Flying High, part three

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“I don’t know what you mean,” Kelly stammered.

Josh’s gaze was hard now, not the kind man who’d just made love to her. He was pissed off, even though he knew he didn’t really have any right to be. Sex with Kelly was the best he’d ever had, something that made him want to go back for more again and again, but he couldn’t. Not if she was lying to him.

“Is your name even Kelly? I know you’re not a history teacher. So who are you?”

“How do you know that?”

“I’m trained to detect when people are lying. You’ve been lying to me this whole time,” Josh nearly yelled at her. He yanked his clothes back on, needing the barrier between them. Kelly remained on the bed, naked with her skin still flushed from their love making. Josh wanted nothing more than to climb back over her and give her a repeat performance, but he needed the truth.

“What kind of writer is trained in detecting liars?” Kelly asked quietly, a piercing gaze directed at Josh. “Unless you’ve been lying too.”

Josh clenched his fists. He was pissed. More than he’d been in a long time. He wanted to punch something, but would never consider hitting a woman. He ached for a punching bag, but knew he’d just have to get over the anger on his own. He’d had enough practice.

“You first,” Josh said through clenched teeth.

Kelly seemed to be considering his request, like she was going to answer him. He thought for sure he’d lost her. Kelly slid from the bed and picked up her discarded clothing. She slowly redressed, her back to Josh as though she didn’t want him to see her. With his current attitude, he didn’t really blame her, although it did hurt.

When she was completely covered she sat back down on the bed and tucked her feet underneath her. All of a sudden she looked small and scared. Josh wanted to wrap his arms around her and tell her she didn’t have to tell him anything, but he needed to hear what she was hiding from him.

“I’m a pilot. Or at least I was. About a year ago I was flying one of my first solo flights. I’d bought my own plane and was going out for a day trip, taking my parents to visit my brother’s family. Something happened, I’m still not even sure what it was, and the plane started to drop. It was like everything just gave out at the same time and the plane fell like a rock from the sky.”

Kelly took a deep breath and looked past him out the window to the Gulf of Mexico outside. Josh couldn’t breathe, he just waited.

“I tried everything to get it going again, but nothing worked. The back end of the plane hit the ground first and took most of the impact. We all ended up trapped and since we were a bit out of the way, it took a while for emergency crews to get to us. My mom died while we were waiting for the crews to get there and my dad died a while later. I had a broken leg and a few cracked ribs, but otherwise I was fine. I’m even cleared to fly again, but today was the first day I’ve gotten on a plane since the accident.”

Kelly finally slid her gaze to Josh and he saw her tears glistening against her cheeks.

“The investigation said I wasn’t to blame, but I was. I killed my parents. I’ve been living off whatever I could find to do over the last year. I sold my house and have been staying with friends or sleeping in my car. We sold my parents’ house but I gave all the money to my brother. He and I haven’t spoken. My parents had always told me they wanted their ashes scattered here, which is why I’m in Florida. The box over there has their ashes and one night I planned to go out to the beach and set them free.”

“Why did you tell me you were a history teacher?” Josh finally managed to ask. He couldn’t imagine the pain she was going through and he knew he wanted to be there for her, but he had to understand.

“The last job I took was substitute teaching for a history teacher. It wasn’t a total lie.”

Josh rubbed his chin, digesting everything Kelly told him. He believed her. He could see the pain in her eyes and hear it in her voice. She was still hurting, and probably felt alone. He wanted to help her, bring back the vibrant loving woman who’d just moments before moaned his name as she came. He wanted to be the man who made her feel that way every day for the rest of her life.

Josh moved toward her and she jumped up off the bed. She crossed the room deliberately and started picking up her bags. “Where… Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving. Sorry I put so much on you. I haven’t had anyone to talk to in a while. Thanks for the ride out here.”

Panic gripped Josh’s throat as her words sunk in. She was going to leave him? Just like that? After her admission. “Please don’t go.”

“You pity me. You feel bad for me. I’m not up for charity. I appreciate the ride, and the amazing sex, but I’m not here for you to feel bad for me.”

