanish in the middle of the night. And I don’t sleep with strangers.”

Kurt pulled her to the edge of the bed and made her sit. He knelt in front of her, putting him slightly below eye level. “Nothing is going to happen tonight. Call someone and tell them exactly where you are. Give them my work information, you know where I work. Tell them anything and everything you want. Then get to know me. I brought you here because I thought it would be fun. I’m not trying to have you flip out. And I promise you, nothing will happen. In the morning we can head straight home or we can enjoy the weekend. Whatever you want.”

Jayme looked at Kurt, trying to understand him, to make sense of everything he was telling her. And for the first time in a long time, she felt safe.

What will Jayme do? Is she going to give Kurt a real chance? Is Kurt as nice as he seems?

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Waiting On You, part one

Jayme walked into the restaurant, trying to act casual. She knew going there again was stupid, but she couldn’t stay away.

The hostess greeted her with a smile of recognition and asked if anyone would be joining her. Jayme told her she would be alone that night and was shown to a quiet table in the back. She picked up her menu and pretended she was there for something to eat when really her stomach felt like it would reject anything she put in it.

It was silly really, being so nervous about a guy. Jayme dealt with guys all day every day, but none inspired the same feelings in her that Kurt did. She couldn’t explain it, but she wanted him. And for the first time in her life she wasn’t going to back down from what she wanted.

She saw him from across the room, coming out of the kitchen. He was wearing his uniform, black dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black pants, black shoes, and black apron. Jayme understood the outfit, she’d worked enough waitressing jobs in college to know restaurants wanted their servers to blend into the background, especially nice places like that one. But Kurt didn’t blend, he stood out. His olive skin seemed to pick up the nuances in the black he wore and his brilliant green eyes shined, even in the dim lighting. His sandy hair would be ordinary on most men, but on him… it was the cherry on top of a perfect sundae.

Jayme watched as Kurt moved through the tables toward her. He didn’t seem to notice her and he got closer and closer to her. She wasn’t sure if she was even in his section, but she’d hoped she was. The last time she was in she had requested him for her group and Jayme figured the hostess remembered that.

Kurt stepped up to the table, distracted. He said, “Good evening, my name is Kurt and I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?”

He finally looked up at her when he finished speaking and a grin spread over his lips. Jayme’s matched his, equally thrilled that he was pleased to see her and that she’d done the right thing going there.

“Jayme,” he breathed. “I didn’t know you were coming here tonight.” Kurt glanced at the other seat of her table and his eyes flashed back to hers. “Will someone be joining you tonight?”

Jayme shook her head. “No, I’m here alone tonight.” She silently added that she was hoping not to leave alone but thought she should save that tidbit for later.

“I didn’t know when I’d see you again. I’m glad you’re here.”

“You look like you’re having a bad night,” she said.

Kurt glanced behind him toward the kitchen. “The owner is here tonight. He usually doesn’t come in and it’s putting everyone on edge. It he shows up it’s usually because he’s going to change something.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe I should come back another night.”

“No, please don’t. It’s nice to see a friendly face out here. Plus, I’ve… I’ve been thinking about you.”

Jayme ducked her head with her blush. She knew they had a connection. The first time she’d been there for dinner he kept looking at her and winked at her. She wanted to leave her number but hadn’t been brave enough. She told her best friend, Beth, about him and Beth insisted they go there for dinner so she could check Kurt out herself. Beth thought Jayme should give him her number that night, but Jayme felt awkward flirting with Beth sitting right there.

“I’ve been thinking about you too,” she whispered.

Kurt smiled at her and reached his hand toward her face. She closed her eyes and leaned into him, feeling his hand on her skin for the first time. His palm was warm and soft and made her body feel the same way. Heat circled her body, like it didn’t know where to settle, and she knew she’d made the right choice going to see him.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve got to get your order and work. I’d love to sit and talk to you, but I just can’t right now.”

“I know. Um, what time do you get off work tonight?”

Kurt smiled again and said, “Nine.”

Jayme nodded and said okay. Kurt repeated the word and they both knew their first date was set.

Jayme ordered her dinner and a glass of wine, enjoying watching Kurt work for a while. The night seemed to be dragging on, but at least she was in the same room as him instead of wondering if he was thinking of her. Every time he was close enough he would wink at her or smile at her. He was just as excited about their date as she was.

When nine o’clock finally rolled around Jayme paid her bill and left him a big tip. She smiled as she walked out the front of the restaurant and headed toward her car.

The evening was still warm, the cold not yet hitting even though they were halfway through September. Since Kurt hadn’t said where they would meet she leaned against her car in the well-lit parking lot knowing he would be able to see her.

The door pushed open and the noise from the restaurant spilled out into the night, drawing Jayme’s eyes. Kurt was standing there, looking around, as he shrugged into a black leather jacket. His eyes finally found her and he started toward Jayme with a smile.

When he reached her he grabbed her hand and held it loosely in his. They both stared at their linked fingers before bringing their eyes up to each other. “Why did you come in tonight?”

Jayme shrugged. “I wanted to see you. I know we don’t know each other, but I…”

“Feel like I do,” Kurt supplied for her. Jayme nodded with her shrug. “It’s crazy, isn’t it?”

“I never do crazy,” Jayme told him. She still wasn’t sure what she was doing with a complete stranger in the middle of a parking lot at night, let alone holding his hand and wiling to do whatever he wanted to do.

A slow grin spread over Kurt’s face. “Then let me show you how to be crazy. Let’s go.”

He pulled Jayme across the parking lot to his motorcycle. She hesitated before getting on, and held on tight while Kurt drove off. Toward Crazy.