“I feel badly for you. You’ve suffered, more than most could understand. But that doesn’t mean I want you to leave. I feel like I’m losing my mind watching you pick up your stuff. I can’t have you walk out of my life. I’ll never get over losing you.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You don’t even know me.”

“Oh, but I feel like it. I never believed in love at first sight, I knew it was a crock. But I’ve been falling in love with you every second since I saw you this morning. Maybe it won’t work out between us, but I can’t let you walk out and not find out. Please, Kelly, stay.”

Kelly looked at him, as though she were weighing her options. “I don’t know you. I know you lied and you’ve admitted it, but you haven’t told me who you really are.”

“I’ll tell you, if you stay. Please, Kelly, give us a chance. Stay.”

Josh poured every emotion he possessed into his gaze. He wanted her to see how much he desired her, but also how much he wanted to know her, to love her. He was telling the truth when he said he was falling for her. He’d seen too many people regret not saying it to let the moment pass by. He wasn’t going to let her out of his life, and he knew she could see his sincerity in his eyes.

“Okay,” she finally said, setting her things down. “I’ll stay.”


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Flying High, part two

Warning: this story contains graphic sexual content. 18+ only.

Read part one of Flying High here.

Kelly felt better already. Getting through the flight was the biggest part of her journey. Meeting Josh was definitely not in her plan, but he was a nice diversion from her day. She knew she surprised Josh by agreeing to go with him, but she didn’t have the money for a rental car and she hoped if she could get closer to the beach she would be able to take care of everything. She would fulfill her parents’ last wishes.

Kelly didn’t really believe Josh was a writer, but she didn’t care. He was gorgeous and kind enough to keep her distracted on the flight so she figured she’d let it go that he lied about his job. She had too, after all, so why shouldn’t he?

Josh rested his hand on the small of her back as he guided her out of the airport toward his rental car. The feel of his hand on her skin seared her nerves and sent excitement skittering up and down her spine. It’d been way too long since she’d allowed herself to be comforted by a man and she was willing to let Josh take on the role for now.

Josh loaded her bags into the trunk, Kelly being careful to secure the box where it wouldn’t shift. They climbed in the car and Kelly sat back and enjoyed the sunshine on her face as Josh drove in comfortable silence.

Kelly smelled the salty air before she could see the ocean. Josh was cruising onto Sanibel Island, exactly where Kelly had hoped to go. If she believed in fate or destiny she would think he’d been put in her life for a reason. Instead, she chalked it up to a coincidence. She gave up on fate years ago.

Josh drove over the huge bridge to get out to the secluded island and Kelly relaxed even more, ready to get onto the beach and finish her task. Then she would find a way to start her life over and finally put the past behind her.

“I hope this is okay,” Josh said as they pulled into a hotel parking lot. “I love it out here and always come to Sanibel when I’m in the area.”

“It’s perfect,” Kelly answered, not willing to give him too much information. “I might wander down the beach a bit though and find a more affordable hotel. This one is pretty high end and I don’t think I can afford it.”

“Oh,” Josh said, sounding disappointed. “I had hoped you’d stay with me. I know you don’t know me, but I had hoped we could get to know each other a bit better.”

She looked him over, knowing it was exactly what she wanted also, but didn’t want to expect a free place to stay. She had some shred of her dignity left, even if it wasn’t much. “That would be nice, actually. I don’t want to put you out though.”

“No trouble at all. It’s the least I can do for the prettiest history teacher I’ve ever met. I think I’d have learned a lot better if I’d had a teacher who looked like you.”

She felt herself blush and tucked her chin as she smiled at him. She liked Josh more than she wanted to admit. He wasn’t creepy and obvious like most men. She didn’t feel like he was going to attack her although he’d made it clear he wanted her. If anything was going to happen with them, it would be short lived, but Kelly wanted it more than anything.

They checked into a small suite with a living room and a king sized bed in the bedroom. Josh said he could sleep on the couch, but Kelly told him that wasn’t necessary. In the room together she realized it was the first time they’d been alone, she didn’t count cars since they were surrounded by hundreds of others.

Josh’s gaze heated as he looked at her. Kelly could see how much he wanted her and wasn’t afraid to let him know she was more than willing. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips as Josh stepped closer. Without hesitation his hand slid into her hair and his mouth came down on hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck, holding him close.

Josh’s tongue probed her lips seeking entry and she opened for him. Their tongues glided together in a desperate search for the truth. Both knew the other wasn’t telling the whole truth, but at that moment neither cared. Their kiss heated, scorching Kelly’s skin with the only cooling relief being the liquid pooling between her legs. She wanted him, needed him.

She tried to think of the reason for her trip to Sanibel, but quickly pushed away those thoughts, only allowing herself to think of Josh. He still hadn’t touched her. His one hand remained in her hair and his other dangled at his side.

Desperate to move things forward quickly, Kelly reached for his shirt and tugged it over his head then removed her own. She stood before him, breathing heavily, as his eyes devoured her nearly naked body. Her pink lace bra and jean shorts felt heavy on her skin, but she wanted Josh to show some enthusiasm for what they were doing. Kelly was starting to feel as though she was forcing herself on him even though he’d been the one to come on to her at the airport.

“You’re beautiful,” he finally muttered, almost like a curse, like he was pissed. Confusion coursed through her before Josh leaned back into her to kiss her again. His hand splayed across her back, trying to touch as much of her at once. He used his other hand to cup her ass and lift her onto him. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she settled against him and he moved toward the bed.

No longer shy or hesitant, Josh and Kelly quickly stripped the rest of their clothes off. A condom appeared from somewhere and Josh covered himself, protecting both of them. Without any preamble he slid into her body. Kelly moaned at the intrusion, her body gripping him as each inch pressed further and further into her.

When her body wrapped completely around him Josh settled, holding his place as though giving them each a chance to change their minds. Kelly shifted her hips, trying to get him going. Sex with a stranger was always challenging because he didn’t know her rhythms, but Kelly rarely had trouble having an orgasm during sex so she enjoyed it, even if it didn’t start out well.

Josh took the hint and slowly slid out of her, only to return with a crushing blow that sparked the fire blazing inside her. With each thrust of his hips, Josh brought Kelly closer and closer to that release. She desperately needed to feel her body unwind, to come undone. She hadn’t had a manmade orgasm in too long and she was so close to this one that she knew it would be a doozy.

They moaned together, their bodies slapping in rhythm with their cries. “If you’re going to come, you need to do it now, Kelly. I can’t wait much longer.”

“Oh, God,” she moaned, trying to force the release she needed. Josh reached between them and with one swipe of his fingers she shattered around him, screaming into the darkness of the room. She heard him grunt just seconds after she did then he rolled off her as the aftershocks of her pleasure were still rolling over her.

Josh laid next to her on the bed, looking just as delicious as he’d felt. Kelly wondered how many condoms he had and how many he was willing to use.

“Okay, now this is weird,” Josh said suddenly. “Uh, I guess we got to know each other a bit. Now, if only you would tell me who you really are and what you’re actually doing in Florida I’d think we were getting somewhere.”

Kelly’s heart dropped to the floor and she knew her illusions of a restful trip were disappearing faster than the ashes of her parents would in the surf. If she ever got to the beach.


To be continued… 

Flying High, part one

She caught his eye when he first walked in. Even through the crowded space he could tell she was different. She held her head high and she walked on ahead like she was trying for an air of confidence, something he could tell she didn’t feel.

When Josh got to through the security checkpoint and made it to the gate he was surprised to find her there. She hadn’t noticed him, of course, it was his job to blend in, but he noticed her.

A quick scroll through his phone confirmed she wasn’t a restricted passenger so he passed her uneasiness off as a fear of flying. He’d certainly seen his fair share of people like that since he took the job as air marshall.

The truth was, Josh loved his job. It was pretty basic, fly around and make sure nothing happens that isn’t supposed to. He got to see beautiful places and meet interesting people, and every so often he’d get the chance to share his bed with a woman.

He tried to focus on his job, but his mind kept drifting back to the brown-eyed beauty sitting with her back to the wall. Her eyes darted around, watching out for people who might approach, keeping anyone curious away. Josh couldn’t help himself though. He told himself it was part of his job, to check out anyone who seemed suspicious, but he knew it was more than that.

He wanted to protect her from whatever was bothering her.