Kurt and Jayme will be back next week. Where do you think they’re going to end up?

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Driving Her Crazy, part four

Warning: Graphic content included. Mature audiences only!

Catch up with parts one, two, and three

The drive back to Jessica’s house was quick and, thankfully, accident free. He kept his hand on Jessica’s knee and she twined her fingers through his, holding onto him. Her breathing was quick but he chose to believe it was because of what they were about to do and not because of the near accident.

They walked into her house and Cal wondered if she was going to change her mind. They really didn’t know each other but he knew there was definitely a connection, and he hoped it went deeper than sharing a terrifying experience. He felt it before their date, hell it was why he asked her out to start with.

“Do you want to see my place?” she asked.

Cal thought she was stalling, or maybe trying to figure out how to back out. He wasn’t about to force himself on her so agreed to the tour knowing if she changed her mind about him, he would drop it.

“Well, obviously, this is the living room,” Jessica said as she gestured around the space they were standing in. Cal looked over her pool blue couch, the bright white coffee table covered with magazines, and the sizable TV she had against the wall. The room was comfortable and homey and Cal knew he would enjoy spending time there, if their night turned into anything more.

“The kitchen is over there and the bedrooms are back this way,” Jessica gestured toward the kitchen then started walking to the bedroom. Cal glanced quickly at the kitchen then trailed behind Jessica like a faithful dog.

“And this is my room,” Jessica told him as she walked through her bedroom door. It looked exactly like he thought it would. The bed was a huge king sized four poster bed with fabric draped over the top. The sheets and comforter were coral and navy blue designs that Cal really didn’t care about, but he liked it. A chest sat in the corner of the room and a six drawer dresser stretched over the opposite wall. A door led to the bathroom and Cal could see a messy closet beyond that.

“I like your room. It’s like you in a bedroom.”

Jessica smiled at his compliment and said, “I hope that’s a good thing.”

Cal grinned back at her and reach out to pull her against him, “It’s definitely a good thing.”

She willingly went into his arms, angling her head back as she leaned toward him for a kiss. It was as electrifying as their first kiss and got him going instantly. Cal’s hands went to Jessica’s hips, pulling her body tight against his. Her soft body pressed into his erection and made him want her even more.

“Jesus, it’s not supposed to feel this good,” she whispered against his lips.

“What’s not?” he asked, dipping his tongue into the hollow of her neck.

“Any of this. We just met, yet you kiss me like you’ve been doing it forever.”

“You’re an inspiring woman,” Cal whispered against her throat, making her whole body tremble.

“I wonder what else I can inspire you to do,” she teased.

They made quick work of their clothes and before long stood in her room naked. “Dear God, you’re stunning,” Cal said when he got his first look at her body.

He stood while her eyes roamed his body, pausing on his erection to lick her lips, then met his eyes. “Right back at ya.”

Their bodies smashed together in their frenzied need for contact. Something inside Cal clicked into place as he felt Jessica’s body against his. He kept his hands on her lower back at first, concentrating on their kiss, but they drifted on their own over her body. He cupped her breasts and spun her nipples in his fingers, making her gasp. Her nails dug into his shoulders, raking down his back, as she responded to his touch.

They moved toward the bed and broke apart to climb on. Jessica laid on her back, spread out before him, and Cal knew he’d never seen anyone so beautiful in his life. He trailed his fingers from her toes up her legs, across her hips and stomach, dancing over her breasts, and finally into her hair. He covered her with his body, sealing their passion with a kiss.

Jessica arched into him and he throbbed with the need to feel her, to taste her, to make love to her. Cal retraced his movements back down her body, settling himself between her legs. His tongue swiped over her before she had a chance to argue and she came off the bed, nearly exploding at the first touch. Cal was relentless, desperate to feel her, and used his fingers and his mouth to draw her to the edge of sanity then shove her over.

She came loudly, screaming his name and nearly throwing him from the bed with the force of her hips against him. He held tight and kissed her inner thighs as she her breathing returned to normal.

“You taste amazing,” he said when he kissed her again.

“Let’s see how I feel,” she quipped, holding up a condom for Cal.

He quickly rolled it on, with a little help from Jessica, and positioned himself at her entrance. Her body was wet and ready for him, letting him slid inside without much resistance. He felt her heat wrap around him and groaned at the feel of her body sheathing him.

“You feel even better than you taste,” he groaned.

“I need to feel all of you, please,” she begged. Cal wondered how she knew he wasn’t all the way in, but didn’t really care. He thrust the rest of the way into her, their bodies colliding as Jessica moaned her approval.

Cal stilled inside her, enjoying the feel of her body, how perfectly he fit inside her. When he moved, Jessica moved with him, her hips rising to meet his and her body clenching tightly around him. He knew she was as close as he was and increased his pace to match what she needed.

“Oh God,” was all she said before she clutched him tightly, biting his shoulder and exploding underneath him. He watched her for a few seconds before his own orgasm claimed him. He bellowed her name and slammed his body against hers again, draining all he had within him.

Cal collapsed next to Jessica and pulled her against him. They were both breathing heavily, minds racing and hearts pounding. Cal didn’t know how to tell Jessica that was the best sex of his life. He’d never had a woman respond to him so well or felt so connected to someone. He could fall for her in a heartbeat and thought he already was. The idea scared and invigorated him at the same time.

Jessica finally looked up at Cal, her eyes shining as she smiled. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” she asked.

He looked at her and smiled, “I do now, baby. I do now.”

Jessica smiled and cuddled against him. “Me too,” she whispered.

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