He took the seat next to her and watched her eyes grow wide as he turned his smile on her. “Hi, I’m Josh,” he said as he offered his hand.

She looked at it as though she thought his hand would attack her. He wondered if she’d been abused.

“I’m Kelly,” she said finally, but never took his hand.

“What brings you to the airport today Kelly?” he asked, trying to keep her talking. Even with the obvious fear in her voice, Josh loved hearing the sweet sound from her lips, wondering if she would sound so innocent writhing beneath him.

He twitched in his jeans and shifted his weight, angling closer to Kelly, which made her lean away.

“I’m going to see my parents.”

“Do they live in Orlando?” he asked, indicating the destination of their flight.

Kelly looked shocked and blanched as she looked at the screen nearby that read out the details of their flight. If Josh didn’t know better he would think she was on the wrong plane, or maybe hadn’t thought through her plan of whoever she was running from.

“My parents are dead,” Kelly stated matter-of-factly. She didn’t offer an explanation for why she was going to visit them or where she was going which only peaked Josh’s curiosity even more.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Is your husband joining you?”

“I’m not married,” she answered too quickly. Josh wondered if it was a sore spot because she wanted to be or if it was because her husband is who she was running from. Either way, he realized it wasn’t a topic that would get her to open up.

“Neither am I. So what do you do for a living? I’m a writer,” Josh said. Being a writer had become his cover story when one nosy passenger started trying to read his notes one day on a flight. He had to tell her something or risk blowing his cover and figured being a writer was as good a cover story as anything. Plus, it wasn’t like he ran into the same people over and over again.

“I’m a teacher,” she answered, shifting in her seat. His training told him she was lying although he had no idea why anyone would lie about their job. Well, except him.

“What do you teach?”

“Um, history,” she said with a glance around the gate area. He wondered if she was looking for someone or if she was trying to tell him she was done with their conversation.

It didn’t matter. He pushed on, asking her question after question until they boarded the flight. He stood when she did and discovered they were seated next to each other on the flight. Josh grinned at the idea of spending the next three hours talking to Kelly, making her nervous.

For some reason, he loved seeing the anxiety in her eyes when he asked a question she didn’t want to answer, which was pretty much all of them. Josh knew Kelly was opening up to him, a talent he’d developed over years as a police officer. People liked to talk about themselves more than they wanted to listen, but Kelly was the opposite. She didn’t ask him many questions, but when she did he could tell she was intrigued.

As their flight landed in Orlando, Josh felt a wave of disappointment wash over him. He still hadn’t found out where Kelly was going or if he would see her again. All he knew was he wouldn’t be able to get her out of his head.

“Can I give you a ride somewhere?” he asked as they walked up the gangway into the terminal.

“Sure,” she answered, surprising him. He never expected her to take him up on the offer, but he was thrilled that she did. His grin matched hers as they walked through the airport side by side.

Kelly got her suitcase from the baggage claim while Josh went to the counter for his rental car. He didn’t have to fly anywhere for a few days so he had planned to head to the beach, although he didn’t know which one. When Kelly sidled up to him he was glad he didn’t have plans.

“Where are we going?” he asked. He still couldn’t get over how much she’d changed in their flight. No longer was Kelly the quiet and unsteady woman she’d been when they boarded the flight. She’d let her hair down, literally and figuratively, and her long chestnut curls drifted down her back as she smiled at him.

“Wherever you’re going is fine with me,” she said with a grin.

Josh wondered how he’d managed to find a woman so ready for anything when he thought she was so timid. If only he knew who she really was…


To be continued…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little snippet. Kelly and Josh’s story will continue next week. Come back to find out where they’re going, and learn who Kelly really is!

Getting Bigger and More Beautiful

Cover 10My next series, Big & Beautiful, is due out early 2015. I’m really excited about the series and I just couldn’t wait to share another sneak peak with you.

The first book in the series is about Mandy Ryan, an overweight customer service representative that thinks she’ll never find love. Mandy is happy with her life until she meet Xander Carlson who gives her hope for love in her future.

Mandy and Xander have a rough start, but he refuses to give up, and she finds it well worth the struggle.

His gaze felt like ice running over my skin. It brought goosebumps over my exposed skin and made my nipples stand on end. He looked predatory, like he was getting ready to stake his claim on me. Like he was pissed off and possessive because of it.

I’d never had a man look at me like that.

And I liked it.

“What do you want to know? I’ll tell you anything.”

I regarded him cautiously. What people say and what they do can be very different things. I still didn’t know him and had no idea if he would actually answer any questions, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

“How long was your last relationship?”

“Six months,” he said without missing a beat. If he was surprised that’s what I started with, he didn’t indicate it.

“When did it end?”

“Four months ago. And before you ask, I ended things because I realized she wasn’t right for me. She didn’t make me laugh anymore.”

“What’s the most important thing in a relationship?”

“Compatibility,” he answered, looking me straight in the eyes. I tried to see something in there, to see if he thought we were even remotely compatible but I had no clue.

“What constitutes compatibility to you?”

“Well, she has to be someone I can have a conversation with. Someone I can talk to and get along with. I like a woman who is sure of herself and knows who she is, not always looking for a man, or a job or her friends, to define her. I want someone who enjoys some of the same things I do, but is open to new activities.”

“What about sex?”

He paused, his coffee cup an inch from the table. He set it down carefully and met my eyes, muddy green drawing me in and making me forget both where we were and that we’d only just met. “What about sex Mandy?”

My name on his lips was like heaven. I wanted to hear it again, a soft and perfect word that could have been a passionate sound or a dismissive one, but all I heard was passion.

Was he toying with me?

“Is sex important in determining compatibility?”

He took a sip of his coffee, watching me while he considered his next words. I’m sure he thought I was propositioning him, telling him I was ready and willing. Of course he would assume that. The fat girl was desperate so why wouldn’t she be begging for it.

“Sex is very important in determining compatibility. But I also think it’s one of the last things to figure out if it works. The first thing I notice in a woman is her smile. It’s why I wanted to meet you. Your laugh led me to believe you would have a gorgeous smile.”

He was carefully avoiding exactly what I wanted him to tell me. I wanted him to get it out there. Just tell me I was a fat, ugly cow and he’d never want me. That’s all I wanted from him, but he wouldn’t say it.

I guess I had to give him credit for being diplomatic.

“After a smile, what do you notice in a woman. Physically.”

“Physically?” he clarified with a quirk of his eyebrow. “Is this some sort of research project or something? I feel like I’m taking a test.”

No one should look as good as he did with one eyebrow raised. Most people looked silly, but on Xander nothing was silly. It was just downright sexy. He was teasing me, tormenting me into coming right out and asking him the direct question I was trying to avoid.

“Do you like fat girls? Like me? Let’s just get it out there.”

Xander sat back in his seat. All of a sudden the teasing and humor was gone from his face and a quiet seriousness took over his features. He looked menacing, strong. And pissed.

“I wouldn’t say you’re fat, Mandy, but honestly, I’ve never given much thought to the size of the women I date. I look for a woman whose company I enjoy and go from there.”

“Really, so you’ve dated fat women before,” I snarled at him. His answer avoided what I wanted to know and he knew it. He was trying to let me down easy and it was pissing me off. Just tell me the damn truth.

His gaze skirted over me, as if trying to figure out just how big I was. I sat firmly, my jaw set in a hard line to show him I wasn’t going to be some little pushover he could bang and forget. He wasn’t getting one over on me.

“Most of the women I’ve dated have been thin, yes. I would say you’re the biggest one I’ve gone out with.”

I nodded, willing the tears I felt stinging my eyes to stay inside until I walked away. “That’s what I thought. Well, thank you for reminding me of my place in the world.”

I stood up and walked back to my table where my friends sat gawking at me. I grabbed my purse and headed straight for the bathroom, ignoring Xander calling my name and the stares of my friends.

In the bathroom I let a few of the tears fall. It felt good to let them out, to clear the pain I felt. Even though I knew Xander wouldn’t like me, it hurt to hear he’d never date a fat woman. I don’t know why I bothered to go out with him in the first place. It really was just foolish on my part.

After a few minutes, I pulled myself together, splashing cold water on my eyes and reapplying my mascara. I walked out of the bathroom with my head held high and headed straight for my table. It was no big shock to find Xander’s table empty.

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Never, Ever, Ever Settle

At some point in our lives we are all faced with a choice… Do you settle for what you have (or what is being offered) or do you hold out for something better?

The tricky part is that what you have is a sure thing and something better is not.

IMG_1553A little over a year ago my husband decided to get a new vehicle. We’d been living with only one for about two years because we carpooled to work and our kids were young enough that we didn’t have activities that required us to part ways. It worked for us, but as Princess got closer to kindergarten, we knew we needed a second vehicle.

Hubby did his research and decided he wanted a Subaru Outback. It’s reliable, it’s powerful, and he loves Subaru. We started looking… and looking… and looking. We found nothing. Nothing that fit his desires and our budget.

We had two options, settle for something else or adjust what we were willing to pay.

In the end we did both. We increased our budget but still couldn’t find any Outbacks that worked so hubby started searching for other options. We ended up with a great Ford Escape, but for a year hubby has complained about it because it’s not an Outback, it’s not the right color (silver), the interior isn’t the right color (grey), it doesn’t have certain features he likes, and on and on and on.

If I could go back a year and change our minds, I’m pretty sure I would.

We settled, and while we got a great vehicle, it’s not the right one for hubby.

I got an email from one of my subscribers a few weeks ago. R said she was in a funk and not doing well in the love department. We’ve all been there. We’ve all wondered if the guys out there are ever going to get better or if we’ve dated the decent ones and missed something. Or if there’s not really something better and we’re going to need to choose to be with one of the duds or to be alone.

I was lucky. I met my husband when I was 21. We started dating when I was 22 and we were married when I was 24. It seems so long ago now, but the day I met him, I knew I was going to marry him.

Not everyone will have that feeling, I know, but I do believe there is a point in every relationship where you know it’s going to work out or it’s not. One of my exes told me, ‘Women have sex because they’re in love but men have sex to fall in love.’ I’m pretty sure that conversation was the moment when I knew things wouldn’t work out with him.

Another ex and I broke up all the time. I always figured if we couldn’t ever get it right when we were just dating we’d never figure it out forever.

There were guys I liked more than they liked me, and guys who liked me more than I liked them. There were people I wanted to be able to see myself with but we didn’t have enough in common. And there were guys who broke my heart without a second thought.

But in all that I knew something better was waiting. Someone who would never make me feel like I wasn’t quite right, like we were having to try too hard to make it work. Someone who would value my opinion and work with me to figure things out. Someone who would always be there for me.

I know it’s what you want too. It’s what R wants. We all do.

I read an article earlier this week about a woman who said her husband is not her best friend. She has a best friend she likes to do things with and her husband is different, someone she loves, but not the person she’s always going to go to.

It works for her. But it would never work for me.

I have a couple of best friends, women who I’ve known forever who are always there for me. The friends who you know would help you hide the body (you know what I’m talking about). My friends are amazing women that I can pick up the phone and call at any point and it’s like no time has passed no matter how long it’s been.

But my husband… I can’t imagine going even one day without him. When I cry, it’s him I want to talk to. When I’m excited, it’s him I want to share it with. When I’m bored, it’s him I want to go out with.

Maybe this has come from being in a city for so many years without my best friends. Once upon a time I couldn’t imagine thinking of my husband as my best friend, but he is, without a doubt, my best friend now.

I can’t imagine having settled for one of those other men in my life. Two of my exes got in touch with me after I met my husband. One was only a few months after we started dating and the other was when I was pregnant with our first kid. I could tell from those conversations that they were calling to see if we had a chance left. Both of them wanted to settle for me because they hadn’t found anyone else.

I was sad for them. Both were great guys, but they were grasping at straws to find someone to settle down with, someone to settle for. Neither relationship would have worked in the long run for a variety of reasons, but both conversations reminded me that my choices were the best ones for me. And I was not settling for someone who was good enough.

I hope you don’t live with regrets. I hope you never know what it’s like to settle for a person and then find the one you’ve been looking for. I hope The One shows up before you ever think about settling, but I know the wait is hard.

Keep looking. Keep searching. And keep reminding yourself you are worth waiting for.